What is the Difference Between Shaving Soap and Regular Soap

Difference Between Shaving Soap and Regular Soap

Have you ever wondered if you could just use your regular bar of soap and do your shave? There is a lot of difference between shaving soap and regular soap. It is important to expand the understanding of the difference between shaving soap and regular soap. If you are looking to create the perfect lather for a shave, then you should be aware of the differences between shaving soap and regular bath soap.

If you ever substituted a regular soap bar for shaving soap, you must have noticed some inconsistencies. In simple words shaving soap and regular soap are not the same. In this post, we will describe the difference between shaving soap and regular soap.

What is a Shaving Soap? 

Shaving soaps are made with some key qualities that make them different from regular body soap. These soaps create a lush lather and offer rich lubrication for a cleaner shave. The leather of the soap also has stability which makes shaving your hair easier.

The saving soap is designed to lubricate skin and they allow the razor glide to move across the skin easily. High-quality soap has a different formulation process and helps to generate a richer and more profuse lather.

The first shaving soap was introduced in 1840. This original model was a hard puck, and this led to the development of a shaving stick. The ingredients found in shaving soaps are also different from bar soap.

The purpose of the shaving soap is to provide more leather and to increase lather, several ingredients are used to make shave soaps. Some of the major ingredients that are used in shaving soaps include sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide (potash lye), tallow, palm oil, and coconut oil.

These additives make sure that the lather is lush and provides rich hydration. The bar soaps leave skin dry while the shave soap prevents dryness feeling post-shave. Shaving soaps are made with things like castor oil, palm oil, and cocoa butter. This increases the slickness in the lather. Providing hydration is also one of the major benefits of shaving soaps. They are made with several moisturizing agents like aloe vera and avocado oil and prevent your skin from drying out.

What is a Regular Body Soap? 

Regular body soaps are formulated to cleanse and remove dirt, oil, and bacteria. They lack the lubrication and lather that is found in shaving soap. The main focus of these soaps is to cleanse, and they lack added ingredients that help to hydrate and lubricate the skin. As a result, bar and body soap also increase the risk of irritation while shaving and after the shave is done. Your skin will not retain hydration as it does with a shave soap. Regular soaps are made with a slimmer list of ingredients. Some ingredients are mixed with water and hardened into a bar.

Shaving Soap Vs Regular Soap 

If you want to understand the differences between shaving soap and bath soap, it is essential to know the purpose of shaving soap. The purpose of regular soap is the removal the dirt whereas the purpose of shaving soap is different.

1. Stable 

When creating a lather using shaving soap, you want to make sure that the lather is stable. The stable leather lasts through the whole shave and lets you shave easily as well. Regular soaps will lather and dissipates quickly.

2. Slick

The shaving soap offers a lot of slicknesses. The lather helps the blade to glide easily over the skin and reduces irritation. Regular soap is not slick and leaves the skin dry and irritated. Dry and damaged skin can be a serious concern for most men post-shaving. This is why it is important to buy a shaving soap that offers a lot of slicknesses.

3. Hydrating

Regular soaps are often dry and the purpose of the soap is to cleanse and remove oil, dirt, and bacteria. Shaving soaps are formulated with moisturizing agents and hydrate the skin while shaving. These ingredients also soften the whiskers that aid in the BBS shave.

4. Antiseptic

Running a sharp steel blade over your face causes damage to your skin even with a stable lather. Shaving soaps are made with ingredients that include antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and skin-nurturing properties. Regular soaps don’t have any antiseptic ingredients.

Is it Okay to Use Regular Bar soap to Shave Your Face?

Bar soap and shave soap are entirely different in composition and ingredients. Shave soap is specifically made to create a thick lather. This helps to lift the hair and create a slick barrier between the skin and the razor. It reduces the likelihood of irritation. Regular bar soap doesn’t let the blade glide over the skin. The razor gets stuck on the skin and results in an ineffective shave.

The list of the ingredients used in the shaving soaps is entirely different than the regular soaps. It is not a good idea to leather up a regular soap for shaving as this will lead to disappointing results. The regular soaps don’t provide thick and stable leather which is a requirement for a clean and easy shave.

Using a razor on your skin can be dangerous if you don’t apply a shaving soap with a lot of hydrating ingredients. The regular soaps also don’t provide the lubrication and glide that is needed for the blade. If you use regular soap for shaving it might result in cuts and irritation.

The shaving soaps are made with a lot of hydrating ingredients and are perfect to use while shaving. If you use regular soap for shaving it could be harmful to your sensitive skin. It doesn’t contain the necessary moisture that the shaving soap can provide.


Shaving soap and regular soaps are completely different from each other. The purpose of each one of them is different. It is best to choose a premium quality shaving soap for shaving as this will help you to prevent your skin from getting any cuts. Using regular soap can result in damaging your skin.