Wet Shaving: Everything You Need to Know

Wet Shaving

Back in the day, things were simple, but unfortunately, the male mastery gave way to the marketing mischief and large-scale ad campaigns that deprived fine steeds like you of experiencing a truly great shave.

In recent years people have started seeing wet shaving as a waste of time than a necessary hassle undertaken preparing for the day for looking smart in the office or just as common decency of not exposing the world your full caveman hair growth.

On average, a man spends 3,000 hours of his life shaving. Whether you just trim your beard or keep it completely clean, it is one of those tasks that every man has to do at least a few times a week, which is probably the main reason why most of us have lost enthusiasm for it. But let us tell you if shaving isn’t the most exciting part of your day, then you’re doing it wrong.

To take you back to the golden era of wet shaving and the root of your male essence, we have put together this comprehensive guide to wet shaving in which we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about wet shaving. Let’s get started!

What is Wet Shaving?

As the name implies, wet shaving is essentially shaving with water. This traditional shaving method gets a razor in close contact with your skin giving you the closest and smooth shave without getting a razor burn.

A traditional wet shaving starter kit usually includes shaving cream, shaving brush, and safety razor. Wet shaving starts with prepping your face by using hot water, applying shaving cream, and then creating a nice leather with the help of a shaving brush to smooth the hair, and lastly shaving the hair close to your skin with a stroke of the blade.

Wet Shave Vs Dry Shave

In today’s fast-paced world, most men prefer dry shaving instead of opting for wet shaving because it’s quick, gets the job done in a fraction of time and lets you shave in any direction you want. However, if you have sensitive skin, dry shaving can irritate your skin and can skin rashes.  

To reduce the chance of skin burns and irritation, wet shaving is normally considered a better choice. Shaving with leather helps the razor glide across your face smoothly and pulls the hair below the surface of the skin giving you a close and comfortable shave.

Each method of shaving has its pros and cons, so always consider your skin type, and the type of shaving you need while deciding between wet or dry. How you shave is a personal choice; plus, it’s your face we are talking about so we’d recommend choosing the method that suits you best.   

Benefits of Wet Shaving

There are many advantages of wet shaving that men don’t often understand. Here are the top five benefits of wet shaving you must know:

Reduced Risk of Razor Burns and Ingrown Hair

One of the biggest pros of wet shaving is that it reduces the risk of razor burns and ingrown hair. While dry shaving is time-saving especially, you’re in a morning rush, doing it daily will give you dry and uneven skin and you’ll end up with razor burns and bruises. Wet shaving on the other hand gives you the closest shave with the least chance of irritation and can be quite calming and therapeutic as well.

You can go Longer between Shaves

Another great benefit of a wet shave is that you don’t have to shave daily and can go longer between shaves. Since you cut the hair closer to the skin to a shorter length with a wet shave, it will take a few days for the hair to grow back and you can go longer without shaving without getting a five o’clock shadow

Shaving Quality is a Lot Better

If you want to look like a baby with smooth and shiny skin wet shave is the way to go. It gives the high shaving quality and delivers the closest shave possible. Dry shaving on the other hand is convenient, undoubtedly but it can’t provide the same results as wet shaving.         

Your Skin Will Thank You

Wet shaving is like giving your skin a daily spa that will have a visible result on your skin. In most cases, shaving cream comes with ingredients that have skin-nourishing properties. A good quality shaving brush acts like a natural scrub for your skin while the razor exfoliates the dead skin layer leaving flawless and smooth skin behind.

How to Get a Perfect Wet Shave?

Wet shaving seems like a challenging task to many, but if the good tools are around, you get a perfect shave like a pro. Before we get into the step-by-step guide of wet shaving, let’s take a look at the tools you’ll need for a wet shave:

  • Preshave products
  • Razors
  • Blades
  • Shaving Brush
  • Shaving cream or gel
  • After Shave products

How to Wet Shave: Step by Step Guide

Prepare your Skin

Before starting shaving you must prep your skin and tools to get the best results. Soak your shaving brush in a hot water to soften the bristles for later use. Cover your face with a hot water towel to soften your whiskers especially if you have thick stubble and apply some preshave oil to get a closer and smoother shave.

Building a Leather

To make leather, soak your brush in hot water, shake off excess water and put a small amount of shaving cream on it. Start massaging your face with the brush in circular motions to make leather. When your leather starts looking light and shiny it means you’re ready to shave.

