7 Best Shaving Machine for Clean Shaven Look

Shaving Machines for Clean Shaven Look (1)

It’s satisfying to lather up your cheeks, and run that sweet razor through your skin. Ah, the sense of a close shave. However, recent times have seen technology match up to this clean shave; in the shape of shaving machines. If you’ve landed here, you’re probably trying to find the best shaving machine for clean shaven looks – and I’m here to help you out

Though your stylist will still ace the clean-shaven look, you can even get closer to that look at home. Electric shaving machines make use of sharp, spinning blades, which are protected by guards, to help protect your skins. Before we get into seeking the best shaving machine for clean-shaven looks, let’s answer a more dire question – is clean shave good for skin?!

Is Clean Shave Good for Skin?

Have you ever wondered why men have fewer wrinkles than women in several cases? Your skin has a quarter or so of hair on it, and the rest is just a room full of dead skill cells. So, when the razer blades hit your skin with that low-grade friction, the skill cells are finally kicked out.

This gives your skin a really smooth feel and starts off a healthy regeneration of cells. It’s always better to clean shave using a razor or an electric machine in the shower – since the water opens up the pores and your hair are slightly easier to pull out. Otherwise, it’s a painful venture to go through, mainly because these dead cells aren’t ready to evict just yet.

So – is clean shave good for skin? It really is! But the harms of going at it with a razor can’t be stressed enough. Why not shift to an electric shaving machine? If you’ve taken a quick look at the market already, you’d have come across two types of machines:

  • Trimmer
  • Shaver

Can I Get Clean Shave with Trimmer?

Sadly – no. Trimmers are, as the name suggests, just trimmers. Some high-grade trimmers might even go close to a ‘close’ shave, but it won’t be as good as your shaver or razor. A mix of both a trimmer, shaver, and razor makes much more sense in your ‘shaving’ arsenal.

Before I head into the actual reviews of the best shaving machine for men, I’d like to point out that some machines also feature both. Some have a 2-in-1 mode, where you can shift to a trimmer or a shaver – however you’d like.

If I’m not in the mood to go all the way to my skin, I’d just run a trimmer through it, or maybe style my beard using it. But I prefer shavers for extremely close shaves to get that glassy look from my skin.

So, it doesn’t hurt to own a trimmer in your grooming kit. Next, I’ll be jumping into discussions on which shaving machine you should get! 

Best Shaving Machine for Clean Shaven Looks

I’m sure this is what you’re here for. A review of some of the best shaving machines available, both online and in your local markets. So, clean shavers, let’s quickly have a ‘close’ look at some of the best shaving machines for clean shaves:

1. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49 (Link)

Tired of running your blade here and there to get that tiny bit of hair off? Fortunately, the Norelco series of shavers from Philips is a lifesaver. The 3-dimension pivoting head allows you to get a close shave by going after every single hair – that too, with utmost comfort.

It’s rounded blades, and combs offer the best shave with little to no irritation due to extreme protection. It’s completely water-resistant and won’t give you a shock if you decide to get a quick shave before work, while you’re in the shower or completely dry.

Frankly, Philips had me at the cordless design and the pivoting head. What more could I ask for in a shaver? It quickly follows through my body’s curvy corners and gets me a close shave without a single cut. Ask me, which is the best shaver for a clean shave? Hands down – Philips is the winner!

2. Wahl Chrome Pro Haircutting Kit for Men (Link)

There had to be contenders to Philips Norelco series – an equal competitor would be the Wahl Chrome Pro. Its heavy-grade motor is what gives it a boost in my rankings. I thought of loud whirring noise in my head – when I thought of the Chrome Pro’s motor.

However, they were all turned down, as the actual motor is quite silent, yet fast, with little to no heat generation. It also features self-sharpening blades so you won’t have to go through the troubles of buying another machine due to their annoying blades. That’s not all – the machine has adjustable levers, snap guards, and is the perfect tool for grooming your body! 

