Best Barber Kits for Beginners

Best Barber Kits for Beginners

With COVID-19 still in effect, customers are incapable of getting haircuts from professional barbers at local saloons, therefore many have been trying to buy the best barber kits for beginners to meet the needs of their growing hair and staying fresh and tapered.

When it comes to choosing the best kit for beginners, it must include the right set of tools including a good set of basic scissors, razors, and clippers to create a seamless haircut quickly.

Thanks to online retailers like Amazon, finding good quality barber kits and haircutting tools has become incredibly easy. You can choose from the variety of brands based on your budget and needs and ensure you have got everything you need to cater to your strands.

Although professional barber kits can be quite expensive, but with tons of options in the market it is possible to find a high-quality barber kit professional set without breaking your bank if you shop smartly. 

In this article, we’ll round up the 9 best barber kits for beginners that are worth investing your money in and will last for many years to go. Whether you’re stuck at home or looking for a barber kit box to put hair-cutting techniques into practice, these kits will help you create new looks at home achieve the results you want. 

What is a Best Home Barber Kit? 

There are some specific tools accessories that are must-haves in a home barber kit for beginners to be able to do different things to your hair, from a quick trimming of your sides to a full chop. The best home barber kit includes everything you need for easy, at-home haircuts and saves your time and money. Here are some best kits for beginners that you can use to give yourself an easy haircut at home, without having to go to the professional barber. 

1.   Hatteker Barber Kit Box

Best Barber Kits for Beginners
Best Barber Kits for Beginners

This barber kit from Hatteker is one of the most convenient and versatile ways to keep your strands in shape at home. It comes with three different attachments to trim and groom a variety of facial hairstyles, trim beards and create new haircuts, which is its best-selling point. It has ceramic-titanium blades that are precision ground to stay tough and sharper and provide high-performance precision to achieve ant style while preventing skin from getting irritated. This set also includes 3 different attachments and a precision dial to choose the desired length of your haircut and how close you want your shave to be. In this best kit for beginners, you’ll get everything to make professional-looking haircuts in the comfort of your home. 

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2. WAHL Pro Compete Barber Kit for Men

Best Barber Kits for Beginners 2
Best Barber Kits for Beginners 2

When it comes to cutting and trimming hair, WAHL’s is the one name that stands above all others. This 26-piece barber kit set is best for beginners due to its color-coded guide combs.

It includes an electronic clipper, ear tapers, ear, and eye-brow trim combs, multiple clippers, and tons of blade guards to cater a variety of cutting lengths, color-coded hair clips, cleaning brush, and much more. You can easily correspond the combs to the right cutting length with the help of easy-to-see attachment guards.

It is a low-noise model, in case you’re worried about noise. For just $34, this is already value for money for a beginner barber and covers most of the staple tools and accessories for excellent haircuts with smooth fades and textures. 

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3. Remington HC5850 Barber Kit Amazon

Best Barber Kits for Beginners 3
Best Barber Kits for Beginners 3

This 16-piece barber kit from Remington features a full-size trimmer with an exclusive power cut self-sharpening blade system that keeps the blade in proper alignment to give an even and smooth cut every time.

The built-in precision ground blades offer clean haircuts and easy to clean. The set comes with guide combs, scissors, blade guard, guide brushes, and other important accessories which makes it easy to craft any beard style and haircut at home.

Long story short, it’s a one of the best kits for beginners to do touch-ups and haircuts without professional help and feel the comfort and closeness of barber shave.

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4. HIMART Home Haircutting Best Kit for Beginners

This portable barber kit for men is definitely a winner when it comes to choosing the best kit for beginners.

It has a pair of scissors with straight blades and a pair of shears with textured blades that provide sharp and precise cuts giving you plenty of hairstyling options.

The textured blades have thinning teeth on one side, while the other has a razor edge, making trims and at-home haircuts, a breeze.

The set also includes a grooming comb, a cleaning comb, two hair clips, and a cleaning cloth. It is one of the best kits for beginners that combining value for money and functionality on a budget of no more than $19. 

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5. Bircen Professional Barber Kit for Men

This all-in-one barber kit features a trimmer and contains everything you’ll need to have perfect haircuts and beard makeovers. It includes high-quality tools such as straight scissors, thinning shears, hair razor combs, hair clips, sweep brush, cape, and much more.

The scissors are ergonomically designed and contain an adjustment screw that lets you fine-tune them to your preferred position and tightness. The easy-grip handle makes it easy to hold and move, delivering a perfect haircut every single time even if you’re not a pro.

Buy this functional and stylish barber kit if you want precision in trimming, clipping, and grooming on the go!

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6. Philips Norelco Multi-groom Barber Kit Box

Nothing can beat this multiroom all-in-one trimmer series from Philips if you’re looking for the best kit for beginners at a reasonable price.

This grooming monster features a three-in-one trimmer for the face, head, and body which makes it a head-to-toe grooming device.

It has a fully metal durable motor and offers three hours of cordless run time. It comes with 17 trimming attachments that help you achieve your desirable looks.

It’s hard to mess up with using this trimmer, thanks to its cordless design and self-sharpening blades that offer professional-like precision and performance.

The grooming machine comes with a very high-quality premium box to keep the device and attachments in place. The battery life is mind-blowing and gives 6 hours of cordless performance on a 1-hour charge.

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7. NOOA Complete Barber Kit Professional Set

The future of cutting hair is here! this complete Barber kit from NOOA is one of the best investments you can make.

The set features a cordless hair clipper, equipped with a super powerful and noise-free rotatory motor, four guided combs, one barber comb, a pair of sharp hair-cutting scissors, blade protective cap, cleaning brush, and a USB charger.

The lightweight design provides excellent comfort while titanium ceramic blades let you do detailed work on your mustaches, sideburns, goatees, and early morning stubble.

The groomer comes with a charging station and a convenient storage bag for accessories. Transform your home into a professional salon with the help of a NOOA complete hairdressing kit and enjoy a smooth haircutting experience at home because you just can’t go wrong with this one.

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8. Sminiker Professional Kit for Beginners

This professional barber kit for men is a versatile solution for professional barbers as well as beginners.

Used by professionals, this barber kit includes a powerful clipper along with 4 sets of combs to provide personalized haircuts, a pair of stainless sheers, a couple of batteries, a cleaning brush, and guide clips for a variety of styles.

The clipper has been designed with an R-shaped rounded edge, so it won’t hurt or cut the skin.

It is equipped with titanium blades that are more durable than other blades and last for a longer time with little wear and tear. The clipper has a quiet design and only produces a 50db sound so even the kits won’t get conscious while getting a new haircut.

The hair clipper can be used for up to 8 hours on a single charge which is the highest among its peers. It also allows you to switch between cordless and corded mode.

So, if you’re in a search of a barber kit box that helps you achieve sheer precision within a reasonable budget, Sminiker Professional Barber kit is for you!

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9. Elfina Haircutting Barber Kit Set 

If you want to begin with a smaller kit in a much less price bracket, then ELFINA Scissors and Comb kit is your best bet.

It comes with two shears, for cutting and thinning, a pair of stainless-steel hairclips, and a grooming comb. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel that helps to maintain the hardness and sharpness at the desired level.

You can also choose between free leather and nylon to reduce friction on your fingers. This barber kit set certainly isn’t the most detailed and glamorous one you can find, but still, it offers a good value for money if you’re tight on a budget.

Overall, it’s one of the best kits for beginners to get you started experimenting with new styling techniques.

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