Shaving Cream Vs Shaving Soap: Which is Best?

The option of selecting the best shaving cream or shaving soap depends upon your skin type. It isn’t easy to make a choice between shaving cream and shaving soap. Some people think that both do the same job. They give softness with a gentle and smooth shave.

However, the main task is to understand their difference and choose the right one for your skin. The basic shaving technique remains the same, whatever the shaving product used, such as brush, soap, razor, and cream etc. Firstly take a bath, then shave your skin.

This is because when you take a shower, the pores of the skin are opened, which will make the movement of soap/cream easy across the skin. It will give a comfortable and smooth shave. Those who start for the first time may think that it is a little bit of a difficult task.

This article aims to clarify the difference between the two. After reading this blog post, we hope you make a decision very easily. The key difference between shaving cream and soap is their thickness.

What is Shaving Cream?

It is applied to the skin for the ease of removal of hair from the face. Some people use shaving cream for shaving preparation rather than other time taking shaving products. It is one type of cosmetic. The main purpose of it is to cushion the hair of the skin by providing lubrication.

It is normally a softened inconsistency. Different types of shaving cream are available in the market. Some of them are lathering shaving cream, aerosol shaving cream etc. The basic ingredients include a mixture of oil, water and glycerin. At the same time, lather shaving creams have a hygroscopic substance to reduce the loss of moisture.

Shaving creams in tubes used the brush to produce a rich lather. Latherless shaving cream does not contain this substance, so don’t form thick lather and foam. It leaves the skin with a little layer of oil. Some other wetting agents are used to improve the softening of the beard.

Criteria of purchasing shaving cream

Keep in mind the following criteria before buying shaving cream.

  • It should be non-corrosive
  • The small quantity of cream produces the desired lather
  • The viscosity of cream does not vary with temperature

What is Shaving Soap?

Old fashioned shaving soaps have been rising again into life for the last few years. Shaving soap is also a cosmetic used for shaving preparation. It is a hard soap that produces white bubbles with a shaving brush. These soapy bubbles are coated on the face to soften the hair during shaving.

It produces thick and strong leather. Its texture is harder than cream and needs little energy to pick up the brush. Its lubricating layer is more vigorous than creams. The basic ingredients of shaving soap are water, muriatic acid, sodium hydroxide, and glycerin. In some traditional shaving, soap triglycerides have been a popular ingredient.

Criteria of purchasing shaving soaps

Remember the following points before buying shaving soaps.

  • It should contain a high level of fat such as tallow
  • It should produce a distinctive smell
  • Sensitive skin people avoid fragrance because it can irritate your skin

The desired lathering depends upon the tool used in shaving products such as brushes. You can use any brush that is soft for your skin. The brush is also stiffer enough to beat the cream to form lather

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream

What is the difference:

Shaving Cream

  • Consistency is the key difference between shaving cream and soap. It is softer and easily put in a pot for bubbling.
  • It takes less time for lather and is more hydrated than soaps
  • Beginner shavers can use it because of its ease of lather. When you are at initial stage and do shave the first time, then shaving cream is the best choice to take start
  • Taking any soft brush that can easily create bubbles on a cream
  • It tends to have more moisture
  • Effortless to apply, especially when you are in a rush condition

Basic ingredients found in shaving cream are listed below:

  • It contains an organic fatty acid, typically known as myristic acid. This helps to speed up the lathering process with water. All other substances are also evenly distributed. In contrast, this is not available in large concentrations in soaps
  • Shaving cream also consists of a phenolic compound named methylchloroisothiazolinone. This compound act as an antibacterial agent that prevents skin from fungal infection

Shaving Soaps

  • In contrast, cream soaps are not softer but tend to be hard.
  • They are triple-milled
  • It takes more time and energy for lathering
  • Many traditional soaps contain an animal ingredient name tallow that is used for the property of moisturization
  • Soaps give a uniform fragrance that feels you a fresh and smooth shave
  • In soaps, you will add water gradually until you get the correct appearance
  • The resulted texture should be thick and smooth

Some of the ingredients of shaving soaps are listed below:

  • It consists of jojoba oil which is obtained from jojoba seeds. Its function and structure are the same as sebum which is the naturally found oil.
  • People having dry skin problems use it. It keeps the skin very flexible and moisturizes it
  • Another important substance in shaving soap is shea butter. This component is taken from the African shea tree. It mostly contains triterpene alcohol that acts as a shelter against Ultraviolet rays. It is also very useful to maintain the moisturize and skin fastly returns to its hydrated state
  • Traditional soaps consist of cattle derived fatty acid named tallow. Once the water has been added, this substance helps make the slickness lather.

Here are some common components in shaving soap and cream to increase certain characteristics. You will find glycerin, bentonite clay that leads to hydration and makes skin nourished. Both cream and soap can be beaten with a quality brush.

  • Both contain sodium or potassium hydroxide. This component is the base of shaving soap and cream. The consistency of both cream and soap depends upon sodium hydroxide. However, in shaving creams, its concentration is lesser
  • Stearic acid will help the lather to flow and move easily. It is an important ingredient in the soap making process. It is an organic triglyceride combined with another component to form cream/soap
  • Water is the crucial element in both of these. It helps to dissolve many other components of shaving cream and soap. Water has incredible emulsifying properties, so the final consistency of the product depends upon this universal solvent
  • Glycerin is also an extra addition to cream and soap. Glycerin shows great humectant properties that keep the water very well. The stability of soap/cream bubbles also depends on it.

Furthermore, no unnecessary ingredients are found in them.

Pros of shaving cream

1. Does Not Need Extra pieces of equipment

One of the benefits of using shaving cream is that it does not require extra equipment.

2. Its Processing is Easy

It is a very fast and easy to apply than other shaving products

3. It Contains Natural Substance

Most shaving creams usually consist of natural ingredients. These components make your skin hydrated and nourished

4. It Require Small Amount

A small amount makes a big difference on your skin. So little quantity is enough for long term

5. It is Lighter Than Soap

Cream produces the white mass of bubbles very easily due to its lighter weight. It is also more suitable for those men who have sensitive skin.

Cons of Shaving Creams

1. It is Harder to Find

It can not be easy to find.

2. It is Expensive

Shaving creams consist of natural ingredients, so it is a little bit more expensive than other shaving products.

Pros of Shaving Soaps

1. It Increased Hydration

One of the unique advantages of shaving soap is that it produces deeper and richer lather. Soaps hydrate your skin more than any other shaving product.

2. It Has Low Cost

The price of shaving soaps is less as compared to other shaving foams, creams and oil.

3. It Contain More Moisturizer

Soaps contain more moisture and keep your skin smooth and soft. It does not produce any irritation.

Cons of Shaving Soaps

1. It requires Extra pieces of equipment

It requires extra equipment that needs space.

2. It is Time Taking process

In your rushed morning routine, the mixing process takes more time


The key difference between shaving cream and soap is the effort and time to get desired lather. It’s all about your choice, which is perfectly suited to your skin. Good product shaving creams take less time to produce lather.

It is very hard to differentiate the lathering of shaving soaps and creams. Skin is the main body organ, so it is very important to stick with brands. Whether you select shaving cream or soap, the fragrance is one of the main factors. You have a wide variety of scents to consider. This fragrance may irritate sensitive skin, so choose unscented shaving products.