Best beards in MMA (2023)

Best Beards in MMA

Once a champion, always a champion. Yes, we are talking about MMA fighters. But physical appearance matters a lot in the fight. For instance, we have seen many fighters with beards.

But the best beards in MMA are those that can grab the public’s attention with great facial hair. It has become a trend to grow facial hair to instantly strike fear in an opponent’s heart with just a first glance.

So, the most masculine thing in a fighter is the beard. But when we are talking about fighters with mustaches, many questions arise. So, we start with the following:

Being an MMA fighter with a beard

If we go back to history, beards are always associated with masculinity and dominance. But as a fighter, if you want to grow a beard, it’s not an easy task and requires so much effort and hard work.

Unfortunately, the MMA and UFC fighters with a mustache have a negative reputation. Apart from this, if you want to grow facial hair, then there are specific protocols that you need to follow.

The MMA fighters were forced to trim their beard before the fight in some cases. Here is one of the examples of this scenario:

“Emil Clark was an MMA fighter, and in 2016 Ontario Commission forced him to trim beard before the fight. However, the fight was against the JORDAN fighter.”

Apart from this, in many other cases, fighters with a beard were forced to trim the length. The purpose behind this was to restrict the other player from grabbing it with the help of the beard’s length. So, it’s common sense because most people do this. But many different reasons don’t make sense at all.

Does having a beard help in a fight?

It is one of the main things people bring during the argument, though many fighters have the best beards in MMA. But it is a common perception that the beard absorbs punches.

If we critically look at this argument, then a thick beard can keep you safe up to 5% from punches. If the punches are complex and the beard is thin, it will not work even 5%.

But here are other benefits of sporting beard or mustaches in an MMA fight.

  • The long beard helps you sport a deadly look before a fight, and psychology brings pressure on the opponent.
  • Apart from this, a beard helps you to hide your jawline. In this way, the opponent can’t pinpoint the right area to punch.

Thus, different people have mixed opinions, and there is no doubt that fighters with beards surely grab attention. But, if we look back, many fighters had the best beards in MMA.

Can UFC fighters have a beard? Notable fighters with beards

The shortest answer is YES. The beards are allowed in UFC, but the permission is associated with a few other things.

So, before growing facial hair, it’s vital to read the rule because sometimes administration restricts that jawline must be visible. Scientifically, beards soften the impacts of punches and protect jaws. So, many fighters flaunted the look with a beard.

Notable fighters with beards in MMA

Despite many opposing opinions, we have many heroes that give us style goals. So, if we talk about the most prominent names with beards in MMA, then here are a few:

Biggest fighters with beardsFamous for
Conor McGregorHe used to trim his beard; still, he has the best beard in MMA.
Evan TannerHe used to have the most magnificent beard in MMA
Dave “PEEWEE” HermanDave was the true definition of masculinity with a beard
And Michael ChiesaHe used to sport impressive facial hair

These UFC fighters with mustaches played a crucial role in making beards socially acceptable in a fight. But sometimes, these notable fighters had to trim, cover or remove the facial hair.

A list of best beards in MMA history. UFC fighters with mustaches

For years people have been involved in this argument that UFC fighters have beards. We have everything from social to expert’s opinion earlier in writing.

Now, this is the time to know more about your favorite fighters who have the best beards in MMA. So, here is the list:

Ian McCallHandlebar Mustaches
Mike BeltranNavel length hybrid mustache/beard
Evan TannerTrendsetter of beards in fight
Travis BrownieHis beard was an Attempt for HAPA

Ian McCall

ian mccall

It’s unfair if we talk about Ian McCall in this list. He has an impressive style of mustache that attracts people because they are unique. Apart from this, Ian changes the style frequently, but handlebar mustaches are the signature style. So, he is pretty famous, and people admire him due to his excellent technique.

Mike Beltran

mike beltran

The long, hybrid mustaches and beard style are undoubtedly a treat to watch. Above all, he is a KING in the list of best beards in MMA due to this unique style. Mike has one rule in life:

“Grow your beard whenever you can.”

So, the free-floating beard hair of Mike is undoubtedly a win. Thus, due to the shiny and long beard, spectators can’t ignore the presence of their favorite MMA fighter.

Evan Tanner

evans tanner

Evan Tanner is one of those who looked the coolest in the beard. There was a time when Evan wasn’t into the MMA or UFC fight, but at that time, he was growing the true pioneer of best beards in MMA history. So, this is one of the reasons due to which he enjoyed the full glory of being an MMA fighter.

Travis Brownie

travis brownie

Travis is a heavyweight of UFC and has a splendid record in MMA. Apart from this, he is on the list of those persons who have the best beards. So, at first, Mike decided to stop shaving in 2013 before a fight with Alistair. At that time, it was perceived that he would keep this beard for long. But unfortunately, he didn’t qualify in the greatest beards on the MMA list. Still, Mike’s beard is a treat to watch.


Apart from the above fighters with best beards in MMA, many others qualify to be on the list. But the real aim was to show the real glory of MMA & UFC. But here are the following reasons due to which authorities can ask you to shave beard:

  • To prevent any groundwork where beard can cause issues
  • To stop the opponent from grabbing and pulling from beard to take advantage in the fight.

So, you should grow facial hair that is allowed as per rules. In this way, you can save up to 5% shocks of punches. Apart from this, it might be hard for your opponent to find your jawline.