Fun Shaving Foam Games for Toddlers

Fun shaving foam games for toddlers2

Toddlers will turn the house upside down if you don’t have a fun summer planned for them. The scorching heat has kept them inside for so long – but the question’s only fair – how long before they demand fun? You’ve got to help them with it!

If you’ve been looking for fun ideas to keep your toddler busy – you’ve come to the right place. Your bathroom cabinet is the last thing that could’ve popped open thought in your brain – but there’s something so precious in there. You probably know it but raise it for “shaving foam” as I’ll show you some fun shaving foam games for toddlers, soon!

Summer Fun for Toddlers – Shaving Foam!

You might probably be wondering:

Leave fun shaving foam games for toddlers and tell me again, why is shaving foam a good idea?

I’ll give you two great reasons – it’s inexpensive and extremely messy (oh, the mess is a toddler’s favorite). Your toddlers would be busy with the swirly foam for hours on end, and that’s precisely why shaving foam is great as a fun activity. Though it’s completely fine to ask – is shaving foam harmful? Not really, until consumed or if you touch a sensitive part without washing your foamy hands.

Imagine throwing in a bunch of paints and foam in a bin – oh those rainbow-colored swirly paints. I can assure you – I’m just as excited as your toddler would be after getting his or her hands full of foam. Excited to know more about such summer projects? I won’t keep you waiting anymore – let’s get to it!

Fun Shaving Foam Games for Toddlers

We’re finally off to discussing fun shaving foam games for toddlers. I’ve got a long list of ideas that we’d like to share here. Take a look at the complete list and see which project is doable for you at home – if it’s not, you’re free to move on to a different one.

Drum rolls again – here’s the list of the most fun shaving foam games for toddlers:

1. Shaving Foam Paints

Is your toddler a creative geek or an innate artist? Shaving foam paints can help you infuse fun with a skill – painting! Although paints sound like they’d exhaust you in their making, it isn’t really hard. Here’s how you can make your own shaving foam paints at home:

  1. If you have a palette, that’s great. If not, use a muffin tin to fill in your paints
  2. Start off with filling them with shaving foam
  3. Start adding in some food coloring until the foam has completely changed to that color – try being creative with the color section
  4. Well, that’s it!

It’s time for you to start painting with your toddler. You can either make it super messy with your fingers or throw in a paintbrush to start painting. It’s so easy to make and even easier to wash off – since the paint will dissolve, and the rest can be washed off!

One quick tip; add in a little washing liquid to the mix – just a few drops. Food colorings can be quite nasty, and it’s hard to get them off. This way, you won’t ever raise an issue with shaving foam paints gone wrong.

2. Shaving Foam Dough

Kids? Even I reminisce the days of playing with doughs and the wonderful structures I’d create. Shaving foam dough is just as amazing as clay dough, and kids can explore their creativity to the fullest if you make this happen. Luckily, shaving foam dough doesn’t require you to go out of your way to make it – rather here’s how:

  1. Take shaving foam in a small glass or open pot
  2. If you’d like, throw in a mix of colors or a single color – if a rainbow is not what you’re after
  3. Add cornflour to the mix slowly and keep stirring this solution until you feel it become slightly doughy. You should be careful here as too much cornflour can lead to a firm or solid dough – which won’t be fun for kids to play with
  4. Make as many shaving foam doughs’ as you’d like with foam, cornflour, and colors – that’s it!

It’s a guarantee – shaving foam dough is a personal favorite of kids all over the world (and for adults like me!)

3. Shaving Foam Sensory Bins

I’ve discussed this above, but I can’t leave this one out of the list – sensory bins. Take a long baking pan or a tray of sorts and fill it in with shaving foam. Then, add in color in the form of food coloring or liquid watercolor paints, and that’s your cute to enter the game. Your toddler will surely be thrilled to get their hands dirty, mix those colors, and show you their abstract art.  

4. Shaving Cream Marbling and Envelopes

Abstract art is done. Now it’s time to recreate something more magical. Marbles!

I’m sure you must’ve come across marble flooring. It’s the same concept – using shaving foams and paints. You can do a number of things with the same combination – use it to paint your envelopes, vases, or maybe even create a marbled mixture in a bowl.

Here’s how you can get started to make a marbled mixture in a bowl:

  1. Start by taking a clean dish and spraying the foam in to fill it up nicely
  2. Drop a series of color droplets on to the mix
  3. Start by stirring some of those droplets to let the colors disperse
  4. Slowly, you will see the colors look a little “abstract”
  5. Simply push a paper against your colorful cream mix and then pick it back up
  6. Scrape the remaining cream from the top of the paper and then let it dry
  7. There you go – your marbled paper is now ready for use!

5. Shaving Cream Sculptures

Does your toddler love to play with sand and make humongous sandcastles? Well, there’s something similar here at work – shaving cream sculptures. I’ve already listed how you can make a good mixture of shaving cream and food coloring.

