How To Shave Your Head

How To Shave Your Head

Many men shave their heads to get an attractive and trendy look. The good news is that now they can achieve their favorite look at the convenience of their home. All you need is an electric clipper or razor and you are good to go. Even though shaving your head seems like an easy task, you still need to be careful. It is best to look for a perfect technique that offers fruitful results. Another important step is to take special care of your scalp after shaving and keep it healthy. No doubt, the bold and shaven head is classic.

Tips To Shave Your Head

If you want to shave your head follow these simple steps to get a smooth scalp.

1. Soften & Trim Your Hair First

You need to keep your hair soft before beginning the trimming session. When hair is soft it will be easier to manage and cut. It is best to trim your hair a little before shaving your scalp fully. Shaving your head may seem like an easy task but you need to be careful fully. Many experts suggest that you feel your scalp for bumps and moles before shaving.

2. Apply Shaving Gel

When you apply shaving gel to your hair it will make them extremely soft. You can save yourself from an injury by following these simple steps. The next important step is to look for a high-quality razor. With the improvement in razor glide, you can prevent irritation on the scalp. There is no doubt that shave gels and foams will help you have a smooth shave from start to finish.

3. Choose A High-Quality Razor

Men must choose a high-quality razor. You can avoid dull blades as they can lead to irritation on your scalp. Keep a vigilant eye on the blade and maintain its good condition. If your blades feel dull or old, it is best to change them at the right time. There are plenty of replacement blades available in the market. All you need is to choose a razor that can satisfy your requirements.

4. Try Shaving With Gentle Strokes

Many men don’t have an idea about shaving in the right way. However, it may not seem very tough if you follow the right techniques. If you don’t want to invest money by visiting a salon, try doing it at your home. It is best to start with light and smooth strokes without putting any pressure. You can try and start working in a pattern that seems comfortable and easy. While you shave keep changing directions and achieve the best shave.

5. Shave Carefully Along Contours

The high-quality razors offer the best shave at convenient prices. However, Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro Electric Razor happens to be the best choice. It offers the best shave and fantastic results for the users. You can use the blade of the razor in a vertical or horizontal direction to get the best of everything. It is necessary to pivot over each contour of your scalp without putting much pressure. Users can fold their ears first and work around the contours to save themselves from being nicked.

6. Rinse Blades Frequently

When you are done with a few strokes of shaving try to run the blades under water. Both the front and back sides of the blades must be washed gently. However, make sure that you don’t put your razor against the sink. Similarly, you should avoid cleaning it with a towel. All these things can reduce the life span of your razor. The blades are intricate and you need to take care of them efficiently. When you carefully rinse the blades under running water it will be beneficial. Whether it is the built-up shaving gel, hair, or dead skin, you can get rid of it all.

7. Reapply Shaving Gel

If you plan to re-shave any area on your scalp, try to reapply the shaving gel as well. It will prevent the razor burn and keep the irritation or itching away. When it comes to your pores it is best to close them with cold water at the right time.

Once the shaving ends, use cold water to close the open pores. Similarly, warm water will open your pores and that is a perfect pre-shave option. When the pores are closed it prevents any blockage on the scalp. It is necessary to wash away hair, dead skin, and shaving gel to keep the scalp healthy.

8. Use An Aftershave Lotion

Many experts will recommend men use an aftershave lotion or balm right after the shave. You can also use a gel, splash, or whatever seems convenient. If you have sensitive skin it is best to use these products for achieving a soothing feel. However, you should be careful while choosing an aftershave. If it contains alcohol or any such harmful ingredients try not to use them.

They will not only keep your scalp dry but do more damage. There are plenty of shave balms that are designed for sensitive skin. No doubt your scalp is very delicate. When your skin is moisturized daily it will stay hydrated and soft.

9. Gently Treat Nicks And Cuts

Even though you are a professional you may get a couple of nicks and cuts on your scalp. If you are shaving for the first time getting a cut may seem common. When you get a cut on your skin it can lead to bleeding. However, you can promote healing by keeping it moisturized. You can use sanitizer to clean the wound at the right time. It will prevent the cut and stop the bleeding too. Moreover, applying an aftershave on your entire head will give fantastic results.


Do you want to shave your head at home? We have mentioned some useful tips above. If you want to achieve a smooth shave following these steps will bring good results. Whether you are new to shaving or a pro, maintain the look and feel according to your requirements! We hope you find this post helpful.