Best Barber Chairs on Amazon [for Barbers and Hobbyists]

best barber chairs on amazon

Your salon has beautiful interior design and provides superior exceptional services. Investing in elegant and durable barber chairs should be your next priority.

High-quality furniture enhances the overall customer experience and converts them in to recurring customers.

In this article, I have mentioned which are the best barber chairs on Amazon. You can decide which type of chair to buy depending on your budget and business needs.

I have also discussed a few tips that would guide you through the selection process.

Best Barber Chairs on Amazon

You can also set up your salon in the comfort of your own home if there is adequate space available. Repurpose your guest room into a designated salon space. Organize all the types of equipment, furniture and invest in great barber chairs. Further, the elegant interior design would give the “salon feel” to the customers. The things discussed in the previous points are also applicable to the home salon.

Below are some of the best home barber chairs available on Amazon. You can also consider these for your barbershop. 

1. Artist Hand Hydraulic Barber Chair

It is an all-purpose chair and suitable if you set up a salon at home.


  • Affordable
  • 4.3 ratings and good customer reviews
  • Reclining and adjustable headrest 
  • 360degree rolling swivel
  • A high-density cushion offers extra comfort
  • High-strength packaging and easy to install
  • Limited weight handling capacity

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2. Flagbeauty Hydraulic Barber Styling Chair


  • One year warranty
  • 4.4 customer ratings
  • High-density foam provides convenient back support
  • Hydraulic pump with adjustable height
  • Steady (cannot swivel and recline)
  • Removable footrest and armrest

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3. Beauty Style Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

beautystyle barber chair on amazon


  • Executive comfort and attractive look
  • Eco-friendly leather
  • 4.4 customer ratings
  • Non-removable footrest
  • Non-reclining seat
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable height

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4. Artist Hand Children Barber Chair

artist hand barber chair on amazon


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Very comfortable seat for kids
  • Synthetic leather and high-density foam cushion provides a relaxed feeling
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 4.8 customer ratings

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How do I choose a barber chair?

Barber chairs are available in numerous different shapes, weights, styles, and prices. Selecting the best one that fulfills your business requirements is a crucial step. It is stressful to find chairs that are durable, stylish, and affordable at the same time. 

While looking for the best barber chairs on Amazon or any other shops/websites, keep the following factors in mind:

1. Quality and durability

It should be the topmost priority when buying barber chairs. Make sure to enquire about the durability of the chair before spending a hefty amount of money. Long-lasting results would be worth the substantial investments.

It is preferable to buy from well-known brands to ensure a high-quality product. Do not forget to verify durable materials applied ( like vinyl plastic), cushion fabric quality, and overall functionality.

2. Price

The price of barber chairs can vary significantly depending upon their durability, functionality, style, etc. It is crucial to be aware of your budget constraints before searching for the best barber chairs on Amazon or anywhere else. 

You can eliminate the chairs that are too expensive and save your precious time. But avoid buying a low-quality product to get long-lasting results.

3. Functionality

The customers visiting your salon will have different heights and weights. The chair should be functional with high-performance capabilities to deliver an incredible customer experience. It includes:

  • height adjustments, 
  • reclining flexibility, 
  • swivel mechanism,
  • headrest, footrest, armrest, backrest support, etc.

The chair should be able to provide relaxing experience comfort when they sit. 

Go through the specifications while exploring the potential options.

4. Comfort

It is one of the most critical factors when spending on barber chairs. The client should feel relaxed and comfortable when they are seated. You might lose valuable customers to competitors if the seat provides them discomfort.

A delightful experience helps in building lifelong customer loyalty. Buy the chairs having broad width, backrest lumbar support (for head massage), an adjustable height functionality, rotate (for hair wash and shaving), and have a leather cushion.

Also, do not neglect the comfort of barbers. The clients would receive exceptional quality services only if the barber gets desired flexibility. An ergonomic chair (adjustable features) would enhance creativity and offer mobility to the barber while performing services.