Now, once you’ve done that, imagine a picture that you’d like to recreate as a sculpture. You can make use of extra accessories like papers, tissues, or bowls (temporarily) by using them as shapes and then setting up a sculpture using the creamy mixture. 

6. Exploring Numbers in Shaving Cream

There’s an informational game as well – where you can teach your kids the numbering system. Kids love when they get to learn something in a fun and entertaining way. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Take a large tub and fill it with shaving cream
  2. Start adding in colors if you’d like or not – that’s optional
  3. Hide some cardboard pieces with numbering on it
  4. Then let the game start and as your toddler reveals the number – you can discuss those and teach them how to pronounce it!

7. Shaving Foam Clouds

Whether you’re the parent of a preschooler or a toddler, there’s much about the environment that your kid has to know. Rain clouds are one such gift to us by nature. You can easily simulate a rain cloud with shaving foam and loads of paints. It’s easy – here’s how you can do it with your kid:

  1. Take a transparent glass and fill it with water (leave a few inches off the top)
  2. Fill the rest of it with shaving foam
  3. Take food coloring and start dropping a few drops in using a dropper or a syringe to recreate a rain-cloud type effect

The weight of the paint actually helps the drops come down to the bottom and produces an amazing effect for kids to ponder over!

But – Is Shaving Foam Harmful?

Some great and fun shaving foam ideas were thrown around for toddlers. Though fun isn’t the only thing when it comes to seeking pleasure and entertainment for kids. As a parent, you’ll have to take a look at it from a perspective of their safety too.

So, the question is – is shaving foam harmful?

I’ve discussed this above as well, and I’ll say again – yes and no. When we talk about “shaving creams” or “shaving foam” for toddlers, it isn’t the fancy canned foam men use to shave. Rather, a white, aerosol foam is commonly sold, which is the best accessory for kids to use! 

Research studies have proven that shaving cream isn’t actually toxic for anyone. Though that doesn’t mean it’s an open invitation to feast on it or get it in their eyes. Fluffy magic snow aside, it’s still going to annoy them and burn for a while.

Actually – if you were to call shaving foams harmful, there are loads of other accessories that should warn you as well. Be it toothpaste or baby soaps – they’re somewhat made of the same content. So, there’s really no “being safe” here anyways – though you should just try to avoid handling foams prior to touching your sensitive skin.

One other thing would be to never mistake foams with gels. Shaving gels are not foamy. Rather, just create a lather that can be used for shaving purposes. Traditional foams will do much better for our games than those expensive gels.

If it Isn’t, Is Shaving Foam Edible?

Although shaving foam isn’t really that toxic – it’s still not edible in any case. I can understand how toddlers might find it extremely tempting to get a taste of that foam. Though it’s the guardian’s responsibility to seat the kid down and tell them the negative of this act!

Canned shaving creams are actually similar to soaps – which is why they aren’t extremely toxic, but just stabilizers. They’re mostly harmless, but ingestion can cause mild discomfort or pain, leading to adverse pain in some cases. Stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting are just a few of the symptoms of eating shaving foam.

Again – is shaving foam edible? No! If you feel there’s an issue that needs immediate attention, please contact for medical assistance right away! Not to mention – it’s also a good time to teach your kid about the difference between whipped cream and foams – or maybe make a foam out of whipped cream?!

Is Shaving Foam Safe for Toddlers to Play With?

We’ve seen some confusing answers up there, so I’ll summarize it all here – is shaving foam-safe for toddlers to play with? Yes. It’s safe for kids to play with if they take care of themselves and don’t get involved in eating the foam itself.

That brings me to an idea – how about an edible shaving foam? Obviously, it won’t be real shaving foam but an actual low-energy snack, which will be similar to that of a shaving foam itself. If you haven’t guessed it already – whipping cream is a big part of it.

Why should you do it? It’s cheaper, safer, and there’s no risk involved at all!

So, how do you make it? Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take an egg white and start whisking it till peaks begin to form
  2. Take whipped cream and start whipping it until the cream is all foamy
  3. Mix the two together and start mixing together until it’s a thick and creamy mixture

Edible shaving cream – and you have to forgive me here for calling it “shaving” cream again and again – is actually fun. You can leave your kid behind and let them play for hours without a worry on your head. Even if they taste it – they’ll either like it and eat it (which is fine, especially since we only recommend food coloring) or they’ll hate it. Definitely a win-win situation!


Whew – we’ve just looked at some of the best shaving foam games for toddlers to enjoy. Be it shaving cream sculptures or shaving cream paints; there’s lots of creativity for toddlers to explore. Just help them set something up and then leave them be – I assure you, there’s going to be no cry for a boring summer this time around!

Which one was you and your toddlers’ favorite? Do let me know!