Find the Right Angle

Before you start shaving, you must find the blade angle. Look at your face to map the way direction of your hair. Pull your skin tightly with your other hand and start shaving with your hand perpendicular to your face down towards the ground. When you feel the hair is being shaved, you have found the right angle.

Go for a Second Round

Once you’re done with your first pass, leather up your face again for a second round to get the closest shave. Drag the razor again all over your face, to cover any missed spots and smooth out the skin even more.

Rinse Your Face

Rinse your face with some warm water to remove the remaining leather and open the pores. Be gentle to your skin as it has just gone through a rigorous process and look for any missed or stray hair.

Apply Aftershave

Lastly, put on some aftershave to protect your skin from germs and prevent any unwanted facial blemishes. After shaving your skin becomes vulnerable which is applying aftershave is necessary to close the open pores and kill bacteria.

Pros of Wet Shaving

Close Shave

The biggest pro of wet shaving is that it gives a closer and super smooth shaving experience which is impossible to get with dry shaving. Especially when you do it properly using the right tools, you are more likely to get as close to the skin as possible without causing any damage.


There’s something really special about the experience of wet shaving that you can never get with dry shaving. Filling your sink with hot water, using a brush to create leather, and slowly shaving the hair is inarguably an activity much more masculine than dry shaving.


Wet shaving is a great way to exfoliate your skin. When you glide the razor on your skin, it removes the top layer of dead skin cells, exposing a new and fresh layer of smooth skin. It pretty much gives the same results you can get with facial or scrubbing and makes your skin plump and healthy.

Cons of Wet Shaving

Razor burns

Wet Shaving is often the biggest culprit behind razor burns and skin irritation. Skin irritation is inevitable as when you wet shave, you’re literally gliding a blade across your skin, so men with sensitive skin must take extra while wet shaving and use high-quality tools and better techniques to avoid razor burns.

Nicks & Grazes

Another downside to wet shave is the risk of nicks, cuts, and grazes. Most of you would agree that there’s not a single man on this earth who hasn’t experienced taking a chunk off their face every once in a while. Old styles are even riskier to master if you’re new to shaving unless you get a few cuts along the way.


These days wet shaving kits are much more expensive and difficult to maintain, which is one of the major downsides. To get the best results, you have to replace the cartridges after every 3-4 shaves which can be expensive. Shaving razors are already quite expensive and buying a pack of cartridges every few weeks can add up to the cost.

Wet Shaving Tips

Here are some wet shaving tips for you to make it’s a pleasure again:

Use Plenty of Hot Water

The most important tip for smooth and painless shaving is using plenty of hot water before and during having. It’s best to either take a hot shower or prep your skin with a hot towel bath to soften the hair and open up the pores of the skin.

Use the Shaving Brush

Use a shaving brush to give your skin a proper massage, and lift your whiskers to get a clean cut without any razor burns. Using your hands to apply shaving cream will press your hair follicles down and you won’t get a closer shave. Using a brush not lifts the hair but also nicely exfoliates your skin.

Rinse your Blade after Few Strokes

Make sure to clean your blades after every few strokes to clean the debris and hair build-up in the blades as it can prevent them from gliding smoothly on your skin. A clean and sharp blade will protect your skin from razor burns, bumps, and irritation.

Use a Decent Shaving Cream

Another key tip to getting a great wet shave is using a decent quality shaving cream. Cheap shaving cream often contains chemicals like alcohol, and synthetic fragrances, and that dry out the skin and makes it appear dull after prolonged use. Always choose a high-quality shaving cream with ingredients like aloe vera, and moisturizer as they will help keep your skin hydrated by locking the natural oils inside making it look glowy and plump.

Select a good Quality Razor

Choosing a good razor that is properly weighted and balanced is key to getting a smooth shave. A great quality razor paired up with high-quality razor blades will glide smoothly on your face with no effort at all giving you a closer and more comfortable shave without any nicks and cuts.


Traditional wet shaving is slowly making a comeback as many people are finally realizing the truth and beauty of the simple and traditional ways of shaving those whiskers. Not only does it provide you the best shaving experience but it’s a masculine ritual that connects to your roots.

Wet shaving is definitely a winner when it comes to getting the closest shave with minimal skin damage that you always wanted. We hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of wet shaving and got you back on the right track.