Fun Shaving Foam Christmas Activities

Fun shaving foam christmas activities

Looking for fun shaving foam Christmas activities to keep your kids busy this Christmas, but running out of ideas?

You have come to the right place. Sensory play is very important for small children to help them explore all their five senses and encourage motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language development, and much more.

Shaving foam is one of the most common sensory items used in sensory activities to engage s child’s senses in an enjoyable way, thanks to its fluffy and squishy texture.

It is also easy to clean and washes away quickly which is another bonus point. Shaving cream is extremely versatile and changes and reforms in the hand, allowing you to do tons of interesting shaving cream play activities. You can swirl it, add colors in it, build with it, draw and decorate with it and the list goes on.

If you are concerned about your kids swallowing the shaving cream, you can always use the whipped cream or a vegan alternative made with egg whites that whip up into shaving cream-like consistency as a substitute.

For those wondering about what activities can you do with shaving cream, we have rounded up some creative hands-on shaving cream activities to help make things easier for you.

Here is everything from shaving cream marbling, sensory table ideas to shaving cream Christmas crafts to keep your kids busy and entertained at home.


1.   Make Shaving Cream Cards

Shaving cream is an incredibly versatile ingredient great for crafty Christmas afternoons.

You can add different colors to the shaving foam and let the kids make beautiful greeting cards, and gift wraps with it. Load up a tray with shaving cream, add some food coloring in it and let the kids stir it with a popsicle to make colorful swirls.

Place the paper over the shaving cream and pat gently. Voila! Your kids will be super excited to see the pretty colors they had created and make their own shaving cream Christmas crafts with it.

2.   Shaving Foam Christmas Tree

This easy shaving cream Christmas craft is perfect for all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, or first-graders.

Shaving foam is a perfect ingredient to make a Christmas tree, wreath, stockings, and other fun Christmas items. Spray the shaving cream on the table in a triangle shape.

Smooth the triangle with scraper and drip colors on it. Let the kids swirl the colors with a paintbrush. You can also use colored batches of water beads. This cool shaving cream activity is sure to impress preschoolers and older kids alike. 

3.   Shaving Cream Clouds

This activity from the blog, One Little Project is extremely easy to put together and your kids are surely gonna love it. To make shaving cream clouds, fill a glass of water about one-third full and top it up with a generous amount of shaving cream.

Squeeze a diluted food dye over the foam with the help of an eyedropper close to the edges and that’s it, your DIY shaving cream clouds are ready. Your kids will have a lot of fun playing with different colors and mixing them together.

4.   Frozen Sensory Fun

This activity is taken from Learn Play Magazine and is completely safe for the children. Put some color and glitter in the water and freeze it.

Pop the frozen cubes in the tub of shaving foam and your kids will love to play with icy texture and color swirls melting into the shaving foam. This activity is brilliant for Summers as well.

5.   Shaving Cream Play Dough

This is another incredibly easy fun shaving cream activity that will have your kids playing for hours. This homemade shaving cream play dough just takes 3 simple ingredients to make; shaving cream, cornstarch, and food coloring.

Combine 1 cup of shaving cream with 2 cups of corn starch, and food coloring and knead it until it’s fully combined. Your shaving cream play dough is ready to play with!

6.   Shaving Cream Drawing

Here is another shaving cream Christmas crafts activity that your kids will love to play with. It is very quick to set up and doesn’t require many materials. Spread some shaving cream on a glass tabletop and let your kids draw in the fluffy goodness (animals, letters, shapes, and anything that comes into their minds).

Moreover, kids love the sensory experience of sinking their fingers into soft shaving foam. The best thing about shaving foam is that it’s easy to clean which makes it a low-to-no-mess way to keep your kids entertained on the busy Christmas day while you witness some interesting pieces of art.

7.   Shaving Foam Slime

Kids’ fascination with slime is never-ending, and this fluffy slime fun shaving foam Christmas activity is a must-try.

The texture of the slime is fun to play with and kids just love squishing and stretching it. It is just like a regular slime you can make with shaving cream craft glue and contact lens solution.

If you have older children, let them do it o their own, but always supervise. Use the slime to create circles, shapes, search for hidden items in the lime or make a scented lime to add some sensory input.

Not only it will keep them engaged for a long time but also give them a mindful learning aspect of the polymer as they see the slime transforming.

8.   Shaving Cream Cake Decoration

This simple but genius shaving cream will have some extra twist on your shaving foam play activities.

If your kids love doing crafts, let them decorate their own shaving foam cake and create silly and sweet-looking masterpieces. Take a cardboard box or an upturned bowl and cover it with shaving foam completely.

Take some extra foam, add different colors, and put it into piping bags. Let your kids decorate the cake with colorful foams, sprinkles, and other colorful items.

9.   Create Shaving Cream Puffy Paint Snowman

Celebrate the Christmas theme with a puffy painted snowman out of shaving cream. This is one of those Shaving cream activities, that requires a minimum number of ingredients, and kids of all ages will love it equally.

You just need to mix equal parts of shaving cream and glue in a bowl. Outline a snowman and let your tot paint it with a mixture of shaving foam and glue.

The puffy paint has a wonderful thick texture which is super fun to play with. Add eyes, nose, mouth, and other parts of the snowman with the help of paper scraps.   

10. Color Mixing Sensory Bags

For those looking for less messy fun shaving foam Christmas activities, this one is specially made for you. Take a Ziplock bag and pop some different colors in the corners.

Then add the shaving foam and seal the bag tightly and let your little one squish it until the colors are fully mixed. It is a great color recognition and calming sensory activity perfect for babies and toddlers who don’t want really like to have paint all over their hands and clothes.

As for you, this sensory bag shaving cream activity requires no clean-up after play.

11.    Letter Finding

We know that kids don’t like doing educational activities, especially on Christmas day. But this is one of the few learning shaving cream activities, that your kids will actually want to do.

Take a Bowl full of shaving foam and hide your scrabble letter in it. Ask your kids to find the letters from the foam and have made their names and match the letters they find.

This fun letter recognition activity is easiest to set up without creating any mess. 

12.    Shaving Cream Snow

If you don’t live in a snowy place and your kids are feeling envious of the snow, make your own homemade snow with shaving foam.

This simple yet fun shaving foam Christmas activity will provide hours of entertainment and kids will love getting to touch and feel the snow without getting cold. For this recipe, you simply need shaving cream and baking in equal amounts.

Mix them together and you’ll see the consistency turning into a snow-like texture. Add more soda as needed to get the texture you want. Squish the snow around or let the kids do it because it’s more fun.

13.    Sensory Play to build up Motor Skills

Shaving cream play activities don’t always have to involve food dyes, glues, and puffy paints.

There are tons of sensory play activities you can do with shaving foam that focuses on the five senses of the child; touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing and can be crucial for a child’s overall development.

Fill a tray with shaving foam and put 2-3 different colors in it. Let the kids mix it with their hands to form a new color.

Fun Shaving Foam Christmas Activities – Takeaway

Sensory play allows children to manipulate and mold materials, process information with their senses, and build up their fine motor skills and coordination.

Shaving cream provides endless opportunities for children to play and discover through sensory exploration.

The sensory play offers the kids an opportunity for self-expression, as they can experiment with things to their heart’s content.

I hope this article has cleared your confusion regarding the fun shaving foam Christmas activities you can do at home to help the time pass and make some wonderful memories.