Wet Shaving Terminology And Acronyms

Wet Shaving Terminology And Acronyms

Men all over the world like wet shaving. However, they may not be familiar with the various terms and acronyms associated with it. If you are new to wet shaving and checking articles, posts, or YouTube videos, you may feel confused. For many their education in shaving is restricted to showering, shaving, and deodorant. It seems like an easy task for them to purchase these products from a retail store. In this post, you will get a comprehensive list of the most common wet shaving terminology and acronyms.

Artist Club Blade

The artist club blades are narrow and long as compared to a regular blade. There are two different top manufacturers of these blades which include feather and Kai. These razors are mostly available in western style and boast a stylish grip.

Across The Grain

Across the grain helps with the cutting across hair smoothly and easily for the user.

Against The Grain

Against the grain works oppositely or perpendicularly. It moves in the direction where your hair grows.


Artisan is a popular company that manufactures these products but in small batches. This usually refers to soap and creams. It also includes brush and razor makers.

Ariana and Evans (A&E)

Ariana and Evans offer artisan soap, splash, and balm. Most of them are based out of Connecticut.


The backbone refers to how soft or still the knot of a shaving brush will be.


Most shaving brushes boast natural hair fiber. They come from various breeds of badgers. Different types of badger hair are commonly found in shaving brushes. The best part is that it works on the location from where you take your hair.


When you are wet shaving using a balm is very much important. It keeps you away from skin irritation. The balm is an ointment that gives a comforting, soothing, and hydrating effect to your skin. These balms are available in both scented and scentless forms. The best idea is to apply a balm right after your wet shave. It will help or soothe your skin like never before.

Beard Mapping

Beard mapping is all about determining the real way your hair grows. It is not a challenging task to map the growth of your beard. There are plenty of guides on the internet where you can learn more about beard mapping.


Many people may not know that natural hair fiber is used in the manufacturing of shaving brushes. It all comes from various locations of a boar.


The shaving brushes consist of two different parts. It includes both a handle and a knot. You can conveniently use this brush to generate a pure lather from either soap or cream. Usually, it is used to apply the lather to your face that needs shaving.

 Barrister and Mann (B&M)

Barrister and Mann is an artisan soap, balm, and splash. Most of them are based out of New York.

Stand For Baby Butt Smooth (BBS)

Stand for baby butt smooth is used to describe that kind of shave that leaves no hair behind. You can get a clean wet shave without putting in much effort. Whether you are shaving your face, head, legs, or armpits you need to feel your fingers against the grain. It will help you achieve and cleaner shave like never before.

Canned Goo

Canned Goo is an unconventional way to describe shaving foam or gel. It comes packed in an aerosol can.


You need to have a special cream or foam spread all over the face to achieve a clean wet shave. If you are trying to shave any other part of the body, the process will be the same. Many shaving creams are brushless. It means that you may not need a shaving brush to create a proper layer of lather.


A cushion refers to a protective layer of soap or cream lather that is all over your skin. Users can get this cushion from any soap or cream. However, it cannot be measured in any way.


Double edge refers to the type of blade or razor used for the wet shave. It has a cutting edge featured on both sides of the blades.

Face Lather

Face lather is all about putting a lather all over your face. You can load it directly from the tub or even a shave bowl.


GEM is a different type of razor blade that features a single-edge blade. This blade looks very similar to the box cutter blades. You can purchase it from any hardware store and it is not very costly too. There are various types of blades available and you can choose the one that suits your skin best.


An injector is a single-edge razor that puts up the blade in the holder.


Kamisori is a traditional Japanese-style straight razor. It features an asymmetrical blade that is designed for the convenience of users. You can easily hold it in one hand and is a popular choice among barbers.


The knot is that part of a shaving brush that is manufactured with natural hair. Some brushes are made with synthetic fibers and will create the best lather for wet shaving.

Lather Bowl

A lather bowl can be any type of bowl that helps you create the best lather. It can either come out of the soap that is placed inside the bowl. You can simply load it on your brush and apply it to your face.


Shavette is a straight razor that features a fixed or folding handle. You can use it as a replaceable blade and get the best-wet shaving results. Many people use this term to refer to almost all replaceable blades straight razors.

Single Edge

Single edge refers to both razor and blade type as well. Usually, a single-edge blade features only one cutting surface. Some of the most common types of blades include Gem and Injector blades.


If you are interested to know all about wet shaving terminology and acronyms, this post will be helpful. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!