Explained: Should You Shave Every Day?

Should You Shave Every Day

One of the most discussed topics in grooming is, how often should we shave? Every day, every other day, or once a week?  This discussion has been talked about for years and, honestly, the answer is really up to you.

Some believe that shaving daily can damage the skin, and some say doing it every day has its benefits.  But really, it depends on the person’s skin.  If you have a highly sensitive skin that reacts easily then you should not shave every day.

Benefits of shaving daily:

If you have less hair, daily shaving may be able to help.  Although there has been no scientific explanation about how hair grows faster with every day shaving, people say that is so.  The more frequent you shave the faster and thicker it grows back.

On the other hand, if you are one who has a lot of hair then shaving every day is a big help.  Daily shaving will give your face a much cleaner appearance and a better look.  Also, people with thick facial hair are more prone to acne because of sebum and sweat.

Shaving scrubs away excess skin, this helps remove dead skin cells created on the surface of the epidermis.  This shedding process happens to both men and women.  If not scraped away, the debris can lead to acne as well.  So with regular shaving, you clean out these dead skins and keep your face healthy.

Shaving with the help of skin products like foaming creams have anti-bacterial chemicals that ensures the skin is free of fungal or other infections.

Regular shaving will keep you looking young and fresh, and will make you appear more energetic without the facial hair.

Daily shaving will prevent razor bumps, and will also prevent ingrown hair development. 

Tips for shaving:

Don’t share razors; you do not want other people’s bacteria on you.

Hydrate your skin; use shaving gel or cream, even water will give you a smoother shave experience.

Exfoliate before shaving; using skin scrubs or nylon washcloths will help in getting dead skin cells off the skin thus, giving you a smoother surface to shave on.

Don’t shave over your cuts, sores or rash; this will make the healing process take much longer if you do.

Shave in the direction where the hair grows; this minimizes irritation.

Should you shave every day with a safety razor?

The answer is yes, you can. 

It all comes down to the quality your razor though.  If a razor can give you a proper shave each and every time then it should do be able to give you a quality shave every day.

With safety razors, you will get a better shave with lesser irritation and few razor bumps.  Not to mention, fewer ingrown hairs.

You save money in the long run; all you need is to purchase replacement blades and you are good to go.

Safety razors are safer for the environment; unlike the disposable razor that you throw away after a few uses, safety razors can last a lifetime and every part of it can be recycled.

Should you shave your legs and armpits every day?

First of all, there isn’t really a rule set for how often you should shave your legs and armpits.  It simply depends on the person about how they prefer their legs and armpits to be.  There is no right and wrong answer, it is whatever you prefer.

Dermatologists say that you don’t really need to shave every day, but if it’s what you want then, by all means!  There is no danger from daily shaving except for minor irritation to your hair follicles that may cause razor bumps.  However, with the help of shaving cream and proper razor sharpness then you should not have any issues at all.

Also, the warmer the water you use for shaving, the better.  Warm water softens hair and it opens up your skin pores, making your skin slicker and making it easier to shave.  Dry skin surfaces can catch the blade and irritate the skin.

Should you shave your head every day?

If you want your head smoothly shaven all the time or if your hair grows really fast then you can shave your head every day.  Just remember to moisturize afterwards to avoid dryness and skin peeling.

You can always go every other day if you like or even go three times a week.  There is no wrong option; it is all up to you.

You just have to experiment so you can determine what is right for you; it is your choice on the matter.  How smooth do you want your head to be? Is your skin sensitive? Determine these factors and you can figure out how often you will want to shave your head. People usually shave their heads as often as shaving their faces.

Should you shave your pubes every day?

Removal of pubic hair is a personal choice.  Some just trim it, or head out to a salon and have it waxed.  Most people just want to leave it alone, while others just want to shave it off every day. 

Some people say that shaving pubic hair is a lot of work because hair usually grows back really fast.  At the same time, the shaven area will start feeling itchy because the skin gets very sensitive.

Shaving does not make hair grow thicker, but a lot of people think it does.  But if you want to keep your private area hairless and smooth all the time, you can shave it every day.  You just need to invest in the proper tools like scissors, razor, shaving cream and gel.  It is important to use clean tools to avoid infection.

Also, shaving your private parts is not expensive at all.  You can do it yourself (of course!)  Just go very slow, shave in the direction the hair grows, change razor blades often, and use shaving cream to protect from irritation and cuts.


In conclusion, shaving every day is a personal preference for many people. There are two main reasons why people choose to shave daily: they don’t like how it feels, and they want to wear shorts, swimsuits, or other outfits that would reveal their hair. Other benefits of shaving daily include smelling good, being more comfortable in clothes, and feeling confident.