Shaving Myths Debunked

Shaving Myths Debunked

We all are familiar with the different strategies of how to shave. It is a painless, less budgeted way to remove hair. Remember when your friends gave you shaving advice for the first time to shave?

Maybe you received some bad advice, such as shaving will grow back hair thicker. But there is no reality in it. How much hair grows does not depend upon shaving, but it depends upon genetics and hormones. It is just a myth about shaving. In this guide, we will expose the falseness of shaving. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will treat your skin in a better way!

9 Common Shaving Myths

Shaving myths distract you; nothing is true in it. That’s why it is essential to know the false ideas about shaving. Proper knowledge makes you able to separate facts from fiction. Let’s start to elaborate on the different false stories about shaving.

1. Frequently Shaving Grow Hair Faster And Darker

First of all, keep clear your mind that the color and quality of your hair do not depend upon shaving. Besides this, it does grow more hair. So, the density of hair is also independent of shaving. So, there is no danger in frequently shaving the different parts of your body, such as the legs, armpits, and bikini area.

The color, density, and growing speed of hair depend upon genetics. A razor only trims hair. You can shave every day or every week, depending on your choice. So, don’t worry about that; the more you shave, the faster your hair grows. It is only a myth, nothing else!

2. New Sharp Razor Blade is The Reason for More Nicks

You may hear that the new, sharp razor blade can cause more nicks than the old one. It is actually not true. Moreover, a dull razor is a reason for cuts and skin irritation. Shaving with old or dull razors results in more irritation.

 At the same time, with the light touch of a razor, you will do your job quickly because it moves in a smooth way across the skin. Only one pass of the sharp and new razor in the specific area will cut the hair quickly. In the case of a dull razor, multiple passes are required. That’s why the chances of irritation are enhanced. So, replace your razor blade with a new one if you feel it is dull.

3. Applying More Pressure on a Razor Will Give Closer Shave

This action increases the chances of cuts and nicks. Just press tightly; the razor handles and blade work ideally for you. It is not necessary that more pressure will give a closer shave. You harm your skin by applying more pressure on the razor blade. It is vital to apply gentle pressure, especially if the razor is sharp and new.

4. Shave Against The Grain

This idea may work for some parts of the body shaving. But at the same time, it may be dangerous for other areas of the body. The growth of hair is not the same in different parts of the body. It is good to shave in the direction of hair growth, especially in the bikini area.

Why is this so? Because this skin part is more sensitive. In the case of legs, it is your choice to shave with or against the direction of hair growth. You should also prevent shaving in both directions in case of shaving of the armpits. Moreover, many integrated reservoir gels available in the market can lessen the chances of razor burn.

5. Soap And Shaving Cream Both Have the Same Function

You may be confused about which shaving product is suitable for your skin. Are you overwhelmed with the question: are soap and shaving creams the same?

Unfortunately not! Shaving creams and gels have the ability to moisturize your skin, while soap may dry out your skin. This is due to the fact that most soaps have cleansing properties that reduce the moisturizer level and cause irritation.

6. You Will Get Closer Shave by Shaving Over the Same Area More Than Once

If you shave multiple tiles on the sake area, then this action causes irritation. After the first pass, if you don’t get closer, shave, then apply gel again and re-shave the area. After this, if you fail to get a clean shave, this may be due to your razor blade. It’s time to shave with a new blade instead of an old one.

7. It is OK to Utilize The Razor of Someone Else

It is not good to share your razor blade with any other person. Your skin gets infected if you utilize someone else’s razor. Moreover, for men and women, the design of razors is different. For girls, razors are designed to shave different parts of the body, such as legs, etc.

8. Your Skin Gets Dry And Damaged After Shaving

People may think that shaving causes dryness of the skin. It is also just a myth. Your skin may get damaged if you use a dull blade. Shaving the proper way doesn’t harm your skin at all. To keep your skin in good condition, it is essential to use a high-quality razor blade or good shaving product. This makes your skin smooth and soft.

9. It is Not Good to Shave in Winter

It is only a personal preference to shave in winter or not. Also, it is important to use water before shaving: soaking the area in water before shaving will soften the hair and assist the razor in moving smoothly across the skin. 

The Bottom

All of these are common myths that spread across the Internet. We hope this guide will clear your mind about different shaving myths. Now you know the top shaving facts and can differentiate which action is good or which is not good! It is good to shave after a shower. Before shaving, hydrating your skin correctly will ease the action of shaving. You may use some gel for this purpose.