Vintage Scuttles: What Are They? History And How to Use

Vintage Scuttles

Shaving is an essential part of most men’s routine. For this purpose, they adopted various ways and used different types of shaving cream and soap. Of Course, the smoothness of the shave depends upon the desired lather. However, shaving scuttles are also mostly available in men’s shaving accessories. It retains the warmth of lather that helps to give ease to the shave.

Shaving scuttles are the best alternative to shaving mugs that men use traditionally. A mug is not enough for wet shaving to produce the desired lather on the face. In many aspects, the shaving scuttles are the same as shaving mugs, but both are not the same.

There is a unique distinction between them. In this article, we discuss all vintage scuttles; what are they? And History of shaving scuttles. We also give step-by-step guidance on how to use it. So let’s start to discuss all shaving scuttles.

History of Vintage Shaving Scuttles

Now it’s time to know when the vintage scuttles came into existence? If we answer this question straightforwardly, it was invented when people realized that it was easy to shave wet with hot water. People produced warm lather simply by heating the water on a fire at an early age.

Then this hot water is added to shaving cream or soap to get desired lather. So, users only had a brush, metal bow, and mirror in their shaving accessories.

The requirement of temperature to warm up the water was not fixed. After this method, a new way was discovered for wet shaving purposes. In the 1880s, people used a reservoir consisting of shaving mugs. They are older than vintage scuttles.

In other words, we say that vintage scuttles are the new form of these shaving mugs. People use these scuttles traditionally. There are many varieties of these antique shaving scuttles available in the market.

You can purchase it at an affordable price and make your day with a wet, lathering, smooth shave. Many companies produce different brands, and there is no chance that these scuttles are going away. The user feels at ease in its use, and it is an excellent source of getting wet lather.

So in the winter morning, nothing can be better than this shaving scuttles when it is cold. No shaving accessories beat the experience of shaving scuttles for luxurious shaves.

Now you can clearly understand how scuttle is an improved form of shaving mug. It just has a separate portion to hold the warm water. It was widespread in use in the 18th and 19th centuries.

What Are The Vintage Shaving Scuttles?

The perfect lather plays a vital role in the shaving process. Suppose you don’t go with perfect lather, no matter how you spend on your shaving accessories. Vintage scuttles are the best choice for great, perfect shaving! Many people don’t know exactly what they are? If you are one of them, then here is the answer to your question.

The vintage shaving scuttles shape is the same as a teapot-style container. It warms the lather directly. It contains a spout designed in which warm water is held. The heat produced from this hot water is used to warm up the hand soap or cream placed at the top of these scuttles.

If we talk about the synthetic material of these scuttles, then you can find a wide variety of materials. Mostly these vintage scuttles are made with ceramics. You can also see the metal one on the market.

According to the trend, there were many flowers, horses, or any other art designed on the external surface of these vintage scuttles. Users find vintage scuttles convenient to warm up the water for a smooth and soft shave. These scuttles were very common in the early 19th century, but now their trend is dwindling. Now people have realized that hot water from the tap is sufficient to create and keep warm lather.

With time, many improvements have been made in the design of vintage scuttles. Its all parts are decorated well. These scuttles are still available in the market. So, it is a double-wall bowl made up of ceramic to keep the lather warm and utilize this lather more than once. As ceramics show the excellent thermal properties that keep the water warm. So vintage scuttles are the critical equipment for your shaving accessories, including:

  • Razor
  • Shaving brush
  • Shaving soap/ cream

In the design of some vintage scuttles, the bottom area has a wider opening that keeps your shaving brush warm and wet with the heat of hot water. So scuttles are an excellent choice in case of wet shaves, especially in cold weather. It is all about your choice; they are not essential if you don’t want them in your shaving accessories.

Step By Step Guidance About How To Use Vintage Scuttles

Many of you don’t know how to use these scuttles well at home. It requires some knowledge. So, here we mentioned some important points regarding its use.

1. Before You Are Going To Use It, Heat The The Scuttles And Other Equipment

The foremost step is to warm up the vintage scuttles using hot water. Keep in mind that water has not reached its boiling point. After this, put the brush in this hot water that softens the brush’s bristles. Now take the brush out and clean it with a towel to prevent any impurity.

2. Add Hot Water To the Inner Part of The Scuttles

You can easily clean your face with tepid water. So water temperature also plays a key role in smooth shaving. If you put it in boiling water, it may damage your brush bristles and scorch your face. So average water temperature is ideal in use that quickly softens the hairs and eliminates the impurities. Average water temperature can nourish your hair also.

3. Enclosed It With Cork To Keep Water Warm

Maintaining the shaving water temperature is also very important. So if you want to retain the water temperature constant, use the cork or any other thing to trap the heat in the inner compartment. This action stops the heat from being lost in the environment and keeps your lather warm and smooth.

4. Now Place The Soap/ Cream In The Chamber

After this water heating procedure, it’s time to create perfect lathering with soap or cream. Good quality organic soaps produce a long-lasting lather that is much better than other shaving materials. It also protects your skin from any information and red rashes.

So put soap then hot water produces lathering with rubbing it gently. If you use shaving cream, use a roughly fingertip amount to make a thick lather. A proper quantity of cream is compulsory to produce optimal foaming.

5. Now Move it in Round With Brush to Get Desired Lather

Now the last step is to whip the soap or cream with a shaving brush. With this round movement, the lather gets thicker. When You Achieve Your desired size, apply it to your face with your shaving brush.

Besides the above steps, there are many techniques for heating the scuttle, such as with the help of a coffee maker.

There Are Many Advantages of Using Vintage Shaving Scuttles

There are many advantages of using shaving scuttles. A few of them have been mentioned below.

  • A scuttles the luxury item in your shaving accessories that help to create and keep lather warm
  • They contain both foam and water at the same time in a single pot, makes them superior to shaving mugs and bowls
  • During winter, it is a good investment to purchase these vintage shaving scuttles due to their property to keep water hot

Is It Really Good To Buy Scuttles?

We hope the answer to this question is clear after reading the benefits mentioned above of vintage scuttles. Buying the best shaving scuttles is a good investment in your shaving accessories. If you desire warm lather during your shaving procedure, it is perfectly designed for you.

Wrap Up

Now you have clear in your mind the various things about vintage shaving scuttles. So it’s a perfect solution to your lather problems such as lather thickness, consistency, and many more! They are specially designed to keep the lather warm with moderately hot water.

We explained step by step how to use it well. If you are confused about purchasing scuttles or shaving mugs, then vintage shaving scuttles are the option to choose.

There is a clear distinction between this two shaving equipment. We always provide understandable articles for our readers. If you are still confused and have any questions, leave a comment below. We will try our best to clear your every point about these vintage shaving scuttles. If you want to get more knowledge about shaving items then stay tuned with us. Enjoy your shave with this luxury shaving item!