5 Best Beard Rollers for the Perfect Shape

Best Beard Rollers

One question that is overwhelming in most men’s minds is about beard rollers. Are these rollers effective for beard growth? If you are thinking about the same query, then welcome to this blog post. We are here to give you the most valued information about beard rollers. In this guide, we have discussed the 5 best beard rollers along with their pros and cons. Did you know besides beard growth, there are many other uses of beard rollers, such as:

  • Many women use it to remove scars tissues
  • It stops premature aging
  • Beard rollers help to reduce hyperpigmentation and many more!

So, without wasting your time, let’s start to discuss the topic in a detailed manner.

5 Best Beard Rollers

No doubt that everyone wants to purchase the best beard rollers. But which one is best? Keep reading this post till the end to get the answer to this query. Below we have mentioned the top 5 beard rollers. Please stay connected with us to increase your knowledge about beard rollers.

1. Alphaluxy Beard Roller

If you are suffering from old acne scars and want to grow your beard, this is the perfect tool. It is the best choice for those who have a longer beard. For thicker hair, its working is fantastic. Alphaluxy longer needles may irritate the sensitive skin. So, understand your skin needs before purchasing it. Below we have mentioned the pros and cons of alphaluxy beard rollers.


  • One of the significant benefits is that it assists in treating acne scars
  • Alphaluxy heard rollers comes with three ebooks
  • .5mm titanium needles


  • Alphaluxy beard roller may irritate the sensitive skin
  • Its long needle may be painful

2. Koi Beauty Beard Roller

It is the best choice to consider for those who are comfortable with the micro-needling process. The good thing is that it comes in 5 different sizes. So, choose one that fulfills your desire well! Rather than disks, real needles are used in koi beauty beard rollers. Its results are superb for a longer beard. But longer needles may cause injury, so be careful while purchasing longer needles. You have to apply gentle pressure on the case of a long needle.


Some of the advantages of koi beauty beard rollers are mentioned below:

  • It comes in five various sizes
  • The interval duration is 60 sec
  • You will get individual needles


The downsides of this beard roller are mentioned below:

  • If you are a beginner, then it is not suitable for you
  • Selecting the right size is a complex task

3. RoselynBoutique Beard Roller

It is the perfect choice to make regarding the budget. It is less expensive than other beard rollers. Its needle offers superb beard growth. RoselynBoutique beard rollers provide the shine on your face. It is also best to remove the dead skin cell. Like all of the others, it also has various advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • RoselynBoutique is perfect for short hairs
  • Its micro-needling process is pain-free
  • If we talk about design, it has a slim design


  • Its needle is short as compared to other ones

4. Yoobeaul Beard Roller

Its utilizing process is quite simple. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Simply wash your face
  • Apply gentle pressure while rolling it across the face

It’s great handle makes it easier to roll it up and down. Over each area, pass it 5 to 10 times. After rolling, applying the beard growth oil also proves beneficial. The pros and cons of Yoobeaul beard roller are mentioned below:


  • It is manufactured especially for beard growth
  • You will get 100% satisfaction results


  • Its short needle may not be comfortable for all of you
  • Have a low working performance in case of established beard

5. Linduray Microneedle Beard Roller

It is the best beard roller because you will get results within 60 seconds. Besides this, it also helps to treat acne scars and spots. Its needle size is comfortable enough. To achieve more results, you can also use a hair-boosting serum. There are many other advantages of the linduray microneedle beard roller. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Its grip is non-slippery
  • You will get free ebooks
  • Within 60 seconds, you will see the clear results


  • If you have a longer beard, then it is not the right choice for you
  • It may irritate your skin

Why Men Needs The Beard Roller For Their Beard

Well, it is a pretty good question: why do you need the beard roller kit? It is a popular tool for the micro-needling process. This tool is a favorite for all those who want to reduce the looks of fine lines. Besides this, beard rollers are effective for increasing hair growth. The micro-needling process is maybe a little bit painful. There are two critical hair components named:

  • Collagen
  • Keratin

Both of these components provide you with a thicker, fuller beard. Needles rolling on the face produce more collagen that leads to the growth of the beard on the face.

Method to Use Beard Rollers

After placing your order, it is essential to understand how to use beard rollers. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • It is crucial to keep away these needles from germs, so disinfect them before starting to use them on the face
  • Rolling 5 to 10 times in ups, down, right, left and in a diagonal direction
  • Apply gentle pressure for rolling
  • Carefully change the direction of beard rollers such that it won’t cause any injury

The Bottom Line

Well, we have listed the top 5 beard rollers available in the market along with pros and cons. Now it’s your turn to pick the one according to your skin needs.

It is essential to disinfect the needles and maintain the beard roller to avoid any side effects such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Formation of scars tissues
  • Skin peeling
  • Acne etc

Hopefully, you are clear with the answer to your query! If you are still confused, then place a comment in the comment section. We are always ready to answer your queries.