Best Disposable Barber Bibs

disposable barber bibs

One of the best ways to ensure your hair salon business brings in plenty of revenue is by ensuring that your customers are satisfied with your services.

To do that you need to provide your customers with the highest quality and hygienic products, and one such product is disposable barber bibs, which are very much needed during a pandemic like now.

Barber bibs or hair-cutting capes are the staples in any barbershop or salon. These are protective coverings that drape over your client during a haircut to protect their clothing from spills and stains.

Coated with stain-resistant materials, disposable hair cutting capes are recommended for single use in salons to reduce the risk of contamination and opportunities for cross-transmission of microorganisms from one client to another.

Many salons have already started using disposable hair cutting apron rather than traditional reusable varieties for the maximum safety of the clients.

In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at some of the main advantages of disposable barber bibs and share some best disposable barber bibs out there to help you choose the best one for your salon or personal use.

What are the disposable barber bibs made of?

Disposable barber bibs are made of polypropylene and polyethylene fabrics, which are often used to manufacture disposable raincoats, disposable surgical aprons, and the personal protective clothing used by medical professionals to prevent the transmission of various dangerous diseases. Polythene is a liquid repellent a protects clothing against spills and splashes or cross-contamination caused by body fluids.

Disposable hair cutting capes are waterproof, lightweight, chemical resistant, and dye proof which makes them perfect for hair cutting, coloring, or hair treatments. They are extremely comfortable and skin-friendly and can be worn for long hours. However, they cannot be used repeatedly and must be thrown after a single-use.

Advantages of Disposable Barber Bibs

  • Saves a lot of Time

A disposable hair cutting sheet is not only hygienic but also saves a lot of time. Normal aprons hair cutting capes need to be washed if they are stained before putting them on the next client, and this can cause shortage or delays which is not acceptable in the salon business. When you have plenty of ready-to-use disposable barber bibs, you can throw them away to save a lot of mess. It will not help you save plenty of time but you can also operate a little more smoothly.

  • Complete protection

Disposable barber bibs provide full coverage and prevent the client’s dress from getting dirty. Made of waterproof material, it provides protection against water or any other unwanted chemicals used during the service. Moreover, it stops the clipped hair from getting inside the clothes and causing a pinning sensation on the body.

  • Comfortable to wear

Disposable hair cutting sheets are lightweight and comfortable which makes it easy for the client to sit on a barber chair for a long time with the sheet on. They are made of breathable material which lets the air flow inside so the client doesn’t feel hot and can have a comfortable experience while getting a haircut.

  • Disposable barber bibs save money

Most disposable hair cutting aprons cost much less than it cost to launder the reusables, considering the cost of laundry powder, bleach, water, fabric conditioner, and electricity. By switching over to disposable barber bibs, you can save a decent amount of money on your laundry and electricity bill.

Best Disposable Barber Bibs

There are tons of disposable barber bibs available in the market and it can be overwhelming to browse through them to find the best one. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the nine best disposable hair cutting apron that are performing well in the market to help you pick the one right for your salon:

1. FZL Large Disposable Capes

Having hair all over your clothes after you get them cut is no longer a problem because capes by FZL come in a large size which is enough to cover you entirely throughout the haircut.

It provides abundant quantity since FZL gives 100 sheets in one package with a length of 51.2 x 63 inches which is big enough to provide what you look for in a disposable barber bib.

Bonus, it is waterproof, so you can also use it while having your hair dyed to avoid any inconvenience.

Additionally, you’d not have to waste your time washing the sheets since they are disposable and can easily be thrown away after one use.

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2. Framar Backwards Bib

The Backwards Bib by Framar is a transparent and disposable sheet that provides your clients the ultimate protection by hanging over their salon capes.

Not only are your clients protected with these sheets but also the chairs and capes since they are long enough, having a length of almost 38 inches. In short, all that you require from a barber bib.

Bonus, you can also use these sheets as hair-cutting capes, so it is definitely a win-win situation. These sheets help to save your time because they are disposable and can easily be thrown away, so you don’t have to wash them.

What makes the Framar sheets stand out is the fact that they are biodegradable.

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3. Yfoxy Disposable Hair Cutting Capes:

Successfully keeping your clothes away from hair, water, dust, or any kind of stain, these Yfoxy disposable hair cutting capes are perfect tools for salons or homes.

The material used to make these capes is PE plastic which is clean, clear, and super light but at the same time quite durable to be easily used. The size of each sheet is almost 130×92 centimeters, and each package has around 50 to 100 sheets which makes it quite pocket-friendly.

Not only are these capes bound to be used during haircut sessions, but you can also use them on many other occasions like shampoo, trimming, color dye, beach sessions, etc.

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4. Just QT Transparent Disposable Bibs:

Being waterproof, these sheets will shoo away your worry of any spills or hair destroying your clothes.

Additionally, these disposable bibs are s thin and light in weight that you won’t even feel you are wearing something over your clothes. Not only this, the bibs are durable enough which can be worn throughout the whole day.

Now you have absolutely no reason to stress over any spills on your clothes while wearing these bibs; therefore, these are good for a haircut and when you decide to dye or bleach your hair.

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5. Alayna Haircut Disposable Capes:

Are you annoyed with the reusable capes hanging around your salon and occupying the space? Well, these Disposable capes by Alayna are here for the rescue.

Keep your salon or barbershop clean and sleek because now you can throw away these one-time-use disposable capes in the nearest trash possible. The capes are free-sized, so men, women, and even kids can wear them without being uncomfortable.

All you have to do is tie the capes around your neck and hang over the smocks around your chair, so the customers and chair both are protected.

What makes them an absolutely amazing choice is the fact that although the capes are made of light-weighted plastic, they are tear-resistant and will not be torn with regular use.

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6. TriDeez Disposable Capes:

Handy, professionally thick, lightweight yet resistant capes that are absolutely easy to wear, yes, this is precisely what TriDeez disposable capes are all about.

These capes offer hassle-free and efficient protection during the haircut, shampooing, and other hair treatment sessions. Not only do these capes capable of keeping the clients protected, but they are long and wide enough to cover the chairs, too, so keep them protected from any kind of chemicals during hair treatments or hair during haircut sessions.

The sheets are designed in such a way that the clients can quickly move or read a magazine without any disturbance caused by the capes while having different hair treatment sessions.

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7. Minhunter Disposable Capes:

Having a length and width of almost 43 x 59 inches, the Minhunter disposable capes are waterproof and can easily protect your clients from hair, dust, and chemicals during different hair sessions.

The sheets are absolutely lightweight but durable and, therefore, super easy and comfortable to use. Bonus, the sheets come with a return and exchange policy that makes it easier to return if you are unsatisfied.

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