Merkur Shaving Set Review [2023]

If you are looking for gifting a male colleague, your husband, or even a male friend something for any occasion, trust me, there is nothing better and more exciting than a shaving set. While there are various options available out there, if you want something related to Merkur shaving set review and know more about shaving kits for men, you are exactly at the right place.

If you look for the best razor reviews, you will always find Merkur’s safety razor on the list. This makes it one of the best razors to be added to a shaving kit for men to make the gift more worthy. Due to this reason, I have shared various Merkur shaving set reviews containing Merkur razor stands that you can easily purchase online while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Which Merkur Razor should I buy?

Before moving to the Merkur shaving set reviews, let me first answer your query of “which Merkur razor should I buy?” Here are some of the best Merkur razors reviewed for you to either buy for yourself or add in a shaving kit that you’re going to gift someone.

1. Merkur Classic 3-Piece Double Edge Razor:

Specifically designed for men with thick hair having sensitive skin or men with light facial hair growth, this Merkur Classic 3 piece Double-edge Razor comes in a set having four different kinds of razors according to various designs. These sets of razors are not aggressive, which makes them super suitable for men having sensitive skin and the best addition to a shaving kit for men.

2. Merkur Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Razor:

Being well-known throughout the shaving world, this Merkur 2 piece double edge razor stand also makes to the list of “which Merkur razor should I buy” because of the smooth shave it has to offer. What makes it one of the best razors you can get your hands on is that it is designed to make it tough on the hair but extremely smooth on the skin. This razor set also comes in variations of four razors.

3. Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor:

Not only extremely convenient but also very elegant, this gold plated Merkur Futur razor with a stainless steel finish is one of the best Merkur razors you can add in a shaving kit and make it the worthy Merkur Futur shaving set for men. What makes this razor unique from the previous two razors is the fact that you can adjust this razor according to your demands and requirements. You can easily adjust the blade gap in this razor and make it less aggressive for your skin.

4. Merkur Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor:

It comes with a close comb and a slant bar head, which is specifically designed so that the razor can easily slide through thick hair. While the design may seem like the Merkur Slant Bar razor is very much aggressive. However, that is not true. This razor provides mild shaving even more than you can expect from it. The only problematic thing is it is a bit tricky to reload the blades on this razor.

5. Merkur Futur 23C Razor:

One of the most gentle razors introduced by Merkur, this Merkur Futur 23C Razor is the perfect choice for men who don’t have much time to aggressively shave their thick hair and for men having sensitive skin. You can easily purchase this razor without investing in a guard, which is a special safety feature that guarantees the prevention of deep cuts on your face. It comes with an extra-long handle to help in gripping it properly.

Merkur Shaving Set Reviews

Now that I have answered your query of “which Merkur razor should I buy,” now is the time to move to the Merkur Shaving Set reviews so that you can easily decide which shaving kit for men you should get your hands on that contains the great Merkur razor stand as a part of it.

1. GBS Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor:

Coming with a guarantee of either 100% satisfaction or money back, this GBS shaving kit is definitely not something you can miss. A third-party inspection company is devoted to inspecting all the products given in this set, making it very much satisfactory. The product list it comes with contains:

  • Long handle Merkur safety razor.
  • All chrome plated stuff.
  • Five pieces.

Not only is this shaving kit for men absolutely amazing for gifting, but it also looks exceptionally good while kept in a bathroom.

Main features:

The prominent features of this shaving kit involve:

  • The razor gives a close shave.
  • A solid stand that holds the razor and the brush really well.
  • An extremely gentle and nice shaving soap.
  • A durable chrome bowl.
  • Badger shaving brushes.

2. Merkur Razor Futur Shaving Set for Men:

Coming with an absolute sleek and stylish look, this Merkur razor Futur Shaving Set has also made to the list of Merkur shaving set reviews because of being an amazing option. It contains a Merkur Futur razor as the product that gets all the limelight because it is an adjustable safety razor that guarantees a very smooth shave. The product list it comes with contains:

  • Four pieces in total.
  • Futur razor with a silver matching tip.
  • Badger shaving brush.
  • It has a frosted glass shaving bowl.
  • Stand to hold all these components.

Main Features:

The prominent features of this shaving kit involve:

  • The entire shaving kit comes with a matte silver finish
  • It comes with a perfectly sleek and stylish look that you must be looking for while giving a gift.
  • Includes Merkur adjustable double safety razor to control blade gaps.
  • Allows closeness of the shave
  • Absolutely stunning shaving kit for men.

3. Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, MK-78C:

Another Merkur shaving Kit review includes this three-piece shaving kit for men that looks good when gifted or kept in the bathroom and works equally well. This shaving kit for men comes in three pieces. However, if you think that three pieces are quite less, then you are wrong. Preparing it for a gift can be one of the best options you can get your hands on. The product list it comes with contains:

  • Three pieces in total.
  • Merkur Futur Razor with matching tip.
  • Badger shaving brush.
  • Stand to hold all of these components.

Main Features:

The prominent features of this shaving kit involve:

  • The entire shaving kit has a stylish and sleek look that makes it perfect to be gifted to someone or kept in the bathroom.
  • The Merkur Futur Razor included consists of an adjustable dial so that the gap between the blades can easily be controlled.
  • You can easily fine-tune the closeness of the shave because of an adjustable razor.
  • You don’t have to apply any pressure since the weight of the razor does the job.
  • No irritation is caused using this razor because of the adjustment feature it has to offer.
  • All these prominent features make it one of the best Merkur shaving set to be gifted.

Quick Buying Guide for Shaving Kits

Now that we are finally done with the Merkur Shaving set reviews, let’s now move to what you should look for while buying a shaving kit. Yes, it’s a buying guide for you to better understand all the pieces that come in a shaving kit for men.

Things to look for in a Razor

The two most common types of razors include an adjustable safety razor and a cartridge razor. The major difference between the two is that while the Cartridge razor is a lot easier to learn for beginners, the adjustable safety razor will give you a long-term cost of ownership because of being able to get the adjusted you want.

Here is what you should look for while selecting razors for your shaving kit:

  • Long-term costs.
  • Trusted brands like Merkur.
  • Travel-friendly designs.
  • The learning curve for razors is not adjustable.
  • The versatility of the razor blades

When it comes to the double edge adjustable Merkur Futur razor, it is a perfect option for experienced shavers looking for versatility and flexibility when it comes to setting the blade’s aggressiveness. This is one of the main reasons why Merkur Futur razor is mostly seen in the majority of the shaving kits and can easily be the answer to your query of “which Merkur razor should I buy?”

Things to look for in a Shaving Brush

The quality of a shaving brush makes a huge difference in making your shaving experience a good one. As unimportant as you may think a shaving brush is, however, to form a perfect leather foam on your skin, this brush plays a huge part. Therefore, here is what you should look for while selecting a shaving brush:

  • Fiber type of brush, among which the most popular, is the badger type.
  • Length of the fiber on the brush that impacts the shaving cream to be carried in the bristles. Longer bristles allow more shaving cream.
  • Handle of the brush. If you have large hands, it is better to opt for a longer handle.

For the Merkur shaving kits mentioned above, all these shaving brush qualities are kept in consideration. The shaving brush comes with a badger type of fiber with perfect fiber length that will hold more of the shaving cream. Additionally, the handle also is a perfect size that makes it easier for you to grip it even with wet hands.

Things to look for in a Shaving Stand

Now you may wonder why looking for a good shaving stand is important, right? Let me tell you. The shaving stand of your shaving set is going to enhance the whole look of the set. This shaving stand will decide whether a particular shaving kit is good to be gifted or kept in a bathroom with the stylish or sleek look it has to offer. Therefore, here is what you should look for while selecting a shaving stand:

  • It should have some stylish look to enhance the aesthetics.
  • It should allow the razor and brush to hang in a way that they become dry quickly.
  • Metallic stands are better since they don’t tip over frequently and are heavier.
  • Stainless steel finish will not let the stand corrode or get rusted even when it’s kept in a bathroom.

All the features mentioned above are available in the Merkur shaving kits that have been reviewed for you previously in this article. Thank me later!

Things to look for in a Shaving Bowl

Shaving bowls are mostly optional in the majority of the shaving kits. However, one or two Merkur Shaving sets discussed above contains a bowl; therefore, here is what you should look for while selecting a shaving bowl if separately needed:

  • It should be deep enough for you to form a perfect soapy lather.
  • It should be wide enough to allow the whipping to get a perfect consistency.
  • Metal shaving bowls are preferable as they retain heat when you mix warm water with the shaving cream.

All these points are thoroughly followed in the Merkur shaving kits reviewed previously in this article.

Merkur Shaving Set Review – Conclusion

If you are looking for some perfect gifts to give to the man of your life on any occasion, there is no better option than selecting the best shaving kits for men. For this reason, we have reviewed various Merkur shaving kits along with separately reviewing Merkur razors to make your choices easier and precise.

Not only this, but a buying guide is also available to look for in a shaving kit if you are buying it for the first time and have no such experience regarding it. There are certain things that must be checked while selecting the best shaving kits for you to either gift someone or be kept in your bathroom. Additionally, the links to all the shaving kits are also mentioned, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for the products. You are welcome!