I have personally used a few of Wahl’s electronic shaving machines, and they’re fantastic. Not to mention, the brand is one of the best shaving machines for clean shaves, as voted by professional stylists themselves.

3. Braun Series 7 Electric Razor for Men (Link)

Braun has long been associated with grooming products for women, yet they’re equally great at producing grooming kits for men. Isn’t it hard to clean the neckline or close to your chin? I personally have a go at it for a few times, until I’m really satisfied with my clean-shaven look. Fortunately, the Braun razor is for guys like us.

It’s sonic technology intelligently decides the area of the body which you’re currently shaving and increases its power based on that. It’s a shaver and trimmer in one, so you can easily cut through your hair from your skin and cuts them as close as 0.05mm!

Lastly, it has five modes which are perfect if you’re to change it based on the body part – from turbo to sensitive or vice versa.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seriously giving the Series 7 shavers a thought. After all, they’re offering the bang-for-buck ratio for this product just can’t get any better. Intelligently decides pace, good battery life, waterproof, five modes – I think I’m convinced, are you? If not, look ahead!

4. Panasonic Arc-5 Electric Razor (Link)

Panasonic has done a tremendous job with its Arc-5 series – as it features a shaver and trimmer both. The shaving head features five ultra-sharp blades, which are situated on a pivoting head. It has a high-performance motor that can deliver thousands of cuts per minute and efficiently gives you a clean shave.

It doesn’t take long enough to charge and has a helpful LED indicator to help you see the stage at which the battery is. Whether you’re in or out of the shower, the razor is going to be your perfect companion in grooming.

Cordless razors are my personal favorite. Panasonic has been at the top of the electronic industry for quite some time now, and this razor is amazing. If you’re deciding to go safe with a little investment, the Panasonic Arc-5 is your best bet.

5. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver (Link)

Remington’s F5-5800 foil shaver has a new intercept shaving technology that works wonders for close shaves. It features a pivotable and flexible foil head that doesn’t buzz much and clear hair in the first go. It has a rechargeable battery, which runs for 60 minutes or so in a single charge.

There’s a pop-up trimmer in there as well, so if a few hairs are left out, you can quickly run that to make your face look much smoother. One last feature that I love is the fact that you could easily clean your shaver under the faucet, and it will be clean – just like that!

Remington is a slightly pricey brand when it comes to performance. But it doesn’t mean the electronic shaving machine isn’t of quality. It’s a pretty solid option, especially considering the positive reviews left by thousands of users on this product!

6. Adhope’s Electric Razor for Men (Link)

Adhope is fairly new to releasing electronic shavers but has managed to receive positive reviews so far. The multi-functional shaver is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a body grooming kit, and a shaver both. IT’s three floating razor heads are made from high-grade stainless steel, high-speed motors, and self-sharpening blade make it worthwhile.

It’s also made to withstand water, and the guards on the blades are completely waterproof. One last feature would be the convenient charging setup – which supports charging via USB.

Adhope’s electronic shaving machine is a good choice if you’re looking for shavers while on travel. USB charging makes it convenient enough to take it out, plug it in, charge, and use away. As someone who’s on the road much, this is quite a good option!

7. Philips Norelco 2100 Shaver (Link)

Last on my list of the best shaving machine for clean shaven looks is another great option from the Philips Norelco series. The 2100 shaver is a good option if you don’t wish to spend an hour on shaving – just take the cordless machine out and shave away.

Its unique shaving system will make sure your skin is protected and cleans out quickly. It has four heads in total, which work independently but are capable of covering every single corner of your skin – neck, chin, or cheek alike.

If there’s one shortcoming I’d like to see replaced in the 2100 shaver is its shaving time on battery. Although it features a lithium battery, it’s shaving time without a cord is only 35 minutes. Other than that, it’s a great option at an affordable price.

That’s it for my list on the best shaving machine for clean-shaven looks. You might like one, dislike the other, and it goes on and on. There’s a better way to do this, and you can easily pick your option by making a simple checklist. It should have guards, have a flexible head, be cordless, and so on, so forth.