Can You Use Beard Oil on Mustache?

Can you use beard oil on mustache

Well-grown beards and mustaches are a source of pride for us men. For some, it’s rather easy to grow a manly beard, yet for some, it’s one of the hardest tasks. Although there’s much speculation that it’s all due to genetics – maybe that’s not so.

In today’s article, I’ll be covering a few tips on how you can grow a spectacular mustache and impress anyone. More importantly, I’d answer the question, “can you use beard oil on a mustache?” and put a period to this discussion once and for all.

So, Is Beard Oil Good for Mustache?

Beard oilcan help you turn your looks around – from an unmanaged mass of lousy hair to something everyone around you would love. But again, can you use beard oil on a mustache? Well, – you really can.

can beard oil be used on mustache

Grooming kits are really great at helping you manage your manly self. I don’t know about you – but I love myself a good kit, and there’s everything from essential oils to the smallest scissor in there. So, this cosmetic oil is relatively great at helping you manage your mustache as well.

Scratch that – not only will it help you manage your mustache – but you’ll also feel a healthier and fuller beard and mustache. The only catch here is; the oil should be a darn good one with loads of healthy ingredients that can help your beard shine.

There’s more to it – if you’d like to smell heavenly, you can apply the oil to your mustache. Be it a citrusy smell or a more masculine one; scented oils are great at helping you smell great as well. But how does it all work? What mystical ingredients are in a mustache oil that they’re so great? Let’s have a look!

What does Mustache Oil Do?

Your body hair invites dirt from all over your surroundings. It’s all clogged up in your hair, block your follicles, and cause you pain – and acne, in the worst of cases. So, can you use beard oil on mustache to avoid this? Definitely!

It’s because these oils are a blend of “oils” themselves. Yes – beard oils try to be as close as they can to the oils our skins produce naturally. Coconut oil and grapeseed oils are some of those which are used a lot in making beard oils.

There are two main types of oils – carrier oils and essentials oils. Essential oils are directly extracted from plants, and it’s quite strong in its nature. This actually makes it unusable for the skin – not directly at least. That’s where carrier oils come in and help your skin absorb the benefits of essential oils without the burns!

So, what does mustache oil do? It’s a great way for you to get an intake of essential vitamins for the skin, fix a patchy beard, get rid of acne, and so much more. It’s all because of this list of ingredients which make these as good as they are:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Hempseed oil
  3. Argan oil
  4. Jojoba oil
  5. Grapeseed oil

And so many more. But hey – I won’t be leaving you here to find some good oils for your mustache and beard yourself. Let’s give some of those oils a look next!

Which Oil is Best for Beard and Mustache?

You’d be surprised how easily beard oils are available. Be it your local store or an online store like Amazon – there are going to be dozens of options for you to choose from. But before I move on to which oil is best for beard and mustaches alike, you might want to have a look at “what” you’re looking for.

What I mean by that is – what should these oils have that should make you go “Yes! This is it!”. I’ve made this short list of things you should be looking for in beard oils:

  1. Premium-graded hydrating oils
  2. Natural and organic ingredients
  3. Last longer than usual oils
  4. Available in a reasonable quantity (these bad boys run out really quickly!)
  5. Scented or not

With this list in your hand, it’s time to assess some of the fabulous beard oils on Amazon. Here’s it:

  1. Northern Fir Beard Oil – All-Natural Leaves with Oils
  2. Bossman Beard Oil – Beard Softener
  3. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil
  4. Beard Farmer’s Beard Growth Oil
  5. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner

So, which oil is best for beard and mustache? All of these actually – give this list a look and whichever you like – that’s the one for you!

But can you use beard oil on mustache without any side effects? Can it hurt your skin by any chance? Let’s have a short discussion on that.

Does Beard Oil Have Any Side Effects?

So, are there any short-term side effects of beard oil? No, there aren’t. But, can the same be said for long-term usage? That depends on your beard oil and the ingredients it has. If you have an allergy or a medical condition, that would be an issue as well.

You might be wondering:

Can you use beard oil on mustache if the oil isn’t suitable for your skin? Or is beard oil bad for your skin?

Well, you really shouldn’t, and no, it isn’t. Make sure you go through the ingredient list, and if your skin type isn’t okay for the ingredients in oils, you skip it. Essential oils can be quite volatile, and they can turn quite bad if not stored properly.

One other side effect might be because of the inclusion of citrus oils in these beard oils. The oil can make your skin a little more sensitive to UV light, which is clearly a bad thing. The light can severely damage your skin when outside for a prolonged period of time under heat.