10 Best Shaving Scenes in Movies

best shaving scenes in movies

Nobody can deny the fact that the soft foam, sharp razor, and clean hot towel followed closely by that soapy and stinging aftershave bears the most satisfying outcomes. Shaving is not exactly easy in the real life, let alone do in front of the cameras, the best shaving scenes in movies when persistent instructions are being thrown at you. Shaving is something you do in the peaceful environment of the bathroom, not in front of the camera. However, the actors have to do many things on screen that are not exactly camera-worthy.

skyfall shaving scene

Everybody likes a flawless saved jawline but the efforts it takes to achieve it are of high significance. We have seen many actors gorgeously nailing some of the most iconic and difficult shaving scenes in movies.

However, shaving on screen is often just about shaving and mostly about something else. shaving in films is also often responsible for full-blown character transformation. Or maybe we can witness an undercover agent shaving his face so that nobody could recognize him.

In any way, shaving is one of the most celebrated rituals of male grooming and this has been a big part of the cinematic world as well. There is nothing more satisfying than a swift stroke of the razor over the soft shaving foam and we are about to show you the ten best shaving scenes in movies that are hard to miss.

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Best Shaving Scenes in Movies

Shaving on screen is certainly difficult, how actors manage to do it with the performance pressure lingering over them like the very same blade in their hand is truly remarkable. Here we have gathered some of the most memorable and iconic shaving scenes in movies. Let’s take a trip from Charlie Chaplin’s dancing barber in The Great Dictator to the rant of an underworld don in Sexy Beast.

Here are some of the best shaving scenes in movies that you cannot afford just to miss.

1. Skyfall

skyfall shaving scene
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The 2012’s iconic movie Skyfall, also bears an equally iconic and exciting shaving scene. The director, Sam Menes gave the audience what turned out to be a must-watch performance.

We saw Naomie Harris as Moneypenny giving James Bond an extremely intimate and close shave. Thus, helping the damaged bond in retrieving his hero confidence. This scene was not only spectacularly performed but a very tense reunion after Bond was killed in the opening sequence by Moneypenny.

The actress Naomie Harris also appeared on the Graham Norton where she told the audience that the scene was very difficult to shoot and that she had to practice a lot before doing the actual shaving on screen. She mastered the classic technique of shaving a balloon and even flaunted her shaving skills in front of the audience.

Therefore, this scene from Skyfall is bound to be included in the list of best shaving scenes in movies.

2. Crocodile Dundee

Dundee Shaving scene
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The man who wrestles with crocodile, fights kangaroo hunters, and capture snakes with his left hand still trust on nothing better than a trusty old razor when it comes to shaving his beard. After all, it would be a sin if he would not show off his suntanned jawline.

This scene from Crocodile Dundee is hilarious and comical. Crocodile Dundee relies on a razor to shave his beard only until Linda Kozlowski, the journalist walks past, making him take out the big knife.

He ultimately finishes the job with a hunting knife and puts it back in the belt when the journalist is gone. This iconic scene from 1986’s adventure comedy certainly deserves to be on the list of best shaving scenes in movies.

3. The Untouchables

untouchables shaving scene
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Al Capone is amongst the finest characters played by Robert DeNiro. The particular scene that made to our best shaving scenes in movies is where we see Al Capone relaxed and comfortable on a grooming bed while the press and the barbers gather around him.

He is giving the usual self-assured answers to the press. The camera hovers above him and we see a razor being pulled out, the consequence of which was a bloody check. The slip of the razor brings out Capone’s menace hidden behind his exterior of a businessman. This iconic scene is remembered by the line that Capone said after embracing a cut on his cheek. “you can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word”.

The camera angle, dialogue delivery, and direction all indicate this scene must have not been easy to shoot. This scene sets itself apart from the usual sloppy and wet shaving in films and makes its way to the list of best shaving scenes on screen.

4. Tootsie

Tootsie shaving scene
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This one is one of my personal favorites from shaving scenes in movies. The 1982’s romantic comedy is certainly a cinematic masterpiece directed by Sydney Pollack. Hoffman was starred in the hilarious movie as a character dressing up like a woman in his attempts to get a role on a soap opera. He dresses up as a woman named Dorsey.

Showing his commitment to the character, Dustin Hoffman shaved his face and entire body for this character. This showed a considerable amount of dedication to the character and is one of the finest on-screen shavings you could hope to see.

Hoffman, however, said that despite his efforts, it’s disappointing that the makeup team couldn’t manage to make him look “beautiful”.

5. The Great Dictator

great dictator shaving scene
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Charlie Chaplin’s most iconic performance was that of a Jewish barber in the ghetto of a fictional country. The movie was set in the time of the WW2 conflict. This scene is a mere glimpse of Chaplin’s physical aptitudes and genius.

Charlie Chaplin’s dancing barber remains the most iconic shaving scene in the history of Hollywood and cinema. The fluidity and rhythmic movement created a scene so interesting to watch that it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen.

The dancing barber has set a standard for on-screen shaving that is quite unlikely to be met with any other shaving scene.

