Does a beard keep your face warm?

Does a beard keep your face warm

Having a beard is a great idea if you want to create your own style, and also make a statement. Beards are visually impressive, and they make it easy to stand out. Plus, it’s a great way to express yourself as well. However, beards also require maintenance, and that’s a thing to consider if you go down this route. With that in mind, you do have to wonder, will a beard keep your face warm during the winter? Or is it more of a nuisance? Let’s find out!

Will a beard keep your face warm?

So, does a beard keep your face warm? A philosophical treaty written by Thomas S. Gowing in 1854 stated that one of the beard’s roles is to help protect the most susceptible parts of our face from cold. And modern science is backing up his beliefs. A Chinese study that took place in 2012 compared the skin of 100+ men, more specifically the upper cheeks and upper lips.

What this study showed is that lips were 1 degree warmer when compared to cheeks, showing that if you shave your beard you will lose body heat. However, it also comes down to where you live. If you’re in a region with extremely low temperatures, it actually makes sense to shave instead of having a beard. What happens is the human body requires a lot of energy in order to melt the ice forming on a beard. So while the beard itself keeps your skin warmer, you lose way more energy trying to melt the ice.

Is it safe to have a beard during the winter?

Yes, in fact it’s recommended since this is hair, and the main role of bodily hair is to help regulate the body temperature. The idea is that when we get cold, some tiny muscles in our skin are contracting, and that makes the hair stand up. When that happens, the hair ends up trapping air and then heat will remain within our skin. It’s the same for our body, but also our face specifically.

Then there’s another factor to consider here, which is wind. Most of the time winters will have very low temperatures and dangerous winds. Those can make your skin feel the cold even more than you would normally do. Wind is chilling, but having a beard can help protect you against those downsides. So while it does take more time to nurture and take care of your beard, the fact that you can protect your face from dangerous winds and low temperatures is a major benefit.

A similar thing can be said when it comes to protecting your skin against UV rays. Yes, UV rays can be very dangerous, and that’s why it’s helpful if you have a beard. Beard hair actually has natural SPF. It’s darker than the scalp or skin hair, and it can help you stay away from skin irritation and other factors. Since you already spent a lot of time growing your beard, it makes sense to take care of it and ensure that you prevent any skin problems or infections!

Preventing bacterial infections

Facial skin can be very sensitive, to the point where bacteria can easily lead to all kinds of infections if it enters your skin. While some people might think that having a beard attracts bacteria, that’s not the case. If you take good care of your beard and clean it often, then you will be able to remove bacteria and stay healthy.

In addition, your beard will catch bacteria and prevent it from entering your nostrils or even your mouth. The upside here is that such an issue becomes even more problematic during the winter, where a lot of bacteria is seeking warmer places. So it’s possible that bacteria will end up on your face, but if you have a beard you will be able to prevent it from entering your body. That will help you maintain a good health, while also avoiding all kinds of infections and problems in the long run.

How can you take care of your beard during the winter?

  • Winter time can be challenging for your beard, so a great idea is to try and prevent using hot water on your beard. Even if a hot shower might sound nice, the truth is that hot water will strip your skin and hair of natural oils, while also making the beard hair brittle. Use cold water on your beard, as it will help moisturize the beard while also sealing any cuticles.
  • Try to dry your beard properly, as much as you can. Patting it dry instead of using a towel will come in handy. Since your beard traps water on its own, adding even more moisture into the mix can become problematic. If you use this tip, you will have less irritation and at the same time you will prevent follicle damage or even split ends.
  • Use less shampoo if possible, because the shampoo has a similar effect when compared to hot water. It will strip moisture from the beard, and also make it brittle at times.
  • Maintain a great beard care routine, that means brushing and combing your beard hair every day if possible. You still need to use beard oil, and combing/brushing will help spread the beard oil evenly. There are other benefits, like boosting circulation and making your beard grow faster.
  • It might sound obvious, but covering your beard with a scarf is actually a very good idea. It will help prevent many potential problems, while still allowing you to look great. And the best part is that you can also prevent beard hair breakage or any brittle hair. There are also various beard masks for coverage, and they work extremely well.
  • Beard oil is essential during the winter, since it’s a conditioning agent. It prevents your face from becoming dry, and that happens quite often during the winter. You don’t need to apply a lot of beard oil, but you should consider spreading it evenly over your beard. That’s where getting a proper comb or brush stands out, and it will be totally worth it. Plus, it will also prevent beard odors too.

How often should you wash your beard during the winter?

A good rule of thumb for any man with a beard is to wash it 2-3 times a week. If you wash it too often, then that can end up stripping your beard’s natural oils. Avoid washing the beard daily because it’s not helpful if you do that during the winter. Instead, you want to protect your beard, but also remove those impurities and bacteria that accumulates at times. Using a beard wash can also be a very good idea.

What we noticed is that washing the beard 2 times a week is going to offer the best results. However, you can go up to 3 times a week if you want to ensure that there are no issues. With that in mind, it’s also a good idea to talk with your dermatologist and ask them for any specific beard care tips during the winter, based on your own health conditions.


So, does a beard keep your face warm during winter time? Yes, having a beard is definitely an advantage if you want to go out when it’s snowing or very cold outside. However, you will still feel the cold, so you need to have a scarf or other similar protective elements. In addition, we recommend following the beard care tips for winter time, as you will be able to keep your beard healthy during the cold season as well!