Why Are Gillette Razors So Expensive?

why are gillette razors to expensive

Years back, Gillette was the only prominent game in town. With many more companies producing razors these days, it is always difficult to choose the best one for yourself. Gillette always comes up with better and innovative razors however, if you want to know why are Gillette Razors so expensive, this article will provide you the answer.

Gillette provides you a comfortable and great shave with their most advanced technology that keeps improving with time. Starting from a three-bladed razor to a five-bladed one, Gillette has all its options for you to have a smooth and comfortable shave.

Why Are Razor Blades so Expensive?

Shaving may be one of your daily life’s chores however, for you it is just about shaving creams and getting the right kind of razors. For the company producing razor blades, it is a lot more than that.

If you are wondering why are razor blades so expensive, here are a few of the reasons as explained by Jeff Raider, the co-founder of Harry’s, a startup of shaving products. Before manufacturing, you have to buy really fine steel and grind it so it gets really sharp at the tip and strong at its base. The metal is then heated and cooled and finally grounded to specific angles.

All of this process requires the use of machines, labor work because creating the blades is a very much complicated, intricate, and expensive process.

How Many Shaves Does A Gillette Razor Last?

How many shaves does a Gillette razor last, you ask? Well, according to the company itself the modern razors produced do last for almost 5 to 7 shaves. Additionally, even when you have had a long gap between your shaves, the Gillette razors will still do the job.

However, this completely depends on one’s own preference and also how thick the beard to be shaved is. 5 to 7 shaves can be very much reasonable for some and too late for the others depending on their own choices and preferences.

The Fusion ProShield or ProGlide razors introduced by the Gillette Company can last for almost a month of shaves. However, to make the lubra-strip long-lasting and more durable, you are advised to store your razors away from the damp surfaces in an organizer tray. 

There is absolutely no denying the fact that the cutting edge of your razors become slightly duller with each shave, however, when taking care of the debris like dead skin, soap, and hair that may leave behind in the razor and rinsing the head with hot water during and after the shave will make your razor last longer.

How Much Do Gillette Razors Cost To Make?

Gillette’s founder, named King C. Gillette, had one clear mission related to the Razor company i.e. they will stop making the razor blades when they are unable to keep making them better. Ever since the first invention of the blade was introduced by Gillette, which was a single double-edge blade, the Gillette Company has only moved ahead and never looked back.

I know how your curiosity to know how much do Gillette Razors cost to make is valid because this will prove how much profit they are getting from the users. For the Gillette Fusion blades, the cost is almost 5p to 10p for manufacturing.

Then why are the Gillette Razors so expensive, let me tell you. Gillette Razors are expensive because they can be. If the Company doesn’t spend money on what they manufacture, they surely do spend loads of their money on convincing people how they are the best choice they can make for shaving purposes, and surprisingly, they haven’t been proved wrong till yet.

With paying just 5 to 10p for manufacturing, the company is left with a lot of budgets to spend on some amazing kind of marketing, and this is exactly what you are paying for when you buy Gillette razors. 

Additionally, if you decide to use disposable razors for whatever reasons, there are not many choices in the market for getting disposable razors, so this is where Gillette razors are winning too and getting all the profit they could from the consumers.

Is Gillette The Best Razor?

Gillette has been around for almost 100 years, and it’s not without any reason. Although the hype about its pricing is understandable, is Gillette the best razor you can invest in, let me mention all the promises this Company makes and you can decide for yourself.

  • Gillette does not only focus on marketing but also provides the best blades out there. The blades do not only guarantee comfort and ease but are also long-lasting.
  • It is very much important to use high-quality blades that will help protect your skin. Gillette Company promises to specifically have designed the razors for this purpose.
  • Guys need options when it comes to razors since one size doesn’t fit everyone. Luckily, Gillette has come up with the solution. It comes up with the option of customization where you get to pick, mix, and match the handles and the blades. You don’t need to worry anymore to get the perfect pair because now you have got options.
  • Gillette has been involved in innovating razors since 1901 and has never stopped since then. There is a handle that every hand can hold and a blade that will be comfortable on every skin type. 


The hype about razors being exceptionally expensive may be right, however, there are reasons why they are so expensive. Companies like Gillette do not only cost for what they produce but for also how they market their products and what their products deliver too.

This article covered all your queries from why are Gillette razors so expensive to is Gillette the best razor out there in the market. Having many options, you can always find an alternative however, make sure the other products go fine with your skin type and beard thickness.