Shaving Cream Over the Years (The Evolution)

Shaving Cream Over the Years

If you use shaving cream every day, you will probably use the same type or brand. However, maybe it is time to try something new. There are different types of shaving creams available in the market but you can choose whatever you like. If you think that shaving is a modern concept, it’s best to get your facts right.

Nowadays men like to shave and have the best skincare routine. However, shaving is popular since 3000 BC and it is not going to down anytime soon. Men use shaving creams that are made up of wood alkali and animal fat. Here is some more information about shaving creams:

Early History

The use of shaving cream is common among all ancient civilizations. Men use it to eliminate their facial hair and keep the skin hydrated. If this isn’t enough many rules in ancient Egypt loved shaving as well. You will not be surprised to know that shaving your face has become more like a luxurious makeover for people. Shaving is a painless process and men like to use shaving creams every day.

Shaving creams are evolving over the years and it is a modern invention that benefits everyone. All the ancient Egyptians like to shave their faces to get rid of facial hair. There is no doubt that in today’s world it has become more like a fashion symbol. In different cultures around the ancient and new world, men like to remain clean-shaven. While others like to have short and stylish beards instead.

During ancient times men used to lather their skin much before starting to shave. Some soaps were commercially made for making the shaving process easy during the 1600 century. Before that people used their ingredients to create shaving soap at home.

Why Is Shaving Cream Important?

Men have to shave every day but if they do it without shaving cream the difference is noticeable. The softness and hydration of the skin will be lost. Moreover, the glow on your face will be gone while your skin will be prone to wounds or cuts. Shaving creams have evolved over the years and when you apply them to your face, hair becomes soft.

 They will come out easily and you don’t have to put in much effort either. Using the razor will become easy as the shaving cream is designed to make things easy for the user. If you want to achieve soft skin using shaving cream is the best idea.

Nowadays shaving cream is almost everywhere. Every person has used them at least once or more in their life, while others use them every day. There is a wide range of choices available in the market. You can choose a shaving cream that has natural ingredients to fit your skin type.

Types Of Shaving Creams

If you are looking to purchase a shaving cream it is best to look out for various options. You can even try different shaving methods and get the best of everything. Here are different types of shaving creams:

1. Cream

Usually, the shaving creams come out in cream form. It has a soft, creamy, and foamy texture that feels light on the skin. Whether you shave at home or your barber helps out, it is necessary to spread it evenly on the face. You can always use a straight razor and continue shaving in an old fashion way. However, even a small amount of cream will be enough to shave the hair off from your entire face. Canned shaving cream happens to be the most popular and common shaving cream of all time. You will instantly get a creamy lather and move onto your skin instantly.

2. Gel

Gel shaving cream is packed inside a can and is available in gel form. As you start to lather up it becomes more like foaming shaving cream. All you need is to remain consistent and live up to the standard of a real product. There is no doubt that a shaving gel offers a good consistency but it may not be suitable for all.

Some men feel that it irritates their skin in a lot of ways. You need to check the ingredients as some of them contain synthetic perfumes that can irritate. Some of them may contain artificial colors, alcohol, and other harmful ingredients. It is important to understand your skin type before making the final purchase.

3. Foams

Shaving foams are lightweight and have a whipped texture. Men can apply it directly to their skin without having any fear. You can create a perfect lather on your face and get the best shaving results. The best part is that it already has a consistent foam. As soon as you take it out of the tube or can you will notice the difference. The shaving foams offer a protective layer to the skin along with good moisture. It can sometimes cause skin irritation especially rashes.

4. Lotion

Shaving lotions are user-friendly as compared to other types of creams and gels. This lotion offers a protective and moisturizing layer on your face. You will not get any lather and may find it tough to get used to it. However, every person has their preference and you can decide what’s good for you.

5. Soap

Shaving soaps require some water to create the perfect lather on your face. It is best to apply it with a brush and keep the consistency going. Most shaving soaps are manufactured with a tallow and glycerin base. However, sometimes you can get a combination of both as well.


There are different types of shaving creams out there. Some of them may not be creamy but they are designed to give the best results. You can try out various shaving creams and find out what is best for you. Do you still have some questions about shaving creams? There are a lot of things that you may not know about this product. We hope that you find this post helpful!