Wet Shaving Vs Dry Shaving

Every man has to shave regularly and, it is an essential part of their grooming routine. Some men still prefer traditional wet shaving using a standard razor blade. Contrarily, many have switched over to the modern technique of dry shaving using electric razors.

You might wonder which one provides a better shave? We have prepared a guide that will help you decide which one works best for you. We will discuss in detail each method and its pros and cons.

Difference between wet shaving and dry shaving

Wet shaving

It is a traditional shaving technique. Many men prefer wet shaving for skincare benefits and a pleasant experience.

The shaving kit comes with razor blades, shaving brush, shaving gel, and cream.

It involves the following steps:

You have to rinse the face with warm water to relax the skin. It will make it easier for the razor to glide across the face to cut the hair.

Apply shaving gel or cream to create a rich lather.

Start shaving with light pressure. Never use a blunt razor to avoid small red bumps and burning sensations after shaving.

Clean the blades with water after every few strokes to keep your face hydrated. It will prevent hair from clogging up your blades.

Apply a moisturizer after shaving to nourish and smoothen your skin.

The entire procedure takes a longer time than dry shaving.

Wet shaving soothes your skin because hair becomes softer to cut when moisturized with cream. It is usually preferred by those who have dry skin to avoid razor bumps.

Dry shaving

Dry shaving can be done using an electric shaver or disposable razor blades.

As the name suggests, it does not require associated products like shaving cream, soap, gel, water, or any other lubricating material. You do not have to spend time forming lather with the cream. It is convenient for those who want a quick shave. Electric razors are expensive and need more maintainance than razor blades.

It involves following steps

First, trim longer hairs with a shaving trimmer.

You need to ensure that your skin is fully dry before shaving with an electric razor to get the best results.

Clean your razor blades first and, make sure no hairs are stuck on them.

Stiffen your skin to capture more hairs, to provide a close shave.

Always begin with sensitive areas where the skin is more prone to react because the razor is coldest at the beginning.

Shave gently in circular motions and do not exert excessive pressure.

The effectiveness of electric razors depends on the resilience and elasticity of the skin. Avoid dry shaving if your skin is inflamed or has acne or rashes.

What’s the main difference?

One of the crucial distinctions between them is how the razor cuts the hair. Wet shaving razors cut the hair below the skin’s surface, while electric shavers cut the hair above the skin.

Wet shaving – Pros

wet shaving


Plastic disposable razors are non-biodegradable. It generates a massive amount of hazardous waste and causes land pollution.

Safety razors and straight razors are the best alternatives to protect the environment. These razors and their shaving creams are long-lasting. Also, stainless steel is recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint. The sharp razor blade shaves off the beard quickly and efficiently, thus saving water. Also, shaving by hand does not consume electricity.


Since straight razors are made up of stainless steel and wood, the initial expenditure may be higher. But they are durable and you won’t have to spend on blades weekly. It results in substantial savings in the long run, making it a good investment option.

Provides comfortable and close shave

The shaving cream lubricates your skin and provides a smooth shave. A rich lather creates a protective layer between your skin and your razor. It cuts more hair than dry shave because facial hair gets soaked in warm water before shaving. The razor glides gently through your face and prevents red bumps.

It cuts the hair at the skin’s surface skin and prevents annoying ingrown hair.

It is suitable for especially those who have dry or sensitive skin. It prevents rashes after shaving and reduces itching.

Builds self-esteem

Folks and your peers would get amazed when you have mastered a rare valuable skill. It shows your diligence and how meticulous you are. You can respond to compliments by saying that you trimmed it yourself. Also, you can teach this art to your future generations.

Practical and feasible

What if you an urgent business meeting or family function, at an eleventh hour? You can avoid wasting your time looking for a barbershop and conveniently do it yourself. If you have the necessary wet shaving equipment, you can trim or style your beard anytime and anywhere.

Skin rejuvenation

Wet shaving cleanses and naturally soothes the skin. When you shave with hot water, the warmness relaxes your jaw muscles. It also helps to get rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin glow.

Shaving with a straight razor might be difficult at first and make you feel uncomfortable. You will get habituated after using it several times and will cherish every minute of shaving.

Wet shaving – Cons

Requires practice and patience

Wet shaving is a creative skill that cannot be hastened and requires time. First, you need to clean your face with warm water to open up the pores and soften your stubble. Then, form a thick lather using the shaving cream and brush. After that, you can prepare your razor and can begin shaving.

You have to practice several times to get used to it. You might get wounds or scratches on the skin until you master the technique of traditional shaving.

Contrarily, the cartridge and electric razors are easier to use due to their superior features. Cartridge razor has rotating blades and is more tolerant of high pressure. Electric razors also come with adjustable settings to provide a comfortable shave.

Recurring costs

You must replace the blades every 4-5 shaves for the best results. Even though the razor itself is affordable but the cost of purchasing new cartridges every few weeks may quickly add up. Also, you have to buy high-quality shaving cream or gel for thick lather when you shave. So, the higher long-term investment is its big drawback.

Mild irritation

You might experience pain and burning sensation after shaving that is unavoidable. The most common reasons are using a blunt razor, improper shaving method, or shaving gel chemicals. There is a lower probability of itching if you master the shaving art and dedicate sufficient time to shave.

Dry shaving – Pros

dry shaving ideas

Offers protection to the skin

The blade slices hair above the skin’s surface and avoids direct contact with the skin. Its inbuilt mechanism will abstain you from exerting too much pressure on the skin. Thus, it prevents ingrown hair, lower razor burns, swelling, and skin irritation after the shave.

Convenient and quick shaving solution

It is not always easy to find time for a shaving routine in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The most obvious benefit of modern electric razors is their speed and ease of use. It requires no shaving gel, cream, and very little preparation compared to wet shaving. It does not create a mess and is the best hassle-free alternative when traveling.

Customizable settings

Electric shavers allow you to switch between close shave and stubble. You can experiment with trimming options until you find the optimum shaving intensity that works best for you. You can adjust the settings according to the desired style and hair length.

Dry shaving – Cons

Not suitable for dry skin

Electric or disposable razors do not require you to apply shaving cream or gel to hydrate your skin. No lubrication makes your skin rough and causes inflammation after shaving. It will be even worse for those having dry or sensitive skin.

Less effective

Dry shaving does not provide a precise shave compared to wet shaving.  Electric razor cuts hair above the skin’s surface and would not give a close shave.

The hair would grow thicker and faster. It does not last long and, you will have to shave frequently.

Harmful for environment

As discussed earlier, billions of disposable and cartridge razors get dumped into the trash. They are non-recyclable and pollute the land. Also, electric razors consume a lot of power while charging and have high CO2 emissions in their manufacturing and product design.

Expensive and requires maintenance

You have to clean it regularly to maintain it in excellent working condition for its proper functioning. Some modern electric razors have an inbuilt mechanism that makes cleaning easier and quicker. You can refer to the product manual to understand the cleaning procedure. You must replace the damaged components every two years to ensure continued efficiency.

Wrap Up

There is no right or wrong method and, both have their pros and cons. Both electric trimmers and straight razors offer a clean and comfortable shave. Shaving wet or dry depends on your skin type, budget, preferences, lifestyle, and past shaving experience. If you are transitioning, allow your skin considerable time to acclimate to new techniques. Traditional wet shaving is recommended if your skin is dry or sensitive. If you do not follow the correct shaving technique, your skin will suffer.