Common Shaving Injuries

Common Shaving Injuries

Whether you are a pro or just starting out shaving you are going to get some nicks and cuts. In this article we will cover the most common shaving injuries, along with who is more susceptible, what the causes are and most importantly, how to fix the problem so they don’t hinder you shaving experience.

After all your morning shave should be a time of relaxation, not painful. The three most common types of injuries are razor burn, ingrown hairs and everyone’s favorite, nicks and cuts.

Let’s discus the common shaving injuries in turn and figure out how to alleviate the potential harmful side effects of shaving.

1. Razor Burn

This is when you are taking off a layer of skin along with your hairs. Yes we all strive for the baby butt smooth shave, but when you are taking more then your unwanted facial hair off, it is too close of a shave.

This will leave your skin burning, looking red and feeling irritated. Men with sensitive skin are the most at risk although razor burn can affect all different types of skin. Luckily this is an easy problem to fix.

Razor burn is caused by poor tools and technique.

 I don’t have to tell you but stay away from the disposable, throw away razors. They are low quality, often clog. Having a poor quality razor isn’t the only culprit for razor burn.

Any gels foams or other product used without water is bad. Also stay away for products that use a numbing agent. These can effect your sensitivity and consequently you will use too much pressure on the blade. Instead use foams and creams that have a high fat content and moistier.

This will protect and lubricate your skin when you are shaving. Avoid anything with synthetic fragrances, dyes, and alcohol. All of these will dry out the skin. 

That’s all well and good for the future, what if I have razor burn now. Not to fret, I have you covered. A cold compress usually does the trick. Some better alternatives would be mixing some cold water with a few drops of lavender, or chalomile.

You might also wish to use your alum block. After use, wash off the reside with water. Then use your moisturizing after shave. It’s best to have one that has shea butter or red alage.

The ingredients cell regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Remember not to rub it in this will cause further burning, its best to lightly dab.

2. Nicks and Cuts

It doesn’t matter if you have been shaving for your life or just starting out. It’s going to happen every now and again.

First off, what constitutes a cut? Well, its anything that will draw blood. The next question you might be asking yourself is, how does this happen? Well, two main reasons.

The first one is just not paying attention. I get it, you have stuff going on. Sometimes you are rushing to get ready, or your kid is just waking up, or you are concerning yourself with the days activities.

Whatever the case it is always advisable when you are working with sharp blades on your face, pay attention.

The second main reason for this is disposable razors. Due to their low quality it is hard to form to the contours of your face. 

What do I do if I get cut? Safety first. Stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound. Get an alum block or styptic pencil with some cold water and apply it where it is needed. Five seconds should do the trick.

These tools will help speed up the healing process and disinfecting it. This is done by constricting blood flow and closing the cut. Then use some aftershave. Remember, dab, do not rub. For the future remember to keep your face lubricated, pre-shave oils, shaving cream, and a sharp blade.

3. Ingrown Hairs

These are the final villain for the most common injures of shaving. An ingrown hair is when it is pushed back into the skin or when it curls and goes back into itself.

Either way the body will regard this as a foreign body and try to get it out. If the skin is too tight, it will become a barrier to the growth of the hair. Consequently it will become stuck in the original follicle and grow underneath.

Who does ingrown hairs effect?

 Well, I hate to tell you, but everyone can get them. If you have dry skin or curly hair you do have a better chance of getting them.

Like discussed before the hair will curl back into it’s own follicle and start to grow underneath. With dry skin, a barrier can occur and the hair will get stuck and not be able to protrude.

Facial protection in a must if you are going to combat ingrown hairs. So always select products that have no alcohol, dyes, synthetic perfumes and numbing agents.

These can dry out the skin even more if you already have dry skin. Alcohol and numbing agents can tighten the skin and thus the hair may not be able to grow correctly.

How do you fix ingrown hairs?

 Tea tree oil, lavender essential oil are great disinfectants, they will reduce redness and inflammation. Then you can speed up the life of the hair with shea butter.

This is a natural moisturizer. Before your bedtime routine, put just a small amount on the area that has ingrown hairs. Leave it in overnight. This will help the ingrown hair out of its follicle. Always use a good aftershave, and the use of a good exfoliate about twice a week is also highly recommended.


Well, there you have it. We have discussed what the common shaving injuries are and who is more likely to get them. Also, you know now what the causes are and how to treat them.

This should help you take a preemptive stance on not only enjoying your shaving experience but some general health and safety measures for yourself.