5. Colour and design

Deciding the style of chair is a strenuous choice to make. Choose the right design and color that supplements the salon décor. Luxury barber chairs give an elegant appearance to your salon and would attract more clients. Some furniture suppliers also provide customized appearance with professional guidance.

6. Warranty

Due to excessive use throughout the day, it is vital that the chair is durable and operates effectively. It is always preferable to buy chairs from the manufacturers/ dealers that provide at least one year warranty period.

The customer support service team should assist in the replacing and repairing services if the chair gets damaged or breaks. A branded chair having a warranty indicates high-quality material and durability. Thoroughly read the warranty policy documents before deciding to buy.

7. Easy maintenance

It is necessary to clean the chair regularly to maintain its classic look and shines every day. Buy chairs with a removable headstand so that it is easier to clean them. Purchase an upholstery cleaner that can remove the dirt and stains on the chair effectively. An attractive and hygienic chair provides a pleasant experience to the customers. 

A high-quality and professional barber chair will provide more comfort to your customers and improve the efficiency of your services.

Types of Barber Chairs and their Cost

Now you know the tips to pick a great chair. You might wonder – how much is a good barber chair?

There are different types of barber chairs available with a range of prices. You can buy the best barber chairs on Amazon, eBay, online store, or from a local shop.

Consider your budget and space available in the shop while making a decision.

You must choose whether to buy your barber chair or rent one. The latter one would be a better option and if rental costs are lower in your city.

Rental service providers would charge for the right to use during business hours. I recommend this option if you are in the initial years of the salon business.

However, buying offers excellent benefits to the salon owner. You get more freedom and flexibility to style the salon.

Search the best barber chairs on Amazon or eBay, keep scrolling and apply filter options according to your budget.

1. Simple barber chairs

You will find simple barber chairs in all the barbershops. They have a steel footrest and armrest, soft leather cushion and, hydraulic pump to adjust the height.

The prices may start from $100.

2. Second-hand barber chairs

The used chairs are available at low prices. You can buy it from other salon owners who might be interested in selling their old chairs. Contact them stating your budget and quantity required. They might revert if they are interested in the deal. The price may range from $300 to $500.

There are certain drawbacks of buying second-hand chairs such as:

  • No warranty if the chair gets damaged or needs replacement
  • Limited variety to choose from
  • Low quality
  • Improper working conditions
  • Shorter life span
  • Unsatisfactory  customer service experience

You may have to replace it often, costing you more in the long run. Consider this option if you have just commenced your business, are risk-averse, and have limited resources.

3. Antique barber chairs

They are unique, durable, and very intricate. These chairs would modify the overall appearance of the salon and attract potential clients. Vintage barber chairs provide a retro and classic look. They would look perfect in a traditional barbershop. 

The price may vary from $500 to $6000 depending upon several factors. This option is not favored by those who have a limited budget.

They are taller, have headrests in a fixed position, and may have a hydraulic pump lift.

Most of them have recline and swivel features. It is hard to find antique chairs with elegant design and in proper working condition.

They get manufactured of stainless steel, heavy-duty metal, and a sturdy spherical foundation keeping the chair stable.

4. Hydraulic barber chairs

Such chairs make the barber’s job easy and improve their productivity while serving customers. 360-degree rotation and adjustable headrest provide executive-level comfort to the customers.

You can adjust hydraulic pumps according to the height of the customers.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors. Premium hydraulic luxury barber chairs with high-density cushions are also available that offer a pleasant experience while sitting.

These chairs are especially suitable for the barbers offering haircut and shaving services.

The minimum price of an all-purpose hydraulic chair would be around $400.

The price range largely depends on the area and the quality of the chair.


With so many options and price ranges in the market, finding the best barber chairs on Amazon or physical stores can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Follow the above tips to overcome this challenge and select the perfect styling barber chair.

If needed, seek assistance from a reputed equipment expert who can provide the proper guidance. A deluxe chair would help in delivering your barbering art efficiently. 

If you want live working demonstration and assurance of the high-quality product, physically visit different shops in your locality.