Top 5 Best Safety Razor Blades For 2023

Best Safety Razor blade

There has been a long-standing debate on single blades v.s multi-blade cartridge razors. Some believe that multi-blades provide a more close shave, while others prefer single blades to deliver a close and smooth shave without cutting the facial hair too close.

Recently, safety razors have become a popular shaving implement among the masses as it reduces razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Check the guide below to know the top 5 safety razors in 2022 and the factors to consider before buying one.

What is a safety razor blade?

It is a shaving tool with an in-built protection device positioned between the blade’s edge and skin for an injury-free shaving experience. It is the best long-term solution for regular shavers.


  • Safety razor blades cut the hair too close to the skin and not below the skin’s surface. Hence, it reduces redness, razor bumps, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs after shaving.
  • Safety razors are far cheaper in long term than electric or disposable razors. Also, the blades last longer with consistent quality than the cartridge razors.
  • Billions of cartridges and disposable razors are dumped into landfills resulting in a lot of waste harming the environment. Contrarily, safety razors are biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly and minimises waste. They are recyclable as they do not contain plastic or polymers.
  • Wet shaving with a safety razor will give a comfortable, clean, smooth, and close shave. Also, the blades are easy to clean and keep clog-free.
  • Shaving with safety razors reduces the degree of skill required for injury-free shaving and the necessity for professional barbers.


The biggest drawback of a safety razor is the learning curve. Many men are reluctant to switch to safety razors as the technique is tough to master. It requires a lot of patience and practice to get a grip. But the learning curve can reduce if you buy the right razor suitable for your skin by following the below guide.

Top 5 best safety razor blades for 2022

Vikings Blade The Chieftan

Vikings is a well-reputed safety razor company and gives you a traditional shaving experience. It is a time-tested and proven excellent all-rounder razor with moderate aggression. It is 150% smoother, 20% heavier, and 200% more eco-friendly. It is composed of premium high-end heavy-duty Swedish materials and offers excellent quality control.


It weighs 3.55 ounces and is composed of ultra-durable with vintage bronze plated zinc baseplate. 


It comes in 1 safety razor handle and a luxury carry case. You have to buy the double-edged blades separately.


It is available on Amazon at $36.99.

Customer reviews:

About 11,000 customers who bought this product reviewed it on Amazon. It has an outstanding rating of 4.6 stars, making it a highly recommended product for a close shave. It is overall best safety razor blade available on Amazon.     

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King C Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor 

Gillette’s safety razor blade is designed for edging sideburns and strong beard lines. The platinum in razor blades with precise accuracy provide additional strength, and the anti-friction coating delivers a smooth and close shave. It was the first razor available in the commercial markets in the early 1900s.

The razor features an iconic design inspired by Gillette’s heritage, for edging with utmost precision.


The closed comb head gives better control and minimizes the risks of nicks and cuts. The high-quality chrome-plated handle offers long-lasting durability.


It contains five packs of high-quality platinum-coated blades.


It is available on Amazon at $25.02.

Customer reviews: 

Approx 2000 customers who bought this product have reviewed it on Amazon. It has a great average rating of 4.4 stars.

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Feather safety razor blade

Feather has been selling superior quality shaving razor blades since 1932, approx over 80 years. Its has smooth and sharpest safety razor blades made in Japan having a comfortable design. They are of very high quality to provide a great shaving experience. It manufactures precise shaving razors suitable for each purpose. The perfectly ground and honed shaving edge provides a clean shave and reduces the frequency of shaving. The less you shave reduces irritation and red bumps on the skin.


They are composed of platinum-coated Japanese Hi stainless steel retaining their smoothness and providing a close shave. The blades can last on an average of 8 to 12 Shaves.


It contains fifty double edge razor blades.


It is available on Amazon at $19.25.

Customer reviews:

Approx 5700 customers who bought this product have reviewed it on Amazon. It has a fabulous average rating of 4.7 stars. It is a highly recommended product and suitable for those having sensitive skin.

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Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle

It provides the closest shave using inexpensive and standard double edge blades without causing multi-blade skin itching. It is durable and precise and contains a straight cut for a quick and effective shave. It is easy to use and is considered the perfect safety razor for beginners. This brand is well-known for high-quality products and competitive prices. A shorter handle is well-balanced and provides a better grip and greater control while shaving than longer handles.

Merkur makes a wide range of safety razors. You can find different models available on Amazon having varied features. 

Suggestions for use:

  • Apply lather.
  • Hold the Merkur razor at 30 degrees angle while shaving.
  • The weight of the razor will provide the grip while shaving.


 It features a short, impenetrable extra thick handle and a heavy head letting the razor do most of the work. It weighs 59 grams with 2*4*4 inches dimensions and available in silver color.


It is available on Amazon at $40.54.

Customer reviews:

Approx 5300 customers who bought this product have reviewed it on Amazon. It has an amazing average rating of 4.7 stars. More than 90% of the customers got highly satisfied with the product.

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Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

The razor made in England offers a very close and comfortable shave with a very low-cost blade replacement. The comfortable weight and balance provide a precise and clean shaving experience. The blade angle is ideal for beginner and experienced wet shavers using double edge razors. It is easy to use with a slight learning curve. There will not be nicks or cuts on the skin after shaving.

It comes with Edwin Jagger closed comb safety razor head for those who need wet shaving. The machine textured short handle gives more grip while allowing for increased flexibility and agility while adjusting the razor blade edge.


The two-part DE razor head is compatible with all standard Double edge safety razor blades and is delivered in Edwin Jagger packaging.


It contains a free pack of 5 blades, with instructions, traditional wet shaving advice, and product registration information.


It is available on Amazon at an affordable price of $ 26.66.

Customer reviews: 

Approx 13,500 customers who bought this product have reviewed it on Amazon. It has an excellent average rating of 4.5 stars. Customers highly recommend this product.

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Things to be considered before buying a safety razor

Handle Size:

It is a matter of personal choice, and you may consider buying one that offers comfort and a better grip while shaving. You will benefit from a heavier safety razor equipped with a longer handle if you have larger hands. If you use a safety razor with having a shorter handle, you might exert excess pressure causing razor burns and skin irritation.

Beginner v.s Experienced:

If you are new to a safety razor, choose a mild razor that is easy to use. To master the technique, go with the standard low-cost models specially designed for beginners.

Aggressiveness: Blade angle

Choose a mild razor that is less aggressive if you have less experience in using safety razors. Most of the razors have a fixed blade in which the exposure of the blade is already set. Merkur razors have adjustable blade angle by interchanging the base plates or turning a dial.


The razor’s weight varies from brand to brand and model to model. A beginner should prefer a heavy razor because it is stiffer and provides a better grip. You will have better control over the razor while shaving and feel comfortable. Also, The weight will put the razor to work instead of applying pressure.

Wrap Up

Safety razors deliver an exceptionally close and smooth shave because only one blade is in contact with the skin at a time. They are ideal for men having skin issues like razor bumps, redness, and itching.

You must be very cautious and maintain an optimum angle while shaving until you perfect the technique since the safety razor blades are extremely sharp.