How to Prevent Acne After Shaving With Electric Razor?

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Beard is one of the many things which ends our teenage period and acne. But adult acne or acne after shaving is a significant concern for a lot of people.

If you are using an electric razor and worry about your acne, then keep in mind that electric razor does not always cause acne; however, it makes small nicks, leading to acne sometimes. But once your skin gets used to it and you get the hang of the technique, it’s a piece of cake. Here are some tips on how to prevent acne after shaving with an electric razor.

Causes of Acne

Acne is usually caused by dirt, dead skin cells, and oil on our faces. It can happen to anyone of any age. Sometimes an incorrect way of shaving can cause razor burns, which can often lead to acne.

However, electric razors can cause acne if you have sensitive skin.

How to Prevent Acne After Shaving with Electric Razor?

There are few steps to go over before shaving to prevent acne after shaving face:
Prepare your skin is the first thing to do. By prepare, it means warm the targeted area using a warm towel, which will soften the area for a better shave.

High-quality electric razor blade should be your primary focus: they will provide a better, closer shave, and they will also last longer than cheaper ones. Some companies offer a dry and wet option for shaving.

Be gentle with your skin; do not rush with the shaving. Shaving is one of the things which requires patience and time. By not rushing, you can avoid nicks while shaving over acne.

Now, if you want to prevent breaking out after shaving face and irritation, you should keep your razor clean and anti-bacterial. Also, make sure your electric razor’s blades aren’t dull or rusted.

Always shave in one direction from top to bottom; shaving in two directions can wound the skin, which can lead to acne or skin burns.

On top of that, make sure you don’t shave an area multiple times after shaving makes sure to use a clean towel to clean and dry the shaved area. Aftershave products are also must-have after shaving to prevent bacterial infection.

Can Shaving Your Face Help With Acne?

Shaving your face might not help with acne. It depends on your type of skin, etc. Most of the adults have acne prone skin and wonder, “How do I shave my acne prone skin?” and avoid the pain. The answer is straightforward; it’s a technique you have to learn. Once you have perfected the method, it will be a walk in the park.

Rule 1: Follow the direction of your hair.

Rule 2: Shave downward on your face.

Rule 3: Shave upward on your neck area.

Now when you go against the direction of your hair, it leaves pointed tips which can cause razor burns, ingrown hairs, and more acne. However, you should pick the product that provides extra protection.

Once your skin is lubed up nicely, you can follow the rules to shave your acne-prone skin. If your skin is not lubed up enough, it might cause irritation and redness, which can later become the problem for acne-prone skin.

Before-shaving and After-shaving products

These products can protect your skin from acne, skin burn, etc. Just like care and essential steps to follow, these products will be an answer to your question of how to prevent acne after shaving with electric razors.

Before-shaving products put a barrier between your skin and razor. Once your skin is warm enough, apply shaving cream or pre-shave oil, which will make the razor blade go smoothly on your skin while cutting the hairs to prevent skin irritation and razor burns.

Wet Shaving With Electric Razor Can Reduce Skin Acne

Wet shaving with an electric razor might reduce skin acne. Here’s how:

1. At the start of shaving

At first, wash your face and neck with face wash and use a warm towel to clean your face from dirt and oil.

Warm water will not only clean your face better, but it will also straighten and smooth your hair for a shave.

2. Shaving cream according to your skin type

You cannot just go to a store and buy any shaving cream. It’s in your benefit to know your skin type and buy the product accordingly to get better results. For acne-prone skin, you will need extra protective shaving cream.

What shaving cream does is make your skin and hair smoother and softer. It also adds a protective layer between your skin and an electric razor blade to protect your skin from cuts and skin burns.

Shaving cream also helps for acne skin, which is more likely to get cut and get damage during shaving.

3. Wet shaving is different than traditional shaving

In wet shaving, you do not need too much lather; otherwise, you might end up with unwanted results. Too much lather will not give you a very close shave you require.

Make sure the lather is thin; you do not need a thick lather for wet shaving if you want it done faster and quicker than the best way is to use hand lathering without a brush.

It might sound crazy or not true, but you have to trust me on this fact.

The rest of the part is straightforward; just stay relax and give it the proper time. Do not rush or settle for less. By following these simple methods, you can have the answer of how to prevent acne after shaving with electric razors.


Shaving is all about the proper steps to get better results. If you take proper measures, it might help you with your acne problem. Just like preparing yourself before dinner or date, it is necessary to prepare your skin for shaving.

Understand your skin type and how to use an electric razor, and you will learn how to prevent acne after shaving with electric razors.