How to Grow Beard Faster and Thicker Naturally

While growing a thick beard may seem quite easy, it is a bit challenging for most of the men out there. When their beard reaches a certain point, the itchiness increases to the extent that they feel the need to trim it even if they don’t want to. If you are one of them and want to know the answer for how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally, I have it covered for you.

The itchiness is not the only problem that men face. Sometimes, poor diet and improper skin care techniques also lead to thin and weak facial hair. Therefore, having questions like what is the fastest way to grow beard naturally and how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally at home is justifiable. This article will cover everything important related to these questions.

What affects Beard Growth?

Before moving to how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally and how a teenager can grow a beard faster, let’s just look into the factors that affect beard growth. Many factors make an influence on thick and natural beard growth, and they are covered here:

1. Skin Care

While different skin types have different needs and skincare requirements, some things are essential for all skin types. Keeping skin moisturized and using healthy and full of nutrients, skin care products used on the skin will grow thick and natural beard more efficiently as compared to dry or cracked skin.

2. Genetics

One of the major things that the growth of your hair follicle depends on is your genes. So just in case if anyone from your maternal or paternal relations had difficulty growing a beard, there are chances that you’ll also have the same problem. If not, consider yourself lucky!

3. Stress issues

If you think stress doesn’t affect your beard hair growth, let me break it to you, it sure does! Stress interrupts the flow of nutrients and various vitamins to your hair follicles, and as a result, it reduces the hair growth to a considerable extent.

4. Different Genetic Conditions

Different genetic conditions affect beard growth too and cause loads of build-up on the pores. These conditions also result in decreasing the level of hormones like testosterone that are responsible for inhibiting the hair growth.     

How long can a beard take to grow?

Here’s the overview of the hair growth cycle:

  • The first phase of the beard hair growth is the Anagen phase, during which the growth of bread is around half an inch per month. In this phase, the beard keeps growing for around three to four years, even when you decide to cut it.
  • The second phase is called the Catagen phase, during which the hair keeps growing, but the hair follicle shrivels up. This phase lasts only two weeks.
  • The final phase is the Telogen phase, during which the hair follicle remains dormant for few months, and then it starts the regrowth again. In the Telogen phase, the hair follicle begins growing a new one while pushing out the old hair.

How to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally?

If you are looking to get an answer for “how can I speed up beard growth” and “how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally,” here are some tips you can follow to get your queries cleared.

1. Pay attention to exercise

While there is no research that suggests that exercise directly affects the beard growth, however, high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is known for boosting up testosterone levels. This, in turn, may result in increasing the beard growth.

2. Quit Smoking:

If you are smoking this and are still looking for the answers to how can a teenager grow beard faster, here is your answer, quit smoking. There are various chemicals that are there in tobacco of the smoke that may cause some DNA changes and inflammation, causing damage to the blood vessels that are necessary for the nourishment of hair follicles.

Quitting smoking will help in increasing the beard growth by reducing inflammation and blood vessel damage. Quitting can seem a bit difficult, but some therapy sessions with doctors can help you out in this. Now you know the answer to your query, “how can I speed up beard growth?” Quit Smoking!

3. Have a Proper Diet

Having some vitamins may help in making the follicles active that have stopped re-growing. Plenty of vitamin D may help your beard grow to a considerable extent, and the rich sources of vitamin D are eggs, fish, and plant-based milk. Vitamins B may also help in the beard hair growth. Biotin in the bread and nuts and B12 in meat and fish can also help you out. How to grow beard on cheeks is not so difficult, as you can just indulge in a proper diet routine.

4. Wash and Moisturize your Skin

If you keep your skin moist and clean, there are more chances for a proper beard hair growth. Make sure to use a gentle or natural soap to wash your face and then moisturize your skin with oil or lotion-like coconut oil or castor oil after you’re done washing. This routine will keep your skin fresh and healthy along with boosting the beard hair growth.

5. Improve Quality of Your Sleep

Having a lack of sleep can considerably decrease the number of testosterone that your body naturally produces. This, as a result, can affect the hair growth and can reduce it. Therefore how to grow beard on cheeks is no more complicated as it can easily be done by scheduling your sleep routine properly is also important.

