Should I Trim My Beard Every Day?

Should I trim my beard daily cover

Get the scissors going; it’s time to trim. But it’s fairly common for newcomers to beard grooming to wonder if they should trim their beard daily. We’ll get back to that, but there’s one key difference you should know here – a trim isn’t chopping off inches worth of hair, but just a few tiny cuts to give your beard a cleaner shape.

Now, let’s jump on to the main question – should I trim my beard every day?

Should I Trim My Beard Daily?

No, it would be best if you didn’t trim your beard every day, and there’s a good reason why.

Like I said before, trimming isn’t anywhere close to a ‘shave’. A shave’s primary purpose is to help your face steer clear of facial hair. Trim is to help groom, shape, and fine-tune your beard to help you get rid of those weird strands sticking out of your chin.

Now, when we talk about trimming a beard daily – you’re not trimming anymore. These wild, stray hair aren’t going to grow out every single day. Eventually, you will start cutting tiny bits from your beard and stop it from growing altogether.

Now that the answer to ‘should I trim my beard every day’ is clear. How often should you trim your beard?

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How Often Should I Trim My Beard?

The ideal time to trim your beard is maybe once a week. Should I trim my beard daily? Too soon. Should I trim my beard weekly or monthly? Maybe too late. Keep it within a week or two, and you’re on the right track!

Facial hair can grow in several directions, at different rates, and lengths. For sure, if you let it grow without a trim, it can go uncontrollably long and wild. You’ll see hair sticking out of your chin here and there, and it won’t look gentlemanly at all.

Once a week, dampen your beard and clean it out. Dry it out, brush it, and it’s time to get the scissors or clippers going. Look after the stray hair, or trim your entire beard out evenly. The latter is a bit hard, so I’d recommend you start off with cutting off stray hair only. After that, address your mustache, and comb it – with an optional oiling step if you’d like a shinier beard.

Now I might’ve missed a step here and there – but you get the gist of it. One single trim a week should be good enough on average. Now, there’s one other question that I’d like to fit in here; when should I trim my beard?

Grooming your beard is imperative to growing your beard out properly. Washing, brushing, trimming, and oiling are the four steps to help your beard feel fuller and healthier. Although other parts of the grooming process should be done more often, you can keep trimming for once a week.

So, when should I trim my beard? Just keep an eye on your beard hair. If you feel it needs a trim before a week, you’re free to act on your own. There’s no hard and fast rule to act on my recommended times; after all, it’s your beard and its look on the line.

Does Trimming a Beard Help It Grow?

Should I trim my beard every day to help it grow? Unfortunately, no amount of shaving or trimming is going to help it grow. This part is steering closer to your hormonal balance than what you do to groom your hair.

Trimming is perhaps the most important phase of ‘growing’ a beard. But if you’re a grower, the next logical thought should be – “it sounds sacrilegious, even thinking of trimming my beard when I wish to grow it”. Here’s where you’re wrong.

Sure, it’s not going to make your beard grow any faster, but it’s also not going to hurt your progress. Instead, trimming is actually a sign that you’re going down the right direction. If your edges are uneven now and then, it’s proof that you’re growing your beard correctly.

All you do with a trim is keep it in line. Though there are a few other benefits of trimming a beard that I’d like to point out here:

  1. Get rid of split ends.
  2. Help your beard look fuller and thicker.
  3. Fewer knots and tangles in the beard.
  4. Get rid of dry and damaged hair and help them nourish with oiling.
  5. Help patchy spots even up.

I’m sure I still haven’t covered every single point here. But the main thing is – trimming isn’t hurting your beard at all. I’ll reiterate – the essential part is to snip the strays only. It’s great that they’ve come this far down the beard lane, but it’s time to bid farewell.

One last thing to help you grow your beard while trimming it is – use scissors more often than clippers. Although clippers are great for the neckline, they’re not the best way to go forward with annoying beard hair. You need to snip off maybe one or two strands – that’s all. Scissors for mustache or a beard (well, same thing) can get the job done easier.

How Long Until Beard Grows Back?

Beard growth is majorly dependent on your hormones and well-being. There’s no definite period to how long until beard grows back – “hey, your beard’s growth is due in 3 weeks!”. It’s going to take its time, but the optimal time for your beard to grow back after a trim in a week or two.

Though you’re not getting rid of your hair here, since a trim helps you even out the edges, your beard will still the same in volume and looks. But yes, if you’re thinking about the uneven edges – it’s going to take at least a week for them to pop back out.

Final Words

I hope I’ve answered your question on “should I trim my beard every day”. You can, but you really shouldn’t as it beats the purpose of trimming. Let it grow, and only then should you initiate the grooming sequence – wash, brush, trim, and oil.