Should I Buy a Trimmer or Shaver?

Should I buy a trimmer or a shaver2

Should I buy a trimmer or shaver? That is what you are pondering over right now. Beards are seen as a sign of masculinity and desire to be unique that’s why they have always been a popular choice among men of all ages since early times. In the 16th Century, men were known to have full beards as a symbol of power to attract women.

The style, length, and thickness have changed over the years due to the changing fashion trends. With these came up the beard styling and shaping to look more attractive, which become an essential part of men’s life.

Thanks to the modern invention, there are a variety of different grooming tools available to keep the beard look neat and sharp without going to the barber.

Just like women take too much time to choose their clothes and makeup stuff, men also get confused when it comes to grooming tools.

Should I buy a trimmer or shaver? that’s the most commonly asked question by men. Some prefer to trim their beard with a shaver while some use trimmers as they are more convenient. Stay till the end to get some help in deciding whether you should buy a trimmer or shaver.

What is a Difference Between Trimmer and Shaver?

Some people still don’t understand the difference between a trimmer and a shaver since both are used to shave the hair. But as the name suggests, one is made for shaving and the other is for trimming. Here’s the main difference between trimmers and shavers.


Trimmer is a grooming tool used to cut and trim the existing hair without getting rid of them completely. They provide a better experience for cutting hair and help you get the perfect beard.

Besides shaping the facial hair, trimmers can be used to trim the hair from literally every part of the body such as head, chest, underarm, and pubic hair. They are gender-neutral and make your life easy when it comes to grooming and styling up for parties or events.


Shavers are electric razors that are used to get a close and neat-looking shave. Shavers come in two distinct types: with a fixed head containing multiple blades or with 3-4 circle-shaped heads with spinning blades.

Electric shavers provide a quick and smooth shave and are more powerful than a manual shave but you need to change blades every now and then which can be a hassle for some.  

Should I Buy a Trimmer or a Shaver?

Beards come in all shapes and sizes, there’s a stubble, long beard, and perfectly shaped and styled beard, and choosing the best tool for your particular beard is a personal choice.

If you have a thick beard and want to have a clean shave, a shaver is a better option, but if you like keeping facial hair that needs to get into the right shape and form, then you should buy a trimmer.

Moreover, it also depends on the skin and the type of bear you possess. So, if you’re stuck between should I buy a trimmer or shaver, it’s better to go with what suits best to your individual needs and shaving style.

Are Electric Trimmers Better Then Razors?

is one of the hottest debates among shaving enthusiasts when it comes to the perfect hair tool. Both devices effectively remove body hair, which one you choose is a matter of personal preference and shaving habits.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both so you can decide are electric trimmers better then razors?

Pros of Electric Trimmer

  • Trimmers are the best way to get a straight and neat beard in no time.
  • Electric trimmers are also handy for shaping and styling your beard on the go.
  • You can create your own style without going to the hairdresser.
  • Blades provide more comfort and are much safer than a razor to ensure a cut-free shaving experience.

Cons of Electric Trimmer

  • Electric trimmers are only able to shorten the hair to a certain extent and lack the ability to give a smooth shaving experience.
  • The trimmer blades can quickly become dull due to loss of balance and constantly require you to change the blades and combs.
  • The purchase cost of electric trimmers is pretty high especially high-end trimmers can be very expensive.

Pros of Razor

  • Razors get you a more smooth and closer shave that lasts for a longer period of time because they cut into the skin.
  • They cover a large area of skin quickly and focuses on comfort and ease.
  • Manual Razors are easier to use anywhere you want.
  • They are easy to clean, blades last longer and can be easily replaced.  
  • They are the most cost-effective shaving option available to men.

Cons of Razor

  • Shaving with razors is often time taking since they require an application of grooming products before and after.
  • There’s an increased risk of cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair as you have to shave the same area over and over again till you get the smooth shave.
  • The blades need to be replaced every 3-4 weeks as getting blunt quickly.
  • Razors lack versatility and always require wet shaving for a painless experience.

Is Shaving or Trimming Better for Beard Growth?

Men seem to be extremely touchy and conscious about their hair and beard growth and guys who have been new to growing a beard will inevitably ask themselves how they can grow a thick beard quickly? or is shaving or trimming better for bread growth? Well, the simple answer is Neither!

Most people think that shaving their hair instead of trimming can lead to better and thicker beard growth.

The reason for this myth is likely rooted in puberty. When youngsters begin to shave, the new hair heads continually sprout up giving the false appearance that the beard is getting thicker than before. Well, it’s time to bust the myth!

When you shave, the newly appear beard beads appear to look like covering more area of your face, but it becomes the same when it grows again. Shaving or trimming your beard every day is not going to help it grow faster. Your genes and hormones are mainly responsible for your beard growth.

According to the data from Science of Beards, there are four phases of beard growth.

The first phase is called “Anagen” that involves a hair growing period of about 3-5 years, followed by the “Catagen” phase of 1-2 weeks where hair starts to degrade. Then facial hair enters into the third phase called “Telogen”, during which hair stops growing.

After this phase, your hair starts growing back again you are but if not, then your whiskers will enter into the “Exogen” phase in which hair starts to fall.

Shaving Or trimming for Pubic Hair: Which One is Better?

Shaving vs trimming is an old grooming debate that’s not going to end anytime soon. How you want to remove your pubic hair is a personal preference.

Some people prefer to shave to keep the area hairless and smooth, while many trim their pubes to look more groomed and avoid the side effects of the razor.

Whether you want to go with shaving or trimming for pubic hair, here are few things to consider as you’re dealing with your most sensitive part.

Shaving Vs Trimming

Shaving your pubic area is not much different from shaving your face. Shaving gets rid of the hair leaving clean and smooth skin behind for at least a day or two.

It’s undeniably best way to keep the area hairless and smooth. However, shaving pubic hair is high maintenance as the hair grows back in a couple of days.

It can also cause razor burns and bumps and if you have sensitive skin, shaving can cause skin irritation making your genital area feel itchy and prickly.

If you just want to keep your pubes nicely trimmed instead of completely removing them, it’s better to go for trimming. Trimmer shapes the hair that is meant to stay to a specific length using different-sized combs.

Considering the delicate nature of skin down there, trimming reduces the chances of getting cuts, nicks, and bumps. It’s a quick way to shape those pubes up without being harsh on the skin.

I hope this comparison will help you decide whether you should choose shaving or trimming or for pubic hair.

Razor Or Trimmer: Which Is Better for Skin?

Despite being a pedestrian task, shaving can take a toll on your skin in the long run. Constant use of razor affects the epidermis, the top layer of the skin which is responsible for retaining the moisture in your skin making it fill dry, and prone to irritation and infections.

Dull blades are more likely to cause irritation, razor bums while old and uncleaned blades can harbor bacteria that can lead to acne and skin infections.

Using a trimmer is probably the best thing you can do for your skin especially if you have acne-prone skin.

The blades in trimmers are made of stainless steel and are less likely to irritate your skin. Unlike razors, they don’t have blades too sharp to make cuts or any sort of harm to your delicate skin.

Trimming will ensure that the hair follicles are left undisturbed to reduce the risk of ingrown hair.

So, if you are confused between razor or trimmer, which is better for skin, I’d recommend trimming is better and more skin-friendly method to do your daily beard and its better to buy a trimmer than a shaver.