6. Consider Micro-needling

While the name may seem like a huge procedure, it is not. Microneedling is a small process where several tiny holes are poked on your face using very small needles. This process is known for increasing the blood flow to the follicles. This, as a result, increases the beard hair growth with good hair health. a

Tips to increase Bear Growth at Home

Now that you know how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally, if you are looking for tips to help you answer your query of how to grow beard faster and thicker at home, this portion has it covered for you all. Here are the easiest tips you can follow to grow beard faster and thicker at home:

1. Follow an exercise routine

If going to the gym is what you can not fit into your routine, you can definitely opt for some exercises that you can easily follow while staying at home. Dance, running, cycling, and some cardio workouts; watching YouTube videos can surely help your beard grow thicker and faster. This is because all these workouts are known to improve the testosterone levels, and this in return promotes healthy follicles and hair growth.

2. Start Taking Care of your Skin

If your skin is healthy, there are chances that the beard growing on your skin will be healthy and thick. Therefore, you need to invest in a good moisturizer that guarantees to keep your skin healthy and moisturized all the time.

Additionally, washing and cleaning your skin will also help in improving the circulation of your facial skin, remove dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin and open up the pores of your skin that are necessary for the proper growth of your beard.

3. Get Proper Rest

This is the easiest and the best thing you can do while staying at home. To increase your testosterone levels, you simply need to have proper rest and the right amount of sleep. If you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, this will significantly increase the testosterone levels of your body and help in improving hair growth. So now your worry of “what is the fastest way to grow beard naturally” is vanished, I hope.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

Having greater stress levels will seriously impact the testosterone levels in your body. If you want to work on your stress while staying at home, meditation is the best thing you can indulge yourself in. Start meditation, and you will be amazed at how your hair growth has improved with time because meditation works like magic when it comes to reducing stress levels.

5. Take proper diet and supplements

Increasing hair growth can significantly be affected by taking a proper diet and supplements with your doctor’s advice. Vitamin E, D, B, copper, zinc, magnesium all play a vital role in growing thicker beard hair. Incorporating all these essentials in your diet through supplements or foods can have a positive impact on the growth of your beard, and you will see a thick and grown beard with time.

6. Trim your beard with time

While trimming may seem like cutting your beard short, however, it significantly improves your beard’s volume and entire look. If you are considering trim your beard before four weeks of period, consider going to a professional barber. After that, your beard will have proper growth and volume, and you can handle it on your own. You can trim your hair two to three times a week to improve the growth and volume of your beard.

7. Apply Beard Oil often

Now that you are looking for answers for how to grow beard faster and thicker at home, you must know how essential it is to invest in the best beard oil and apply it regularly to your beard. This beard oil will not only moisturize your beard but also the skin beneath it while preventing dandruff and itching from occurring in all means. This, as a result, improves the health of your skin and beard considerably.

8. Try to Stay Hydrated at all times

Drinking enough water on a regular basis will help flush out the toxins that are present in your body. This will make your skin hydrated and healthier, which means the growth of a healthier and thicker beard.

The concern of lack of beard growth

I acknowledge that your concern about lack of beard growth is surely rising questions like how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally and what is the fastest way to grow beard. However, it is important to know that the hair growth, either on your scalp or beard is subject to various changes in the health.

While you may not want to hear it or get this checked, but there are several medical conditions that can seriously inhibit your beard hair growth. Therefore I advise that if you’ve tried all the ways that can help in beard growth improvement and see no changes, consider contacting a doctor that will surely help you out with it.

How to grow beard faster and thicker naturally – Conclusion

While growing up, all the boys dream of having a proper beard that will complete their entire look and make them look charming and graceful. However, for some reason, they may face improper beard growth, which is either quite slow or unnoticeable. This is when the concerns like “how can a teenager grow beard faster” and “how can I speed up beard growth” pop up!

While there may be certain products that can help your beard grow faster, however, the chemicals in them may not be suitable for everyone out there. This is why preferring to go for ways that are not only natural procedures but also help in faster and thicker beard hair growth are considered to be better options.

To ease them out for you, this article covered everything from “how to grow beard faster and thicker naturally” to “what is the fastest way to grow beard naturally” for you to shoo away all your worries. However, if you try everything within your means and are still unable to grow the beard properly, I advise that you have a visit to your doctor and discuss the causes that may be slowing down your beard hair growth.