11 Proven Shaving Cream Alternatives

Shaving Cream Alternatives

Shaving cream is a product that many of us use regularly. After finishing with shaving cream, our skin feels soft and fresh. You are right if you want to try something new instead of shaving cream. Here we mention the best alternatives to shaving cream.

Many shaving cream alternatives are available in the market that gives the same result as shaving cream. So you can enjoy your soft skin by using these reciprocals of shaving cream. Below is the list that helps you a lot to clear your mind about the question. What can I use in place of shaving cream? Hydration is the key element of shaving. Use the alternative shaving cream that hydrates refreshes, and smooths your skin properly. So let’s dive into the topic.

Best Shaving Cream Alternatives

1. Conditioner

It is the most famous and best substitute for shaving cream. It is also a good choice to use conditioner to get smooth and soft skin. A normal hair conditioner is formulated with hydrating ingredients that easily hydrate your skin, the same as shaving cream. It softens the hair of your face that is easily removed through a razor. Additionally, the conditioner consists of a slippery texture that enables your razor to glide along your skin smoothly. One of the best things is that it is easily available in your bathroom. So the moisturizing properties of the conditioner make it a perfect alternative to shaving cream.

2. Coconut Oil

It is a good moisturizer that moisturizes and softens your skin perfectly. Coconut oil has the following properties that make it beneficial for your skin.

  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant

These properties of coconut oil are the best remedy for itching and irritation that you feel after shaving. So when your shaving cream bottle is empty, you can use coconut oil for shaving purposes. Remember one thing: it clogs the pores of sensitive and oily skin. It is enriched with fatty acids that protect your skin very well.

3. Body Wash

It is also a handy replacement for shaving cream. Same as a conditioner, body wash is a good substitute for shaving cream. Its cleansing property enables you to clean your skin during the shave. Body wash adequately lubricates the skin for shaving. Somebody wash consists of plant-based ingredients that make them hydrated, the same as shaving cream. It moisturizes your skin gently and produces a luxurious lather on it. Besides all of the above, body wash is also a good alternative to shaving cream.

4. Baby Oil

Baby oil is also a good consideration for shaving instead of shaving cream. There are many benefits of using baby oil, such as:

  • It can reduce the number of cuts during shaving
  • It can lessen the nick
  • It can also potentially reduce the razor bumps on the skin

Along with that, it softens the hair as you shave. Its hydrated property hydrates your skin very well. The multiple benefits of baby oil make your skin smooth and moisturized. Use baby oil whose ingredients consist of flowers and fruits. A good choice of baby oil also enables your razor to slide smoothly on your face. So, put fewer oil drops on the shaving area. Its water-enriched property protects your skin very well.

5. Honey

Honey is also considered the best alternative to shaving cream. It saves your skin from itching and irritation and makes it smooth and soft. Honey acts as the perfect barrier against the cuts of the razor. It also minimizes the side effects of shaving.

6. Shea Butter

Most hand creams and lotions contain the ingredient shea butter. Many people use it daily to moisturize the skin. It is also a perfect substitute for shaving cream because of its hydrating properties. Shea butter’s moisturizing properties keep your skin smooth and soft and reduce a razor’s damaging effects. Its hydrating abilities make it a good choice for dry skin treatment. Shea butter is harvested from nuts that can also be used in many beauty products.

7. Body Lotion

The body lotion is a good alternative to shaving cream when needed. Same as a hair conditioner and shea butter, it moisturizes your skin and increases your skin hydration level. However, we do not recommend you always use body lotion as a substitute for shaving cream. Try it only when there is no other option. The ingredients of body lotion lessen the redness of the skin properly.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Using aloe vera before shaving is also a good option instead of shaving cream. Many people use it for skincare on a daily basis. Its thick and jelly-like texture will give smoothness to the skin and reduce the chances of razor cuts.

Many people pick up the bottle of aloe vera because it lessens the sunburn effects. So instead of shaving cream, try aloe vera; that gives a good result. It is also a great way to treat breakouts. It provides the same result as shaving gel in terms of consistency.

Aloe vera will help the razor to slide over the skin gently. Many people keep it around them during summer, but fewer ones know it is a good alternative to shaving cream. It provides cooling effects to the skin, and many of us keep it as a skincare routine.

9. Olive Oil

It is enriched with skin-friendly nutrients. Olive oil has a variety of vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. Its antioxidant properly fights bacteria and keeps your skin clean and soft.

10. Soap

It is easily available in the bathroom. Soap is also an obvious choice instead of shaving cream, but it does not moisturize your skin like the alternatives mentioned above. So, same as body lotion, we don’t recommend you to use soap as an alternative on a regular basis. However, it is easy to apply to the skin. Do remember that it dries out your face. You can use it only when needed and try to lather it as much as possible.

11. Almond Oil

It is the famous reciprocal of traditional shaving creams. Sweet almond oil is enriched with vitamin E. Its moisturizing properties repair dead skin very well. However, it is slightly more costly than shaving creams, but it gives good results. It keeps your skin hydrated, smooth and soft. So you can get multiple benefits from a single remedy. Almond oil is the perfect treatment for damaged skin.

Is Shaving Possible Without Shaving Cream?

From all the above discussion, the answer to this question might be clear now! Yes, you can shave your skin without shaving cream whenever it is needed. It is not always a good option to use these alternatives.

Choose wisely the good substitutes for shaving cream to keep your skin fresh, smooth, soft and hydrated. Skin is the largest body organ, so protect it with quality things. Besides all the above substitutes, you can also shave your skin with an electric shaver. So, if you like a dry shave without foamy lather, then an electric shaver is also a good option.


Use the alternative shaving cream that is completely safe for your skin. If you want to try a natural shaving cream alternative, then coconut oil and aloe vera are good options. Any new skincare product may produce irritation to the skin, which is common for everyone. Sensitive skin irritates fastly with any new skincare product.

So it is recommended that you try the new product on a small portion of your skin at an early stage before the area you want to shave. In this way, you can protect yourself from any side effects and negative reactions to the products. Don’t use the shaving cream substitutes that lead to redness and irritation. Choose the best product for sensitive areas of the body.

Steps to Follow For The Use of Alternative Shaving Cream

Here we mention four simple steps to use the alternative of shaving cream.

1. Wet Your Skin

At least 15 minutes before the shave soaks your skin and provides softness to the skin. It also reduces the chances of irritation.

2. Use Shaving Cream Alternative

Then apply a shaving cream alternative to the specific area you would like to shave. Rub it smoothly to produce the desired lather to help the razor slide smoothly over the skin.

3. Shave

After applying alternative shaving cream, shave the area gently. Try to move your razor blade smoothly in the direction your hair grows.

4. Finally, Apply a Moisturizer

Now apply any good moisturizer on the skin that keeps your skin hydrated and soft.

Wrap Up

Choosing a good alternative to shaving cream for the face is compulsory to protect your skin from itching and redness. Try the shaving cream alternative when you forget to pick up your shaving cream bottle. However, aloe vera gel is the best natural substitute for shaving cream alternatives. All of the above-discussed products act as an alternative to shaving cream. Choose it wisely according to your skin. We hope this post gives the food of thought to those hunting for alternatives to shaving cream.