How to Use a Shaving Soap Bowl

How to use a shaving soap bowl

Use of shaving soap is a classic example of real men’s grooming essentials that are eclipsed by the modern-day pressurized canned alternatives which come in with an extra convenience but are actually not the best substitutes. The trick to successful shaving is knowing how to use a shaving soap bowl.

Nowadays, you will find modern-day alternatives everywhere in the market. Bar soaps are being substituted by body wash and liquid hand wash. If you look deeply, the only difference that you will find between bar soap and liquid hand wash is the added water, stabilizers, and some chemicals.

Whether you shave before or after the shower, doesn’t matter. The classic orthodox methods of shaving by using shaving soap with a shaving bowl always brings the best shaving experience. That’s the reason why still many men remain stick to using shaving soaps despite available brisk means of shaving.

Before we begin, you need to realize that the key process that improves your shaving experience is the lather formation. Whether you are using a shaving soap or a shaving cream, you need a shaving bowl! I will guide you, “how to use a shaving soap bowl?” In case you are using shaving cream. “Do you need a bowl for shaving cream?”

Go through this article if you want to enjoy the best ever shaving experience.

What’s a Shaving Soap?

Shaving soaps are in use since the 14th century. Later, soon after world war-I, shaving creams were introduced. Until today, shavers who relish the orthodox aspects of shaving experience are using shaving soaps. A Shaving Soap is a thick and dense soap used to form lather with the help of a shaving brush in a shaving soap bowl.

Shaving Soaps are good choices as they provide you a good shaving experience. Shaving Soaps are very economical and easy to use but its usage requires a proper method.

What’s a Shaving Cream?

Shaving creams bring in ease of use and convenience. Well like shaving soap, it is not necessary to lather shaving cream in a bowl but it’s a better choice to form lather with the help of a shaving brush and preferably in the shaving bowl.

Shaving creams consist of oil emulsions, surfactants, and water. To keep the cream lather moisturized, they also contain humectants that give softer consistency.

What’s a Shaving Bowl?

Shaving bowls are usually made up of ceramic, wood, plastic, and metal. The most common type of shaving bowl is simply a bowl used to store your shaving soap and to form a lather. They look stylish and have varied shapes to suit your preferences and choices but you should know how to use a shaving soap bowl.

There is another type known as Shaving Scuttles. Shaving Scuttle is a dual walled ceramic bowl that gives an added advantage to keep the soap lather warm. It is used by filling the bottom bowl with hot water and then building a thick soap or cream lather in the upper bowl.

There is one more alternative to the shaving bowl, a shaving mug. Now you will be thinking how to lather shaving soap in a mug? Actually, all the shaving mugs are a bit wider as in comparison to normal mugs, thus providing room for the shaving brush to swirl around without being trammeled.

How to use a Shaving Soap Bowl

Most shaving creams and soaps lather really well in a shaving bowl, which is then applied to the face. This is one of the most convenient and common methods for creating lather and much easier to use. Yes, this is true but it depends primarily on how do you use a shaving bowl.  If you want to be able to have greater control over the lather formation, then learn how to use a shaving soap bowl.

Here you have to carefully follow all the steps in order to get the best out of your shaving bowls.

  1. Clean your shaving bowl by using water.
  2. Clean your shaving brush thoroughly with water and gently flick off extra excess.
  3. Fill warm water in the shaving bowl and place the shaving brush in it.
  4. Let the brush fully soak and wait a few minutes until the brush is fully saturated.
  5. When the brush is fully soaked and wet, empty the bowl and refill the bowl with hot water.
  6. Remove the excess water (if required) from the bowl and load the shaving brush with your shaving cream or shaving soap (depending on your preferences).
  7. Now hold the shaving bowl at an angle. Remember not to fully fill the shaving bowl as it may spill hot water on your hands.
  8. After tilting the shaving bowl at an angle, swirl your brush on the bottom of the bowl and start building the lather.
  9. Keep building up the lather, and if you notice any dryness in the lather, then you can add few droplets of water using your fingertips to make the lather a soft and rich consistency.
  10. But if you noticed any bubbles, it means you have added too much water. Thanks to the shaving bowls.

You can correct your mistake right away. Continue whipping the lather using the shaving brush and wait until the bubbles disappear.

There you go! your lather is ready. The rich, soft, and smooth lather is the main catalyst for a close and comfortable shaving experience. The quality of the lather you have produced just now is going to make your shaving experience exceptional.

One more thing! Don’t forget that a good shaving experience is the combination of best quality shaving razors, shaving soaps or creams, shaving brush, and lather forming.

Why you should use a Shaving Bowl?

Some of the pros of using a shaving soap bowl are as follows

  1. On the basis of the amount of water added a shaving bowl gives you control over the richness of lather you prefer.
  2. It helps prevent the mess.
  3. It gives your brush a rest space in between the pauses.
  4. You only create the lather once and you are good to go, you don’t have to repeat the process.
  5. A quick rinse to your bowl at the end is enough to clean it.

Hope you have learned about the shaving bowl, its benefits, and use.

Happy Shaving!