What Can You Use Instead of Alcohol After Shaving? An Ultimate Guide

What can you use instead of alcohol after shavin

A nice shave helps to improve personality and makes the man attractive. According to surveys, the girls feel more attracted to men who have a nice shave. But before selecting an aftershave lotion, it’s vital to set your priorities. So, here are the main questions that you need to ask yourself before buying an aftershave lotion:

  • What can you use instead of alcohol after shaving?
  • Does aftershave lotion contain alcohol?
  • Can I use Vaseline as an aftershave?
  • What to use instead of aftershave that contains alcohol?

If you are worried about unwanted facial hair, don’t forget to collect answers to these questions. Aftershave contains expensive ingredients due to which the price could go up. But alcohol is the main ingredient. Few people don’t want to use aftershave lotion contain alcohol. But here, the question arises that what can you use instead of alcohol after shaving?

What is Aftershave Lotion? How is Alcohol the Main Ingredient?

An aftershave lotion/liquid or gel is a liquid that people use on beard after shaving. However, the primary purpose of putting aftershave is to soothe skin. But the aftershave lotion contains alcohol to kill some bacteria and work as an antiseptic for the skin. Apart from this, there are the following main ingredients that should be there in your aftershave lotion.

Shea butterEssential oilsVitamin E oil
ChamomileAloe veraGlycerin

Apart from this, some organic brands are adding oatmeal, green tea, and anise. But it’s better to stay away from the aftershave lotion that contains artificial fragrance because it may cause allergy to the skin.

Why is Alcohol not Suitable?

Earlier, we discussed that alcohol is effective and kills bacteria. But all aftershave lotions don’t contain alcohol, and there are substitutes that you can use. Moreover, if you frequently use aftershave, then it can dry your skin. Apart from this, the following are other drawbacks of using alcohol after shaving.

  • Alcohol after shave stings and cause irritation
  • It may cause redness on the skin

So, as a result, it creates mild irritation on the skin. If you don’t have any other option, then you can use alcohol after shaving. Thus, it’s better if you can use something else instead of alcohol after shaving.

What Can You Use Instead of Alcohol After Shaving? Best Alternatives

Aftershave lotion gives a sense of completion and saves the skin from bacteria. What can you use instead of aftershave lotion? So, many alternative products have a soothing effect and help the skin to heal.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s at the top because different brands use this as a core product in the aftershave lotions. So, the primary aim of using vinegar is that it has acetic acid.

But before using it as an aftershave, it’s vital to mix an equal amount of water to make it an effective formula. Above all, there is an option of adding essential oils for fragrance. In addition, prepare the dilution at least 4-5 days before and shake well before using.

2. Witch Hazel

Incredibly, Witch-hazel is a perfect substitute for alcohol. After applying alcohol, you will feel an itchy feeling.

But Witch-hazel comes with entirely different properties and work excellent on all skin type. Apart from this, the inflammatory qualities work to eradicate razor cuts and work as a skin toner.

3. Natural Oils

“People who smell good have a more attractive personality.”

What’s better than using natural ingredients on the skin? So, essential oils give excellent results when it comes to using them as an aftershave lotion. Essential oils help to solve skin-related issues like bumps, wrinkles, cuts, rashes, and marks.

Moreover, there are different types of essential oils available in the market. However, you can buy as per your preference if you need mild, pleasant, or scented.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

If nothing is working fine, then aloe vera gel is another perfect thing to use. What can you use instead of alcohol after shaving? So, aloe vera is the main ingredient that top brands are using in the aftershave lotion.

However, the inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties work for all skin types, even if it’s sensitive. Apart from this, the aloe vera gel keeps the skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

5. Coldwater

I know that you are thinking water is the main thing that you use while shaving. But here, it’s vital to mention that cold water is the best thing to use as an aftershave lotion.

The warm water opens the pores and cleans the possible dirt from the face. On the other hand, cold water closes skin pores, and skin looks healthier and tight.

6. Skin Toner

In markets, many toners help to make skin healthy, younger and toned. The primary benefit of toner is that it helps to kill bacteria and works perfectly for the skin’s health.

But before using it’s good to use on a skin patch for effective results. Still, skin toners are far better than alcohol and don’t leave the skin dry.


What can you use instead of alcohol after shaving? However, the answer to this question is an alum as it’s in the top list. Above all, alum has antiseptic qualities that help in killing bacteria.

However, the perfect way to use alum is by rubbing it on the skin and leave it to heal for 2-3 minutes. But it’s vital not to overdo it, and don’t forget to use moisturizer after completing the process.

Other things to use instead of alcohol after shaving: Can I use Vaseline instead as an aftershave?

We discussed that aftershave lotion plays a critical role in grooming personality. Moreover, if you want soft and soothing skin, then include aftershave lotion in your daily routine. So, here are alternatives that you can use instead of alcohol after shaving:

Bee waxPackaged waterCoconut oil
LotionCologneHydrogen peroxide
Bay rumJojoba oil 

Note: You can use Vaseline instead of alcohol after shaving. It helps to moisturize the skin, and you feel refreshed and brand new. Apart from this, Vaseline works fantastic when it comes to healing rashes and skin bumps.

Final Verdict

If you want to use alcohol aftershave lotion occasionally, then it’s not bad. But if you use this regularly, it may cause redness, dry skin, or other issues.

No doubt, aftershave lotion is necessary as it acts as a sanitizer for the skin. But it’s better to use inexpensive and natural things as they keep the skin safe from damages, itching, and swelling.

A good looking and fresh skin give extra confidence and elegance. So, if you want to feel good and fresh, it’s vital to find the right skincare products.