Should I Use An Alum Block After Shaving?

Should I use an alum block after shaving

Traditional wet shaving is considered an art that requires patience to learn properly and skills to master. However, even a master at shaving can endure an occasional shaving cut and bleed.

During such a situation, alum block has always been an option and if you are looking to get answers to your queries like “should I use an alum block after shaving?” you are exactly at the right place.

What is an Alum Block?

Alum blocks are the stones or bricks that look like crystals and act as a soothing antiseptic for the men who shave. Is alum good after shaving, you ask?  The answer is yes! You can rub alum blocks over a freshly shaved area and prevent facing major razor burns. Additionally, these tiny blocks will help stop bleeding from the small cuts and nicks that you may get by using razors.

Alum block

Why should I use an Alum Block?

After answering your query of “should I use an alum block after shaving?” let’s clarify why you should be using one. Alum block is considered a secret weapon at times of need, especially if your skin has cuts or irritation after you have shaved.

Here are some of the benefits of using Alum block on your skin after you are done shaving:

  • It helps to tighten pores and constricting blood vessels.
  • It is refreshing and cooling for the skin.
  • It acts as a coagulant to stop bleeding.
  • It comes with antiseptic properties.
  • It reduces the appearance of redness if the razor irritates your skin.
  • It is beneficial for oily skin as it helps to dry the skin.
Alum block

However, if you are looking for the answer to your question of “Can I use alum daily on the face?” the answer is it is not recommended to use it on daily basis. Larger use of Alum may end up having adverse effects like making the skin extremely dry therefore it is better to have optimized use of alum on your skin. 

Alum Block v/s Aftershave

Alum is the oldest post-shave treatment that people have been using. Aftershave, also, is a kind of some oil, liquid, gel, or something that is used on your skin after you shave. However, alum is still considered as an alternative to aftershave.

For the comparison of Alum vs aftershave, it is difficult to differentiate since both are used for almost the same purposes. However, different skin types require different things that can be used, and no matter if alum or some aftershave gels suit you, you can continue using what proves to be good for your skin.

One main difference between Alum vs Aftershave is the fact that it is not recommended to use alum for dry skin since it makes the skin drier and is only suitable for oily skin types. But when it comes to aftershave, you can have one with some moisturizing oil or Vitamin E oil so it can treat your dry skin better.  

Alum Block Health Risks

If you are worried about the alum block health risks, let me give you good news! There are no such health risks that have come in front of using alum block as an aftershave because the exposure is not long term.

However, as mentioned previously, the excessive use of alum block on the skin after shaving can make your skin extremely dry so you have to be quite optimized in its usage. Sensitive and dry skin can result in bad reactions on the skin such as burning sensation, stinging, etc. because of the salts present in the alum block that draw the moisture from your skin.

To make it more clear, here is how alum block can be used to make it useful and beneficial both at the same time.

  • Wet your face with cold water which will help to get your pores closed and will allow the block to easily slide on your face.
  • Additionally, wet the alum block in cold water too to make the sliding process even more feasible.
  • Now slide the alum block on the areas where you shaved. If you feel some amount of tingling or tightness, don’t panic as it is quite normal.
  • Rinse off now with cold water and pat your face dry with a towel.
  • In the end, don’t forget to dry your alum block before you put it away. Because putting it away while it is wet will make it ineffective for the next time usage.

Here is how you can use alum block to heal the small cuts you get after shaving:

  • Wet the area having the cut with cold water so the blood can be washed away.
  • Dab the alum block with water to make it a bit damp.
  • Apply the wet alum block to the area of cut with light pressure for almost 20 to 30 seconds. If you feel some sting nothing to worry about as it is an indication that your cut is being healed and sealed.
  • Remove the alum block from the skin and wash the area with cold water to close the pores.
  • Last, don’t forget to dry the alum block before putting it away.

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For the men who get to shave more often, alum block is beneficial because it will help your face prevent loads of irritation. Not only that, with the amount of sting you feel, you can easily know if your shave is rough or perfect and can better take care of your face.

This article covered all your queries like “should I use an alum block after shaving?” giving you the answer that you definitely can. Additionally, to answer your query of “can I use alum daily on the face?” it is mentioned that it is not recommended as this can make your skin very much dry.

If you are worried about Alum Block health risks, there are no such risks related to using alum on your face after shaving. You should use alum after shaving to treat your skin with antiseptic properties and the method of usage is given in this article to make it easier for you.