6. Sexy Beast

Secy beast shaving scene
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Ben Kinsley has never failed to give the audience the stand-out performances. However, he has never been so terrifying and impressive at the same time as he was in Sexy Beast.

He molded himself as an underworld nut job called Don Logan. In one of the most impressive shaving scenes in movies, he has gone on an endless and unrelenting rant in front of the mirror, while shaving his face. delving his deep-routed anger while talking to his reflection in the mirror, Ben Kingsley couldn’t fit into the character any better.

The scene was so iconic that he has also performed it twice for Live Aid. Shaving requires concentration and patient otherwise, a cut is in order. However, in the said scene, we have seen Kingsley maintain the character while shaving his face, and we didn’t see any cut whatsoever. It’s quite astonishing how the actor managed to rant and shave at the same time. This scene from Sexy Beast is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and memorable shaving scenes on screen.

7. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

dracula shaving scene
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The 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula featured Gary Oldman as Count Dracula and Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker. While Keanu never fails to impress the audience, this scene from the movie is especially creepy and terrifying. Well, maybe as a child. If you must see it now, it’s quite funny in fact.

We see Jonathan peacefully shaving his face when Dracula felt it necessary to intervene. His attempt at being scary was to creep slowly closer to Jonathan and startle him with the pat on the shoulder. The pat didstartle him and his throat bore the result as a tiny cut.

A tiny cut is nothing to worry about but when in the presence of Dracula, you might think otherwise. As if it was not creepy and disturbing enough, Dracula starts shaving Jonathan’s face instead. let me correct the sentence, he starts shaving his throat. This scene from the movie is alone enough to make you uncomfortable about ever shaving again.

Gary Oldman even did the feeble attempts to make the scene a tad creepier by licking the blood of the razor. Count Dracula is not a fan of hygiene, it turns out. Nonetheless, the scene is iconic as we all remember feeling scared as children while watching this scene. Many actors have shaved their faces on screen, but let someone else do it, especially in this angle and by someone who is portraying scary Dracula is no way a piece of cake.

8. High Plains Drifter

high plains differ shaving scene
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 Another pick from best shaving scenes in movies is not entirely about shaving is the one in Eastwood-directed, High Plains Differ. In this particular scene, where a stranger ride into town looking for a barber to shave his beard. But for whatever reason, his beard was still intact when he got out of the shop.

The hands that hold a razor should not fidget and the barber’s shaky hands were alone enough to make the audience uncomfortable. As if the shaky hands and fidgety arms were not visible red flags, his creepy smile made matters even worse.

Surprisingly, the fidgety razor had nothing to do with the murder of three men in the barber’s shop. The Stranger remains as bearded as a leopard and simply wipes the foam from his face. As said before, this scene was merely about shaving.

Yet, this can be considered as a pretty well-directed scene of the time. The build of tension to the trembling razor hand, all was timed and stationed perfectly for the audience to get absorbed in the suspense of the scene. Unlike other shaving scenes in films, this one was followed by the spice of action.

9. North by Northwest

north by northwest shaving scene
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The next on the list is the iconic shaving scene from North by Northwest. Being on a train and the run is simply not an acceptable reason to have sloppy hygiene. Cary Grant’s character realizes the importance of shaving and is forced to shave with Eva Marie Saint’s tiny travel razor.

Don’t mistake, this razor is as tiny as your baby finger. Grant occupies himself in a bathroom banter with a fellow passenger who unlike him has a full-sized razor. Turns out size comparison is significant even in razors.

It’s hilarious to see Grant struggling with a tiny razor that is simply too small for his face. However, the line he said while emerging from the bathroom is incomparable. “big face, small razor”. It simply sums up his struggle with shaving. This scene is unique from the other on-screen shaving scenes that you might have seen before.

10. Royal Tenenbaums

Royal Tenenbaums
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The 2001’s comedy-drama is based on the story of three siblings who are in every way distant from each other but had to reunite when their father announces his death. This scene from the movie is a fantastic one where Luke Wilson tries to end the pain and suffering with a razor blade.

He first takes off his wristbands and headband, then cuts his long manes with scissors. He puts shaving foam on his face and drags a metal razor on his right cheek. It all seems pretty ordinary- that is until he takes out the razor’s blade and mutters to himself that he was going to kill himself.

Next, we see him bleeding his veins out in the basin of his cut hair. We see him following a pre-dead grooming ritual by cutting his hair and beard before he proceeded towards his wrist.

Though he had amazing shaving skills, his wrist-cutting technique was not that efficient since he (spoiler alert!) did not die. He lived to shave his beard again the next day. Nonetheless, he did get a new look. Short hair looked much better on him, to be honest.

Summing up – Best Shaving Scenes in Movies

And with the disturbing last one, we have come to an end of our list of best shaving scenes in movies. Shaving in films is always portrayed in different ways and they are quite interesting to watch. These scenes are hard to shoot as well. From the sinister Dracula’s shaving to the Chaplin’s dancing barber, on-screen shaving scenes are all unique in terms of story and acting.