Injector vs. Safety vs. Cartridge Razors: Which one is better?


Are you confused between injector, safety, and cartridge razor? Which razor is thicker, and which razor is not.

If yes, and you are reading this, you will get an excellent chance to upgrade your knowledge.

Many people who shave need to know the fundamental things about different blades and the best ones.

When it comes to suitable shaving accessories, people fall into different categories like an injector, safety, or cartridge razors. But if you want to get a smooth and irritation-free shave, it’s vital to get detailed information. So, let’s start with this.

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What are the Different Types of Shaving Razors? Which one is better?

Before knowing which razor is best, you should gather information about different types and features. Primarily:

“A razor is a blade that helps to remove hair.”

There is a variety of razors in the market. But it’s vital to choose one that goes best with your skin type. So, here are the main three and most common types of shaving razors.

Below we will discuss the points of difference between all three types and which is better. So, here are the main questions that we are going to answer here:

  • Which razor type is best?
  • Is a safety razor better than a cartridge razor?
  • What is the safest razor to use?

Most of the men go with the hit and try methods to find the best razor. But this is the main problem that we are going to resolve here.

Different Types of Shaving Razors – Injector, Safety and Cartridge Razor

Earlier, we mentioned injector, safety, and cartridge razor as different types of shaving tools. Now let’s break down the detail of each one:

I. Safety Razors

Safety razors were a big hit back in time, and they were meant to last a lifetime. The main aim of these traditional razors was to shave extra hair while protecting the skin.

So, with time it became a hassle-free option to shave at home. In simple words, a safety razor was the first one that provided liberty of shaving at home.

It was introduced by Gillette in 1903 and is considered a revolution in the shaving industry. But the shave with these razors requires skill, and it comes with time and practice.

Despite the fact, it’s an old razor, but you can still find these types of razors easily. Here are features that will help to know this better:

Highlighted features:

  • The design of the safety razor is a pretty old school
  • The safety razor comes with a single cutting blade on both sides of the razor; that’s why we may call it a double edge razor.
  • Safety razors come with a fixed head
  • These traditional razors are smaller in length
  • The grip isn’t up to the standard of modern era razors

Note: Safety razors are made up of metal or solid brass; that’s why the weight is more. But companies install material along with the handle to make the grip easier.

Pros & Cons of Safety Razors

Better shaveMore weight
Less expensiveRequire experience/skill for shaving
Traditional designThe head isn’t movable
Environment friendly 
Enjoyable experience 

By choosing safety razors, you are entering into an enjoyable experience. Moreover, you will get a good shave by spending less money.

II. Injector Razors

It is the second option in the discussion of injector, safety, and cartridge razor. It was pretty popular back in time, and it came into the market in 1920. Jacob Schick invented it, who was the “Father of electric razors.” However, in this type, we insert blades in an injector device. Customers can do up to 20 shaves from each edge, and you can do up to 8-10 shaves from one edge.

Moreover, the injector blades are easy, lightweight, simple, and fast. You can easily find injector safety razors in the market. Here are points that will help to more about injector razors:

Highlighted features:

  • The handle of the injector razor is a bit like the modern-day cartridge
  • It provides a natural grip
  • The design of the injector razor’s blade has been modified a lot. But if you want to see the original design, then it’s available on the internet.
  • Injector razor has slightly longer and thick blades

Apart from this, it has more variety and choice in terms of design and blade availability. These are small yet vital details that play a crucial role in performance.

Pros & Cons:

It doesn’t cause irritationIt doesn’t come with a pivoting neck
Cheaper optionDFS requires time
Blade replacement is economical 
Traditional design 

It’s a better choice than double edge razors, but we have mixed opinions on this matter. But we can say injector safety razors are classic that provides excellent performance.

III. Cartridge Razors

We are discussing the best one in the injector, safety, and cartridge razor. Cartridge razor is most popular nowadays because it offers enormous variety. Firstly, it was introduced by Gillette in 1971.

However, the design of this razor mainly depends on multi-blades, and they are replaceable. But the thing that makes the cartridge razor unique is the “LIFT & CUT.”

It means that the razor blade at the end of the cartridge lift and cuts the hair. So, unlike other options, the cartridge razor provides better and close results. Apart from this, it’s easy to learn, which makes it super feasible for beginners.

Here are other qualities of this shaving machine that you should know.

Highlighted features:

  • Cartridge razors come in a beautiful shape and design
  • This modern razor has multiple blades that range between 2-7
  • Provides a more comfortable shaving experience
  • It comes with the lubricant strip and combs for excellent results
  • The head is turnable, and it can even tilt side to side
  • Made up of plastic, rubber, and metal that makes it lightweight
  • Easy to use even for beginners

Note: Earlier, we mentioned cartridge razor is made up of different materials. However, due to this, it has a comfortable grip.

Pros & Cons:

Easy to useThese are expensive
Provides clean and close shaving experienceIt could be a reason for razor bumps in a few men
Better gripReplacement is pricy
It comes with multiple razors that ensure a smooth shave. 

Moreover, you can even detach it from the handle; that’s why you can easily discard it when it becomes worn. Later, you can use the razor handle with a new cartridge.

Is a Safety Razor better than a Cartridge Razor?

We have discussed everything about injector, safety, and cartridge razor. But most people feel confused between safety and cartridge razors. So, here we are going to find out:

Is a safety razor better than a cartridge razor?

Many people think that a safety razor is safer because they weren’t aware of the cartridge razor. But if we make a comparison between both, then here is the answer:

Safety razorCartridge razor
Reduces skin irritationSuitable for all skin types and best choice for sensitive skin
Even shave bumps easilyMade up of rubber & and plastic, it takes thousands of years to recycle or decompose.
Has the ability to deal with ingrown hair, unlike cartridge razorIt provides a good shaving opportunity without harming yourself
Best for dry and oily skin, but you must use the suitable shaving creamIt doesn’t require advanced shaving skills
It doesn’t work on acne-prone skin, and it’s difficult to shave around acne.More chances of hair ingrown/razor bumps
Safety razors are recyclableCartridge razors are less sanitary than safety razors due to lack of space
Safety razors aren’t recommended unless the surface is flat 


Now let’s go back to our question, injector, safety, and cartridge razor; which is better? Every razor has positive and negative sides, but when you consider it for the long term, then quality matters the most.

So, in a popular opinion safety razor is better than the injector and cartridge razor. The safety razors are expensive but come with long-term benefits. So, it’s a better option to replace your cartridge razor with a safety razor.